We would like to say the story of the most famous woman in the world-the British Princess quarless Diana.

Nearly 35% of people say they would most like to see Princess Diana rise from the dead if there is a strange revival in the world, according to U.S. research.

Anyway, we have to admit that many things in the world are not black and white, Princess Diana is not a simple figure, perhaps she is the British royal family so far the most controversial princess. She was admired for her courageous pursuit of love , and some were severely accused of undermining the royal order, not a competent princess. However, it is undeniable that Princess Diana's selfless contribution to the humanitarian and disadvantaged groups, from her body we saw belongs to the woman, the delicate and unique strength, in the royal conservative atmosphere, she insists on her own ideals and love, believe that they have the power to change the world. Let's take a look at Deffie's classic quotes, reading the real Princess Diana under the spotlight .

Selected Deffie Quotations:

Quotations A


"Only does what your heart tells you."

Princess Diana's insistence on her self is the most commendable place under the conservative Royal system, but also the quality that makes her feel stressed.

Quotations Two

I look forward to being free, someone may not like it, but I am.

I like being a free spirit." Some don ' like so, but that ' s the way I am. "

Before marriage, Diana, in the Royal High pressure control and media frenzy Chase, has been unable to control the pressure of the suffering of bulimia . A day to eat 四、五次 until vomiting. It was not until after the divorce that Diana got her freedom and smiled again.

Quotations Three

To help the weakest and most helpless people in the world, to bring me unparalleled happiness.

"Nothing brings me more happiness than trying to help the most vulnerable, people in society."

Princess Diana gave her full support to the international anti-mine organization and wrote to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to recommend herself as an anti-mine ambassador. She has repeatedly mentioned her lack of security in interviews, so she has an indescribable closeness to the weak. and said: "As long as they shout to me, no matter where I am, will run away." "The anti-mine movement has brought life's power to Diana and has been freed from bulimia," she said.

Quotations Four

Without love, it is the deadliest disease in the world.

"The biggest disease this day and the ' that's" people feeling unloved. "

Princess Diana has been in love twice since her divorce, a 36-year-old Pakistani heart surgeon Hasna Cang, and the other, the Egyptian rich son Fayed, who met in New York on vacation . and Hasna unforgettable love, let Diana again feel the Princess Diana's identity outside.

Quotations Five

My children gave me strength, and without them I was nothing.

"I Live for my sons." I would be lost without them. "

Diana may not be a good princess, but she is definitely a mother who loves her children very much. She wants her children not to be divorced from the real society as they were in the past, and to encourage them to be part of society. (Extended reading: The child makes a mistake, these three words must not say )

Quotations Six

AIDS patients are not dangerous and we can shake hands and hug them. God knows how much they need a warm hug.

HIV does not make people dangerous to know, so you can shake their hands and give them a hug. Heaven knows they need it.

At that time, the general public opinion still AIDS patients and HIV-positive people with the same sign, Princess Diana stepped forward, openly said: "The causes of AIDS are multifaceted, some from heredity, some from the disinfection of incomplete medical equipment, This may also happen to our brothers and sisters, we should give more love. 」

Quotations Seven

If you find the love in your life, remember to hold it tightly.

"If you find someone in your life," and "then hang on".

Diana, who has been living under the spotlight, can only show her true self in the face of true love. In front of the person, she is the most powerful princess, but in the eyes of the lover, she is just a fall in love with a little girl, look forward to grasping the love of life, it is no regrets.

Diana's legendary life will be paraded on the big screen, but her spirit still lingers in everyone's heart, though she cannot be reborn.

"Diana" Plot outline:

"Diana" describes Deffie's last two years of life. She was married into the British royal family began, is always the focus of the spotlight, the world to see her beautiful and strong appearance, but did anyone see her sensitive and fragile heart?
Diana's lifelong care for the weak, the whole heart to pay, the film has a remarkable love story, but also described Diana brave pursuit of true happiness, gradually achieved the dream of the self, Become a very influential international social movement and humanitarian person.

"Must See!" Touching tears! "─daily Express

"Excellent acting, enthusiastic, like Deffie rebirth"─london Evening Standard

She is the princess who will never be replaced in the heart of the world.