Have you ever wondered how Beyonce and Jess were doing this? One is the music diva, one is a heavyweight record producer, two of them are successful in their careers, but still have the means to maintain a happy marriage. They seem to be a pair of Superman couples, but in fact they have a few to maintain the sweet marriage life Secret Oh! Let's explore the seven ways that successful couples can juggle careers and marriages.

1. Brainstorm together

Microsoft President Bill Gates once talked in 2008 about how much he needs his wife Melinda. "Melinda and I will work together to plan the company's future," he said. Sometimes you have to understand that your partner will tell you a lot of ideas that are more beneficial to you. She always told me that I was wrong and that I could do better. "(Recommended reading: Eight successful entrepreneurs want to understand when they are young )

2. Working together to enhance the capacity of both individuals and men

In an interview this year, Hollywood star Smith said how he maintained a good rapport with his wife, 缡, 17 years old: "When we first started dating, we not only loved but also wanted to be better." Our best commitment to each other is: "Hey, I know I may not have anything right now, but I will try to make myself more worthy of you." 』」

3. Always support each other's pursuit and desire for life

"When you're looking for a partner, look for a man who believes in equality," Shery Sandberg, face book operator, wrote in the new book, "Lean in". Find someone who believes in women and can be smart, assertive and ambitious. Find a man who values fairness and even wants to share family chores. Such a man is absolutely there, and believe me, such a man is the sexiest. (Recommended reading: Lean in, female forces conquer the workplace )

The Clintons are such couples who unconditionally support each other's political careers. When Bill Clinton was running for president, he was everywhere to see how Hillary was accompanying him. When Hillary Clinton decided to run for president in 2008, she also saw Bill supporting her.

4. Go to the gym together

Yahoo President Marissa Mayer in busy life will always squeeze some time with her husband Zachary Bogue to do sports . Marissa Mayer in September in Vogue magazine that she likes to work with her husband to challenge marathons, hiking and skiing! (Recommended reading:Yahoo Female President Unknown 10 secrets )

5. Keep a low profile and live a simple life

Bill Gates and his wife Melinda chose to stay away from the spotlight, and they have always refused to tell the media about their lives in private. Shortly after Melinda married Bill in 1995, she even wrote a letter to a journalist working in the Seattle Times saying: "I know your readers may find my story fascinating, but it's a private decision for me to marry Bill, and I don't want to let the public know about my personal life." "(Recommended reading: simple Love )

6. Pursuit of their own interests

Although the first lady of the United States, Michelle-au-Bama, had many occasions with her husband and many people were expecting her to do so, she still planned a little time to focus on her plans to help the community. Like the organization let's move!, which encourages children to eat healthily and play healthily, Michelle-au-Bama also openly supports legalizing gay marriage .

7. Learn to cooperate with each other

Stella & Dot founder Jessica Herrin, the world's largest fashion website, has been married for 14 years with her vice president, who will try to keep their busy schedules and travel plans open and enjoy the time they spend with each other. "My husband and I will not forget our family even if we are running for business." In the past he has always had a bad, but gradually we have learned to adjust ourselves, we will not leave the house at the same time. (Recommended reading: "inherit Life": Find yourself from your family. )

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