is the inspiration and efficiency card turned off? Let the temporary distraction solve your dilemma.

is "interruption" or "temporary distraction" (diversion), which we see as the efficiency killer, an excellent incubation period? " the occasional distraction can inspire creativity," says Harvard psychologist Shelley H.carson. "In other words, the distraction of time is tantamount to creating a void that allows you to get out of a stagnant state of inefficiency ."

Many of the most admirable ideas and inspirations come from a small area of temporary distraction. Do you think you're exhausted today when you've been sitting in the office all day? Let's take a moment of distraction and see how six of successful celebrities use the distraction of time to catch up on the good ideas that shake the world. (Extended reading: The designer must have seven things )

Director Woody Allen: Inspiration from the shower comes

Where did Woody Allen Woody Allen's endless inspiration come from when he was a writer, actor, and director of several jobs? The secret is actually a shower!? Woody Allen will shower and wait for inspiration every day, and sometimes even stay under the shower for an hour. In an interview with Esquire, a recent Gentleman's magazine, Woody Allen said: "When you take a shower, the hot water is on the head and you get out of the real world for a while, and the inspiration comes to report." (Extended reading: The Secret of work: use good voice, accompany us to work well.) )

Scientists Archimedes: solving problems in baths

In the middle of the time let us hate tooth itch Archimedes principle, is in the bathhouse to realize. It is said that at that time the king suspected to build the Crown Goldsmith dishonest, so please Archimedes to test: The crown is not pure gold! This is the road at that time the technology can not solve the difficult problem, but almost baffled a fierce Archimedes. One day, Archimedes to take a bath, looking at the rising water level, suddenly discovered that we are familiar with the principle of buoyancy. Archimedes was so excited that he flushed out of the bathtub and shouted "Eureka!" Eureka! (Εύρηκα Greek: "I found it!" (Extended reading: Min script: The Secret in the late-night bathhouse )

Gertsustan, American writer: Big Eyes and bull eyes

Gertsustan Gertrude Stein is an American writer, known as the godmother of Paris, to explore the literati and painters who were not yet famous. Her family was at that time the most fashionable salon in Paris, Marthus, Picasso, Cezanne, Ernest Hemingway, Fitzgerald ... The party was fixed at her house. Everyone is curious about Gertsustan's inspiration, she says she writes only 30 minutes a day, and must find a cow to Kango it. She would drive around the farm and watch the herd until she found the cow that inspired her most. (Extended reading: the past and present in Paris )

Rocker John Lennon: Great creations come from a poster

John Lennon wrote too many good songs, and one of the "being for the benefit of Mr Kite" lyrics was inspired by old posters? The 19th century circus poster was bought by Lennon and George from an antique shop while filming the strawberry Fields Forever music Tapes. Lennon stared at the poster, accidentally inspired by the song, and said that in addition to the partial rhyme changes, the lyrics were almost all from the propaganda text of the circus poster. (Extended reading: icing on the bright color retro wave )

Inventor Nikolai. Tesla: Walking out of a great invention

As an inventor, a physicist, a mechanical engineer, Nikolai. Tesla Nicolas Tesla's head is probably not the same as the average person. But his quirky ideas didn't pop up in the library. His most famous theory of alternating current is a sudden flash of light when walking. Nikolai was also said to have used his walking stick to draw a description, explaining his ideas to the partners to listen to. (Extended reading:10 new trends in the future of technology change fashion )

Writer J.K Rowling: Harry was born on the train.

Harry Potter fans cannot be unaware that the Harry Potter series was conceived on the train. At that time J.K Rowling did not even have a pen to write down the inspiration, shy she was embarrassed to borrow a branch with others, so she brainwave, take advantage of the long four hours of train time, all the Harry Potter plot once conceived, so as to firmly remember this future sensational global good ideas. (Extended reading:Emma Watson's fall fashion )

A lot of good ideas are actually hidden in life. Don't let the great pressure of life overwhelm your good ideas.

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