I particularly like sitting quietly on the shore, watching the sun slowly sinking itself into the sea, feel the sunset, is the threshold of the day and night, is a black and white demarcation, all of the special fleeting, a kind of fragile beauty. Like first love, I just met you when, everything is so beautiful and not sure. Do you like to watch sunsets , too? Take a look at the world's largest travel website Tripadvisor, choose the top ten fascinating sunset scenery, let you relive the first love of the moment. (Extended reading: looking for the possibility of being in love forever )

1. African Model Mauritius Mauritius

"It's a beautiful place to celebrate the honeymoon."

Great writer Mark Twain once said: "God in accordance with the mold Mauritius Create heaven." 」

In Africa, Madagascar Island east of the model Mauritius, known as the "Paradise on Earth." Although not so widely known in Taiwan, the Mauritius is the TripAdvisor-voted honeymoon popular resort. Walking on the clear beach, watching the sunset, let a person think time will stop at this moment.

2. Thailand, Krabi Krabi

"Right destination!" Guest Reviews

How can I miss a visit to Thailand? The island is located in the south of Thailand, although very close to the Phuket, but relatively few tourists, is far from the crowd is the perfect place to travel Oh! The traveler also said: "This is a lifetime can not forget the fairyland!" "(Extended reading: Three an incredible fairy tale Wonderland )

3. Pezinacura Island Fiji Nacula

"It's all heaven!" 」

"Bula! "(Hello Petzy) is called the Blue Pearl of the South Pacific Ocean Petzy, which is the island of Naqurah is not miss the Xanadu." Sunset reflected in the sea, dyed into a coral red, so fascinating!

4. Mardivnanari Atoll Maldives South Ari Atoll

If speaking of the resort, but did not mention Maldives, it is too unreasonable! Nanyari Atoll crystal clear sea area with the sunset scenery, can only say that is too foul, will definitely be friends travel, lovers love, the old couple rekindle the fire of a good place.

5. Caribbean Haibahama Caribbean Bahamas

Lovers fall in Love before sunset

In Bahamas, a list of the Blue Caribbean Sea Breeze love! Bahamas Is. is also the "honeymoon destination" of the year, especially worth mentioning is the islands of the island of the pink sand beach, but also was voted the world's most sexy beach! How to listen to all feel full of the temptation of the wild ah ...

6. Wakatobi Island, Indonesia

"A Bucket List destionaion"

Beautiful scenery with food, food with wine, wine with the eyes of the lover, what can be compared with a lover sip champagne , while watching the sunset better? I also secretly put the Indonesian tile Toby into the future travel pocket list!

7. Phiphi Island , Koh Phi Phi Island, Thailand

Everyone said that if the Phuket, if not a special one day to Phi Phi Island, it is simply white! Phi Phi Unique geographical location, blue sky Green sea, so that it does not bear the "fairyland" reputation. Koh Phi Phi and the previously introduced island of Krabi each have their own loyal fans. (Extended reading: Ukraine left behind the romantic tunnel wonderland of the World )

8. Caribbean Aruba of the Caribbean Sea Aruba

Today I just want to walk with you on the beach

The Caribbean Sea is once again on the list with an exotic flavor! Not overcrowded palm tree Beach, and facing the Sunset Sea view suites, so that visitors have to shout: "Reluctant to go!" "

9. Santa Babarra , Santa Barbara, California, USA

California's Santa Barbara has many more young college students than the beaches above. Here the beach amorous feelings million kinds, with the heat of the sunset, the most suitable to like the lively you.

10. Negril Jamaica Negril , Jamaica

Jamaica, also a Caribbean island country, has a broad vision and a great place to watch the sunset. Coconut Shadow suo suo, 32 lovers walk on the beach, the ear rang the romantic melody, but the eye only each other. Negril, Jamaica, is the perfect place for you to enjoy a quiet stroll.

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