In recent years Japan has launched a mobile phone application called " Hey! Fattty. (Hey!Squirrel) ", the target group is the girl who wants to lose weight.In the process, some of the men in the comic strip show up from time to time and call you "fat," so that women can be alert to themselves that they can't eat more.Wait, do you also think that this app has a problem? Is it telling women that only skinny children can be praised, and if they are not skinny, they can only ridicule or even abuse them?In recent years, women's physical imagery has been repeatedly emphasized by the mass media, and it seems that only women who are "skinny" are "pretty girls".As long as the female entertainers slightly increased their weight, various media outlets reported that the title was no more than the sensational words such as "Explosive Fattening" and "Body Sample" of a female star.Is weight really so important?(Recommended reading: OK: Six things must be clear before losing weight )

A slight increase in body weight is actually only a close one for each female artist to "normal" weight.Originally, the "skinny" figure of the stars of the stars, under the rendering of the media, has become the "normal" shape that women generally seek to achieve.Try a variety of weight-loss methods, eating a thousand odd and strange weight-loss drugs, suppressing appetite in the body, and in recent years it has been a fashion for the rapid and rapid weight loss. Every woman has tried every means to lose weight, but he has forgotten that nature is the most beautiful thing you can do.( Recommended reading: Weight reduction security speed )

Are you trying to be as thin as a female star on TV?Let's take a look at the view of the seven leading female stars of the United States on the beauty of the United States: not slimming with a bamboo pole. The real beauty of — is that it fully accepts its own body, and is living in a healthy and healthy way.(Recommended reading: Face the Seven Slimming Problems that are often ignored )

Adee Adele

The most important thing is that you really appreciate your body, and I mean, don't look at the cover girl in the magazine, and then you have the illusion that you're going to be their own idea.


For many women, the best example of a confident beauty may be love Del.Unlike other popular singers, Adele doesn't care if his appearance is in line with the established image of the artist.As a giant star, she intimired the world's audience with her voice and said in an interview that she would not change herself for other people's preferences.

Serena Williams Small Williams

"I want women to know that no matter whether you are fat or not, you don't have any" bad ", so long as you're healthy, you can be beautiful from inside to outside. The mass media often tries to tell women what beauty is, but it's not the right idea."

As a tennis player, Williams is committed to promoting women's healthy body, rather than slimming with a pathological condition.In an interview with Essence magazine, Mr. Williams mentioned that she had always been said to have a big butt, but she didn't mind at all.Now the aesthetic is more beautiful than ever before, and everyone represents a beautiful face.

Kate Winsplet Kate Winslye

" I think we're still talking about this fact, it's boring, and it doesn't make any progress on behalf of society as a whole.And I also believe that I have to believe that the skinny ones around me are not "normal".In all of the people I know, no one really should wear the XS, except for my 11-year-old daughter."

The famous Hollywood Wire Girls , Kate Windsley, is a minority of the stars that don't have the slimming of weight.She said she had never lost her weight before the ceremony, and she had only been able to put herself in a gown that was small enough to not be able to wear her.But Kate is often one of the most dazzling stars on the Avenue of Stars.

Next, listen to Beyonce

Beyonce Beyonce

" What you're going to do is perform your own personality and enjoy it.Forget about how people comment on you, each person's life is very attractive, and we should be grateful that we should be our own curve , the body of women."

Beyonce, the body of beauty and the angels, won many fans around the world.And she herself has been advocating nature as a natural beauty, and she hopes that all her fans can accept the most natural and truthful self.

Christina Aquilera Kristen

The "life cycle" is the only way to be happy and free, admitting its past, and accepting the fact that it has become old."

The 31-year-old Kristen decided to choose elegance in her body and embrace her own true appearance , which she fully embraced and loved every part of her body.

Lady Gaga Goddess Card

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I feel like a 24-year-old girl.And then I tell myself, you're a goddess card, you have to get a bed and play her.

Lady Gaga

goddess card acknowledges that she has the same worry and unease about her as a young girl in general.In 2012, after a performance in Amsterdam, the Netherlands was criticized by netizens as being overweight, and she immediately uploaded a photo taken from the fan's website, writing a footnote — "— the age of 15, I was suffering from anorexia and bulgarian."Kaka, who has suffered from eating disorders, has been a stereotyped image of women's stature, and has created the Born This Way Foundation, hoping to improve social attitudes through its own efforts.

Rihanna Rihanna

" You have to remember that skinny-looking models aren't always what everyone can do, and we don't have to try to change our original appearance, because it's not actually healthy or healthy."

A lot of people think Rihanna's body is like a devil's general feeling, but she doesn't have a bone to do with the skin culture of the show.For women, she believes that they should not force themselves to become thinner and thinner, as the crowd advocates a human-shaped sculpture like Barbie dolls , rather than a real person.She also called on everyone to focus on making themselves healthier.

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