If it takes time to think about it, it will find that the most beautiful things in life are priceless.A family like a smiling , a healthy body, and a company that is always accompanied by a company.Here are 25 small and secret secret parties that let them have a happy mood every day!

1. Call an old friend

I want to say hello to old friends, but complain about not having time. Don't hesitate!Come on, pick up the phone, call him.He must also look forward to hearing the voices of the people!(Recommended reading: Friends of Friends Together )

2. I said, "I have to go running for a long time. I'll go today."

I often tell myself that I have to go running today, but I don't know why every time I've been delayed by something else?At first it would be a bit laziness, but as long as it wore running shoes, it would be full of strength.(Recommended reading: Let's go crazy!)

3. Write a little note to the favorite person

In a busy life, we always have to stop to rest, and then look at the person who is accompanying him.Write a little note to him and let him know how grateful he is to him.(Recommended reading: A letter from Pitt to the wife )

4. At home, a couple of photos

Whether it's a family photo or a couple, it's just a picture of a happy picture that puts it in every corner of the house.Every time I see a smile in the picture, I believe it will remember the beautiful day!(Recommended reading: Happiness-World Wedding Photo Highlights )

5. Read a good book

Are there any books that have been on the desk for a while?From now on, take a picture of the dust on it, pick it up and read it!In life, you need a good book to enrich yourself!(Recommended reading: Love Letter, Women's Featured Book Fair )

6. Children who embrace it

they will not always be children.Give them a hug now and let them know that they love him and enjoy their intimate mother and son time!(Recommended reading: Summer happy kitchen with children )

7. Find an ink pen with a lot of ink:

Everyone must have this experience: the other person in the phone asked us to write down the number, and then the panic to find the atom pen to write down.When it was easy to turn over to an atom pen, it was discovered that it was out of water!Let's find out all the atoms in the house today, and throw away the unwatering tunes!(Recommended reading: High Performance Tips for Big Silicon in Silicon Valley: Touchdown notes )

8. Have a good look at the business desk

Does it find that there are always bills, notebooks, and unknown paper on the table?It's time to clean it up!After tidying up, you will find out that there is a big space on the table, and the mood will be lit up!(Recommended reading: Smart collating: Positioning objects )

9. Look at a movie that makes us laugh.

Even if we've seen it several hundred times, again, again, again!Just make it easy to laugh out loud!(Recommended reading: frighten the moon, the movie))

10. Imagine a location where you want to travel travel

Imagine a place where you want to go, what you want to go to, is the sea?Is it Europe?No matter where it is, making a daydream will not only be happier, it will also make it more powerful to work!

11. Go for a walk in the park

Take a little time to go for a walk in a nearby park.Don't forget to look at the flowers, the happy and the singing birds, and the beautiful blue sky, which will make it more like the city of life.

12. don't you just drive out of the car and drive out for a ride? "

He doesn't want to end up with a good night.I just want to enjoy the feeling of free travel in the city, and every moment he is next to me.(Recommended reading: Last moment of getting along )

It's very simple, right?There's more to the next page, and a better way to make fun of ourselves.

13. Looking at the old album of childhood

Do you still remember the cute appearance when I was a kid?You might as well dig out the photo album and laugh at the time of your family with a smile.

14. "I love," she said, "I love it."

She's going to be pleasantly surprised!Don't worry about meat, not meat, and while now putting all the thanks in your heart to my dear mother, it is really important that those who want to say what they want to say have never said anything.The simple "I love it" makes both the value and the mother be sweet to the heart!(Recommended reading: One day, Mom is old ... )


After work, take a shower not only to care for the skin can completely relax your mood and enjoy the time of a person quietly.

16. "Tell a person the greatest dream"

When we talk about our dreams, we are smelling the smell of happiness.By constantly telling others our dreams, we will find that people are increasingly helping us to achieve the dream !

17. The other half kissing

sometimes you don't know what to say in the words, and you can represent it all by one kiss.Before he went to work, he gave him a kiss to let him know how much he loved him.(Recommended reading: Don't want to stop for kissing nine strokes )

18. Take an hour to smearing the nail polish

on the sofa and slowly shine the color of the favorite color on the sofa this afternoon!When ten fingers and ten toes have a beautiful color, I believe the mood of the world will be as beautiful as a rainbow.

19. Do the Five Voldems to stand up

The occasional movement is good for the body, and it also has a sense of accomplishment!Every day, five solid and solid bodies will not only sweat and sweat, but more importantly, it will be a great achievement for the people!(Recommended reading: lazy with a constant movement )

20. Go to department stores

This is not to go shopping, but to look outside the window and look at what this season is and look at beautiful goods.Women don't have a way to do beautiful things, and that's going to make a big smile on their face.(Recommended reading: Internet Fashion )

21. Get a nap.

Even if it's just 30 minutes!A nap would have allowed the world to be 100 times the day, and corrected the world to the world!(Recommended reading: Good afternoon for emotional stability )


Recycling the bottle and paper recycling is the best gift for the earth.It's going to take a few minutes today to carefully categorize the garbage collected, and give it back to Earth and feel more comfortable in the hearts of the people.

23. Take a few funny pictures of the best friends

and join the sisters in an exaggerated makeup, put on clothes that you don't normally wear, and play with your pictures in front of the mirror.As expected, it is still only a sister business that is doing such a crazy thing!(Recommended reading: smile one!six-way-inspiring friends )

24. Eating a favorite candy

Never mind the heat watch!Today, if we want to eat a piece of chocolate or a soft sugar, you can eat it with a happy mood.There's no calorie in it!)

25. Write gratitude.

Every morning when you open your eyes a new day, don't forget to think about what happened today before you go to bed, and write a thank-you statement.Slowly, you will find that every morning you open your eyes and look forward to what's going to happen!(Recommended reading: write one for yourself every day )

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