Summer is almost over, I believe the introduction of the Summer cool drink also let beautiful you can in the hot summer to eliminate heat. Now is the breeze slowly autumn, the most suitable to invite a few good sisters and family to blow, enjoy the moonlight. It is soon to be reunited with family members of the Mid-Autumn Festival, in addition to friends and family barbecue , how can there be no good wine collocation? Let a woman be a little girl to tell you three ways to make delicious wine with grapefruit!

Bai Wine "Pomelo fragrant Chris Dlamini"

Essential Materials

Wine blending section: Angus Caribbean Heilam wine 1.5 oz
Grapefruit 2½ Flap
Fresh lemon juice 0.75 oz
High quality syrup 0.5 oz

Homemade orange peel sugar parts:

Liu Orange


  1. Dig some pomelo peel and soak the pomelo peel in the water.
  2. Wash the oranges first, then dig the orange peel and cut into thin end
  3. After the orange thin end to the kitchen paper towel suction dry water, and sugar mixed evenly
  4. Take out the Martini Cup, wet the cup with Lemon (recommended to wet a little, the area is a bit larger) and then the orange peel fine End stained cup mouth, will become the perfect orange candies cup mouth!
  5. After adding rum to the Snow Cup, put the grapefruit flap in and mash the juice, then add lemon juice and syrup.
  6. After adding ice, start shaking the snow Cup until the surface frosting, and then pour in the orange-coated sugar-stained Martini Cup.
  7. Finally squeeze on a little grapefruit peel oil, and will soak in the water in the pomelo peel decoration, perfect pomelo incense Chris Dlamini finished!

Red grapefruit, "Pink Chihuahua Kiss"

Essential Materials

Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice 5~6 oz agave 3 oz sea salt ice


  1. Find a cup you love, and wet the cup with a grapefruit slice. Then turn the cup in the sea of salt, and let the edges be stained with salt.
  2. Shake the red grapefruit juice with the tequila and shake it for about 15 seconds before adding the ice.
  3. Put some ice cubes in the cup, put the delicious into the Snow Cup, and finally you can taste it slowly!

"Hot grapefruit Margaret" is the party 's favorite.

Essential Materials

Tequila 2 large cup grapefruit juice 6 big Cup Havana Chili 1~2 strip, cut to half sea salt

  1. Put the tequila and pepper into a large water bottle, let it soak in the fridge for about three hours after the pepper is removed
  2. Take out two plates. In one tray, pour the amount of water that covers the plate area, and the other plate into salt.
  3. Take out eight glasses (see how many guests you have), turn the cup upside down, let the cup dip first to the water on the first plate, and then dip the sea salt on the second plate.
  4. When finished, pour some ice cubes into each glass.
  5. Add the grapefruit juice to the tequila bottle, and then pour it into the glass to enjoy the fun!

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