The annual Father's Day is about to come, are you prepared to spend the special holiday with your favorite "Man"?Apart from eating dinner together with their families, don't forget to pick up a practical and fashionable gift for your father!But Daddy in the world is not the same , tie, shirt and old gifts, don't buy any more. This year, Father's Day, coming together with Womany in line with his father's preferences, choose the most appropriate father's day gift!{\cHFFFFFF {{{{\cHFFFFFF {{{{\cHFFFFFF {{{{{\cHFFFFFF {{{{

If Daddy loves to light

Ghost's Drunk

If your father likes to relax in a few glasses after work, the intoxicated love of this little liquor will be sent to his father's heart.It contains a wine bag, a bottle opener and a bottle cork, so that Dad can drink a glass of wine and relieve the pressure of work all day long.

If Daddy looks like Lu Yu

Pigongfu Tea

If your father likes to drink tea after dinner, or has a clock on tea, this group of florets can make Daddy feel very fashionable.The simplicity of the design, together with a pure white bottle design, is a new way of feeling about the "product tea".Enjoy the time of a cup of tea and make Dad's life more perfect!

If Daddy's Coffee

Flush-Hand Flush Coffee Maker

Your father likes to drink coffee?Or do you have to drink a couple of glasses of resistance every day for the gods?This hand flushed to the coffee pot, and it should be given to the good taste of coffee.Using white porcelain as the main material to make the pot nobly and low-key, the inside uses the stainless steel filter pot, so that the flavor of the coffee can be perfused.

If Daddy loves to be beautiful

Gun comb

Is your father still very attractive to you now?Before going out, you always have to wear a proper dress and dress up in front of a mirror, and even be even more beautiful than Mommy.So, this stylific comb may be the best Father's Day gift this year!The back side looks like KUSO's pistol, which is a practical comb.This could make his father smile every morning and comb his hair, and never be boring.

If Daddy is Wen Qing


Your father is a character, often has a full stomach for not lyoching?At this point, what he needed most was a pen and a notebook, writing his mind, his inspiration, and his mind whenever and wherever he wanted.In combination with the pen bag and notebook, the KOAN + pen bag makes him fully recorded at the moment of the flood of each Man-in-Spring.Or Dad's work was busy, and the size of the meeting was then followed by one, and the pen bag would have made her father forget about the West.

If Daddy's Eye

Magnifying glass nail clipper

Time is aging, your dear father is beginning to show symptoms of presbyopia too?At this time, it was not easy to cut the nails.The fingernail scissors of this magnifying glass cut Daddy's fingernails out of his fingernails.The stainless steel can make it more convenient to use, and the perfect sharpness of the 35-degree angle makes it more convenient for the fingernail to be trimmed.

If Daddy Doze Doze

The Spring Tea Afternoon pillow

Is the busy dad always watching on the couch for sleepy?At this time, if you have a good night's pillow, you may want to keep your father dreaming.The traditional tea bag-shaped pillow has a faint smell of tea, so it can be completely relaxed for the father to take nap on the company's lunch or on the sofa.

If Daddy Crazy

Envelope Mailbag

If your father has a red heart, and always dressed up as young and alive, he will definitely love this envelope.Whether it's working or on holidays, it's more appropriate in the design of the pen-pencil interlayer.Easily casual and casual postal packets show the true nature of the father.

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