"Do you know?" I was in a rage to say good-bye to him the next day, he unexpectedly immediately to the face of the emotional state of the book changed to single. "Good friend sad and angry with me complained that this has been with him 3.5 of the boys," he may just want to gas you, you don't think too much, okay? "I comforted her, thinking that the boy should not be eager to tell the world he returned to single ...

Just gently press a button, a person's emotional state can effortlessly from the "stable contacts" into gold "single" Han, a simple action is enough to make the other end of the screen that person is a distraction. I can not help but wonder when the virtual world of cyberspace invades our true emotional life. Facebook began to pop up five years ago in Taiwan. At that time we probably never thought that, in two people's emotional life, the emotional state of the face book can become the last straw crushed camel; we probably don't have the idea that the complex of feelings can be defined on a computer by cold choices.

But the face book is not a complete villain, it allows many people in this platform from "add to Friend" after the greeting, to open the chat room to make each other the front of the green light, and then two people began to go sightseeing together do not forget to clock , and finally let the other person be the one who is "in stable contact" with you . In this network generation, the affection is already not only two person's matter, seems we all have the invisible duty to the face book 1000 friends to explain the love romance. But we also know that real life is not as beautiful as fairy tales , most of the lovers have to go to "untold" one day.

By this time, you will find that their sweet travels are getting less and fewer, but only one side is secretly sad to share the melancholy love songs, if the last unfortunately, this relationship is over, or even a deserted board, then there is no way to see their emotional words naked in the joy of others It seems that the "glossy" in traditional Chinese thought has long been inapplicable in the network ethnic groups. The result of relying too much on the social platform is that you think it can be like a confidant, truly listening to you talk about these vulnerabilities and sadness, thinking it can soothe your heart, but it's not. Perhaps this can make your real existence friends are concerned about you, but if constantly in the face of the book to vent bad feelings, but will let friends avoid; A study suggests that excessive sharing of personal information that doesn't resonate with others can affect real relationships, Especially when every dynamic is spreading a similar message. God helps those who help themselves, in fact, only you can be competent for their own therapists, virtual face book The world can not save you, even true friends are helpless; Only you could lead yourself out of the dark clouds and reproduce the light of day.

So when you are not happy, remember to turn off the computer! Get on the phone and talk to the girls. But if you don't want to trouble others, take a walk out of the house, or do a sports can let people temporarily forget sad things, regardless of the choice of the way of healing, the most important thing is to remember that your happiness is not the hands of others, Only willing to open heart to accept frustration and loss, can once again meet their sweetest smile. (Extended reading: smile, there is hope for happiness: Welcome to the Sun, do not hide in the corner crying!) )

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