Rather than having a friend eating dinner after work, or using fatigue as an excuse for no social life, it is the best way to eliminate the sense of fatigue and to build a long-term, stable workplace friendship, and let us be full of the best way to get the weather back.However, is it a bit difficult for a colleague to be able to talk to a colleague?Don't worry. Just grab a few smart tips and become sisters with colleagues. It's easier than we can imagine.(Extended Read: more valuable friendship than the movie plot )

Tip 1: Make a move and let your friendship and your body feel happy!

First, you can use the Community Tools to create a secret society between colleagues; in this free and hidden online space, it is easy to speak with colleagues who have been able to easily call in the company.Then ask to see if there is an interest in people and at the same level, and if you don't know how to start, talk about it from sports .It's like fitness, jogging , yoga, , dart, swimming, and so on, all of which are sports for women in the workforce, with a very high degree of resonance.When you find one or two common interests that have nothing to do with work, you can meet at least once a week at a sports party.If someone finds out that the campaign is not so good, it is more open to invite her, and to remind her of the gathering time, so that other people can feel it, and how serious it is to see this relationship.In the process of squandering sweat and increasing the heart rate, the friendship of the people will soon become better and better.(Extended Read: Double yoga: Double yoga for the promotion of the feelings of the two people )

Tip 2: hang with hang-out, the more emotionally, the better!

After work, don't rush home to get home, you can relax and relax with your colleagues at the end of the day!The place is best not far away from the office so that the people can take a walk together.We chatted by the side, and we gave each other some time to spend time together, and the friendship would naturally warmed up.And often leaving the crowded office, the strained pressure slowly releases, especially at the loose bar , which surrounds light electronic music, or the pub that combines modern and ancient sense, like a magic show that makes the person who originally shy away from being so shy to be a good talk, lovely, !As long as they are willing to show their true emotions themselves, they also sincerely accept each other's personalities and understand each other's views. The other thing is that every one of them has a very different kind of experience in life, and it is worth it.(Extended Read: "Last Hour" )

Tip 3: Let's talk about lunch and find a chat room!

If the first two points are still too daunting for us, then try inviting colleagues to join together with us at lunch and accumulate at a half-hourly rate of friendship concentration. We will definitely be getting closer and closer to each other !If you don't eat free labor restaurants, you can decide whether or not you want to invite guests. Whether she is willing to let it go, it is already brewing in her heart that it has become a positive feeling in her mind!(Extended reading: Pointing habits in the workplace: considerate by not having the heart )) When eating and chatting, remember to try to avoid the official topic as much as possible; rather, let her feel that they are not in a competitive relationship .When she passes the key to her heart, she or she will definitely be willing and willing to share more. Perhaps after having had two or three meals, she would change her own initiative to talk about her emotions.

Tip 4: Let people have the opportunity to advance to the world

Another catalyst that allows them to be a part of their work is to let them take part in what they are doing; it is possible that a particular project to be taken up by the appointed members may also be a bias in favour of the private.For example, this is the window layout and design problems for the change season, and a person is too busy to do so; or the need to Call the car , but forget the phone number.The point is, don't think that anything has to be done by one person. If you ask someone else to help, it is equivalent to the poor ability of yourself. It seems that it only creates trouble .The fact is, other people want to ask us that there are no shortage of manpower. If there is a need to do so, then let's talk in a big way!Let other people know what is going on in the process and have the opportunity to care about them, so as to create more exchange opportunities for each other.Don't worry about being familiar with your colleagues, don't worry about opening up. When both sides are available, you can introduce yourself to each other, so that she can retain a good impression on us.Next, you will be able to interact more naturally and integrate into each other's circle of life, as a real sister.(Extended reading: Have the intelligence community tell you about the trusting communication method )

Tip 5: Invite the other sisters to know her together

Finally, don't forget that your friendship needs to be carried out with ulterior motives.(Extended reading: Credit, Don't run the People's Pulse ) The best reason why you can't last for a long time is because people only have an intersection when they're working, and the rest of the time, they remain closed in their own friendship circles.Therefore, why don't we invite colleagues of this group to join the group of sister tribes of the United Nations, so that the other sisters can also come to understand the new colleagues of this group?If we and our friends want to work with professionals, have ideals , have capabilities , and young women, such friendship and friendship will enable us to rapidly expand our friendship circles and find a good and successful partner!If we cite the professional fields of everyone, it will really make people dazzled and sigh and sigh and sighed!Through two-way, friendly and unselfish people's connections, we will find that the networks we have are not just a matter of senseless numbers, but are truly rich and colourful!

Sisters need to be the only one to be a lifetime!
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