A week has passed and Womany helped you organize six of news stories from all corners of the world before preparing for the weekend. Do you know that the latest cosmetic craze in South Korea is to make an everlasting smile? Is it annoying to shave your armpit hair every day? Now there is the "do Not shave armpit" campaign to promote women's rights yo! Chest, buttocks, body? How do you feel about the new jewelry? If you want to know more, read on.

Saudi Arabia's home violence can finally sue the court!

The case of the Saudi Arabian family violence was previously non-existent in law, meaning that it was a private matter before a child woman had been subjected to family violence. But yesterday the Saudi court, through its historic act, criminalized any form of domestic violence, abuse or threat. The idea of domestic violence is a new issue for the local, and it was the first poster to prevent it from appearing today in April. (Extended reading: skirts are worn short, no one "should" be violated )
※ News Sources: trust.org

South Korea's new smile reshaping

South Korea is a pioneer in plastic surgery and after the double eyelid, creating the cheekbones, now there is a kind of surgery called Smile Lipt, the people will always rise after the mouth. The Aone clinic, which pioneered Smile Lipt, says the smiles produced by the operating room give a warm sense of grace. But it was suggested that a permanent smile would make it inconvenient for you to break up with someone, quarrel, or even attend a funeral. (Extended reading: smile to see the world, the world will smile to you )
※ News Source:theatlantic.com

New trend of jewelry, sex organs wear body

The newest jewelry trend turns out to be wearing a smaller organ? Evil female Keisha (Ke$ha) personally designed male sex organ jewelry let this trend began to be mainstream attention, later more and more independent jewelry designers also launched to breast, buttocks for the design of the necklace, ring and so on. In addition to fashion, there are designs designed to promote breast cancer prevention. (Extended reading:"The Daily novelty" makes the person very shy sex organ ornament )

※ News Source:cosmopoitan.com

Who says only men are more attractive when they are old? 58-Year-old Female CEO shows excellent bodybuilding curve!

Leading the global American Age Management Medical Center Cenegenics Carolinas, Female prime minister and Dr. Dr. Mickey Barber, who just finished 58 years old this year. The best birthday gift she ever gave her was to sign up for the annual Excalibur Figure competition to show her good shape for years on the stage and inspire all her older women. Her bravery, explained, even if the youth no longer, through moderation diet: a small amount of fruit, plenty of protein intake, a large number of green vegetables, no alcohol, no starch, as well as the extension of normal fitness time twice times; want to let the body freeze age in the most perfect appearance, is not impossible! (extended reading: Sports Gold 20 minutes: healthy and smart Sports nutrition
※ News Sources: San Francisco Chronicle

Hands up, woman! Show armpit hair feminist parade, reveal your sexiest armpit spring!

in Britain, a new feminist campaign called Armpits4august will begin a series of shows of armpit hair every August. This year is their second year, and this activity is mainly to encourage women to allow the growth of armpit hair for one months, or even longer, so that the head empty "can not stay armpit" this outdated concept. In addition to challenging the secular definition of beauty, more importantly, the hope is that women can be proud of their armpit hair rather than shame, and that the campaign will also raise more money for the polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) charities to help women who are too hairy to make life difficult. (extended reading: Extended reading: 2013 Comrades march in Lyon, equal while now!) )
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dailyMail UK

From human stem cells to successfully create a small brain! The cure of brain disease, there is hope!

In the latest issue of the science journal Nature, the Austrian researcher, Dr. Knoblich and his partners published a sample of brain nerve stem cells from a patient with cerebellar disease (microcephaly), using the latest technology to study the brain. After many experiments, it was found that stem cells not only make nerve cells, they can even produce more sophisticated, neuron-derived, imitation of the growing brain structure. And this study will provide a new model to simulate brain-related genetic diseases. Although the laboratory-trained "small brain" is still in the initial stage, but a good start, is half the success! Let's hope this little brain will make a great contribution to the medical profession and find a cure for brain disease. (extended reading: the brain, the evolution, the human race has never been so close to unlocking the mysteries of the brain. )
※ News Sources: The Wall Street Journal

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