"Easiable and difficult to spend together" is the voice of many partners.More and more people are afraid of marriage. They are afraid that a foot in the face may seem romantic, but in fact they are in the midst of the seemingly romantic world of the world. The question of how many couples are faced with getting married is a problem for couples who have already entered the marriage, and how to maintain the two men's sweetness is a lifelong question.The nine successful couples share the secret of their happy marriage, and after they have finished, no matter whether they are married or not, you will be able to have a happy and happy life more smoothly!

One, enjoy the time to spend time with each other

The happy wives enjoy the time, chat, or do anything with the two people.The former Beatles four members, Lin Gerst, and his wife Barbara, have been married for 30 years. He says that the secret of a happy marriage is that they are willing to be tolerant of each other and love each other.And these 30-year marriages have been much happier than the unpleasant ones.

Two, even if you have a quarrel, you have to be very skillet.

When two people live together, there are bound to be many different opinions and opinions.A successful couple quarrels, but there is an intelligent quarrel, but this can make the feelings of the two people stronger.The University of California study says that close wives often use the plural words "we", "us" rather than "you", "I".And that doesn't create too much pressure, and it often uses the word "we" to combine the feelings of the two, rather than to antagonism.

Three, hoping to be forgiven, and willing to forgive each other

may not be able to truly forgive or forget the mistakes of the other party, but they will leave each other alone, and no longer take a look at it.If the wrong party is wrong, we have to learn to sincerely apologize.And complete forgiveness often includes the following four steps:

  1. thinking about that person and what he did to you
  2. Tolerance: Don't try to punish him,
  3. to forget: forget what he did wrong, don't take the tip of the horn as the most aggressive approach,
  4. forgive
  5. : decide to stop your anger and forgive him for what he did and to give up his revenge.

Four, willing to join hands and not to leave

There are only two options for marriage. One is to stay in, or you have to leave, and you can't be ambiguous."We are happy because we both live and die, and that Jim has been there for me since I was in a car accident a few years ago. He was the only one I could count on," he said."

Five, for each other, remains optimistic

according to experts, a happy partner keeps a close relationship of respect, adore and inclusiveness, and is concerned with each other's degree of interest.He also proposed a stable partnership, with a ratio of one to five negative for each other's negative and positive reviews.On the contrary, the poor partners rarely praise each other.

Six, two people learn together and grow together.

One couple decided to go back to the campus for a master's degree three decades later.They really enjoyed the feeling of having a class together and reading books together.The two men together resented the students' times, while also giving their lives a different vision.They even asked professors to make them work together, and these experiences made them feel more important to each other and grew up together, so that the two emotions were warming.

Seven, every day is Valentine's Day

one couple walk through the United States to all successful couples who have been married for more than forty years, to understand the secret of the marriage.And what they found is that it's important that even after getting married, you can't forget the significance of romance.Some spouses provide for a week to offer an offer, or to plan for a two-person trip once a year.If you are too busy, you can actually occasionally go to a good coffee shop and chat.

Eighth, two people comply with the 60/40 principle

Abnegation) is also one of the important elements of a happy marriage, and marriage is not only half enough for each person to spend half of each effort.Instead, he paid 60 % of his own, he took 40 % of his own, and he had to do it both.And 10 percent more, please don't take it into account. This is the indispensable part of your marriage.

Nine, two people have a common value

of Grandma Emma, who is 87 years old, and his husband has spent 58 happy years with her husband.Emma mentioned their happy marriage secret, and the

" is really not easy.But the most important thing is that you have to have the same values.That is, you have to find someone who understands you, whether you're rich or poor, or you're poor, and you're not.I was lucky to find a person with the same goals as me, and we believe in the importance of education, and that we all want the child to be a responsible person."

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