A different gift from a lover

A romantic candlelight dinner, a bouquet of flowers being sent to the office, is the set of impressions of Valentine's Day.In fact, the design is getting more and more creative. Young people are no longer bound by traditional gifts. Instead, they tend to pick up some interesting items, but they don't necessarily have to be high. But when they get it, they can't help but make people laugh, and a warm, sweet and sweet product will be a more memorable one.

If you're a rubber lover, it's not possible to stick together all the time, so you can remind each other in a funny way that I always stay with you.It's like underpants group , with " Yes I do " written on it, loudly declaring love for each other, and a monitor pattern facing the focus, as if you were telling him, " Be careful!I'm here.".

Hot lovers Nights should be the perfect end of Valentine's Day, and today you are preparing eBay as a gift, opening that moment, making a blush heart beat , and a low-key hint of the other side. From dinner, the two people will even look forward to the arrival of dessert.We recommend the designer of the Nordic brand LELO style is a very sophisticated and textural product that completely upsets the established image of the people's interests. When it receives it, it makes people feel that it is a boutique. Not only will girls not reject, they will also have a feeling of love and love.

Suggested suggestions for Valentine's gifts

If you have a bottleneck in picking presents, remind you a few key points

1. From the perspective of each other,

After all, it's not your gift!Don't think only from your own perspective what you want to love.It can also be seen that you usually don't have a heart to get along.If you pay a little attention to some of your appointments , even if you don't specifically like a certain product, you will always have to look at a particular category of goods.

2. Paired Most Insurance

If you really have to look at other things in your eyes, but you don't see what he's looking at, the most insurance or pairs of products !I think the meaning of a pair of commodity representatives is much more important than this commodity.The two people wear the same clothes and wear the same clothes. They are a tacit understanding of each other. Even if they flicker up, then how can they not turn their eyes open?

3. Unique, exclusive to you

Who wants to be a only lover, no one wants to be the same, so of course the gift can't even be full of gifts!It is best to have a gift, a ring or an adornment that can be engraved on the name of the two of you. The shoes of the designer pick up the unique, unique, or victim clothes. Each one is unique, or the shoes of libe.hsing can be tailored to each individual's size.

Top Gift Guide

If you don't know how to pick it up, you can also look at the five most popular gifts on the woman's maze on the Internet, and make sure you don't make mistakes:

1. Alex & Chloe pairwise necklace

Pairwise non-delegates must be exactly the same, and there are some differences in the design, which represent the combination of two different individuals.The necklace from the LA designer, changed in the form of an acryl's geometric shape, simple and simple, and highly stymie, cannot be ignored. It is a brand of love that many Hollywood stars (like Jessica Eba) normally travel out of the house.

Alex & Chloe and her pyramid shape necklace

2. Mughthing Abstinence Cup

The sexy, twin, warm colors come from the creativity of Hong Kong designers.In the cup cover part, the material of the silica gel which is closer to the double-touch feeling is specially selected, so that you may be kissing when you drink water.On the desk, it seems to be around with each other, and it is especially recommended for a long distance lover.

Mugthing kissing cup group

3. JumpFromPaper Time Machine series comics package

JumpFromPaper is famous for its 2D comics package, and the latest

series is more integrated with the comics and fashion, and is the work of the Fashion Week in Paris.This is a series of bags that we all like very much ourselves, and the imagination of the sweet and beautiful dearth of the framework is just as cute as every girl's unique guring.

Martini Martini

4. Double-cup

Perhaps everyone feels that this is a gift for the newlyweds, but during the period of engagement, a person holds a happy and happy life, and every day, when the day is set for life, it becomes a complete and complete success, and it is even more different than that.

xi CiChi dual cup

5. We Vib double-party vibrator

The Valentine's Day is not exclusively a boy or a girl, but a festival of two people.No one in the bed relies on whom to rely on, and it is hoped that both of them will experience the extreme enjoyment at the same time.The design of We Vibe is designed to allow both people to use it at the same time, and not to lose sight of which side.

We Vibe II pair vibrator

Single, more loving care

Single is a state of mind, not a state, and when it knows how to love oneself, it can also have two people's share.So you should be happy to be single, because it's time to learn to find yourself, and to love yourself.

The Valentine's Day doesn't have to wait for someone else to give a gift, don't need to dress up at home, put on your own dress, and maybe spend a good night with your sisters. Maybe you go shopping and go to the streets and take a big step toward the streets, so that couples can't help but envy you!

At night, return home, one essential oil candle , a comfortable hot bath, and a cup of Red wine , not a perfect lover night!

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