May's focus is Mother's Day , your mom is working hard! Woman fan womany wants to share with you creative teacher Huang Shu-wen, who is no longer just a matter of parent-child relationship, and hopes that everyone can grow up with their children and have a sense of achievement and happiness.

woman will have several dreams in her life.The incubation of the child is one of my dreams.

If the child is compared to a seedling, then my method of seedling cultivation should be the so-called natural farming method, which is fully organic.To be serious, this is the philosophy of life of the ancestors of the "Heaven and the Earth." The humor is just like drinking coffee, and taking the "three-in-one" as a way of reeducation.

The Three-in-one is the Heaven-Earth Integration.The sky, the land, the land, is the land; people are returning to themselves.That is, to let the children run in nature in accordance with their own nature, and they can grow up in the land and grow their own real appearance.

The point is that your mother must "go back to yourself" and not just focus on the child's accomplishments, but also use one more eyes to look at yourself, find yourself, and treat yourself with yourself.

This is the kind of reading that I have been groping myself: reading the child's heart, reading the child, and reading yourself.

Just as long as you are willing to use your mother's two eyes, one can see the child, and then you can dissolve yourself, dissolve yourself into a child, move to the child's spiritual world, and get three links to life.

This is a very moving journey, how can you not walk away from it?Not only did you surprise yourself, it was taken by a life silk thread, like salmon migration, returning to their native place, returning to the cradle of the land and returning to their native family and returning to their native family.

Only you can use life verification to understand the gift of the Lord to you, not just a child, but a gift, a gift that truly belongs to life.

May you spread the book, open the eyes of the soul, and share with me the feast of life.

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author: Huang Shuwen
She was a very enthusiastic creative teacher who won the Outstanding School of Thinking Teaching Award in Taiwan Province for seven years in the middle school.At the age of 35, she quit teaching as a full-time mother, and accompanied a pair of children to grow up happily in the mountains, and to make a unique and moving soul.She says that she was once an unhappy adult, because it was a chance to revisit the children and to have a chance to revisit them, and to be happy.
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