the "The Scorpion King" in the sexy cool stone Johnson of the wizard, "X-Men" in the show female strength of the death of the Wolverine, "30 taut hug" in the show capable female charm of Vanessa, blending strong sexy and self-confidence, they are Hukeri. What would a Hollywood actress look like in private?

Trembling Open the lounge door, the immediate Hukeri, a simple even body dress, pendant in front of the chest of black hair, thin powder, smile like a girl next door. She used a hearty hi and told us, "Hey! This is the private Hukeri. "Do not need the spotlight, naturally not artificial sexy streaming, gestures are distributed calmly self-confidence."

Little Kelly's Hollywood Adventure

Some people are born to fit the stage, do not need free airing, others have already photographic memory. In Hukeri's body, there is this hidden also hidden star breath. "Being an actress is a dream I grew up in. Hukeri's eyes firmly said so. A long time ago, four-Year-old Kelly, looking at the Hollywood star on TV, was excited to run into the kitchen and loudly announced to her mother: "I will grow up to go to Hollywood, and to be a superstar." Kelly mother smiled and said: "Good, but the big star today also want to do the dishes." "I thought the child said Mowgli, but for small Kelly, it is" children without joking. " Many years later, Little Kelly grew up and became more and more beautiful, single-handedly broke into Hollywood, to achieve the seemingly distant dream , the former small Top gun has still been firmly in mind.

When I make up my mind, I will do whatever I have to do and trust myself to do it.

Believe in your own power, let Hukeri bravely in the Hollywood environment, face all kinds of challenges. For the exceptionally picky Hollywood directors, Hukeri 's inner-and-outer self-confidence , which is particularly bright in the audition crowd, she has the power to make sure that she can do it with just one look. In front of the camera Leng Hukeri talk about performing arts work, as if returned to the 18-year-old, eyes flashing bright light. "I have always felt very fortunate, and I love my job ," she said, thanking her for the achievements she has made. "Passionate about what you like, fearless, is the secret weapon that Hukeri in Hollywood."

Fear marriage, believe in love

Referring to the recent new "30 in Taiwan, Hukeri said this is a suitable movie for the family to watch, involving a wide range of life, no matter who can see their shadow in the film. Faced with love and career choice of the heroine Vanessa (Hukeri adorn); seemingly cynical, but only poor expression of emotional brother (Chen adorn), trying to eliminate the girlfriend's marital phobia , get a trusted boyfriend, always can't get his wife's attention and escape from the father, ... Each of us like the "30 taut hug" English title almost Perfect, is a piece of almost perfect puzzle, waiting for the corner of the piece .

A good actor in order to successfully interpret the role, often will try to find their own and the role of the common point, so that the performance closer to the real rather than simply play. When Hukeri tried to correlate himself with the role of Vanessa, she was surprised to find herself similar to Vanessa. "The place we most like is probably the fear of marriage and permanent commitment ," phobia of commitment. "The heroine Vanessa because of parents tight marriage , even in the face of Perfect true love, still lack of confidence in marriage; Hukeri admits that because her parents divorced at the age of six, she was not particularly looking forward to marriage, nor the intention to marry. The courage to face their own fears, is not easy. This is especially true for the public figures who have been magnified in their words and deeds, and Hukeri's frankness is appreciated. Play the spirit of ask why, we continue to the thief of the questioning in addition to marriage there is no fear? Hukeri laughed twice and said, "probably singing in front of the crowd, if I were to be bullied to sing, I would probably cry!" "In the face of fear and generosity, Hukeri is not the typical female star with official answers." (Extended reading: coexistence with fear )

Choose your own definition of a happy life

Getting married and having children is one of the ways to be happy, but not the only way.

Should I get married? Why aren't you married? When are you going to get married? Mention of women on the shoulders of the social, psychological and physiological pressure, Hukeri distressed to say that every woman has the right to decide whether they need marriage, marriage is an option, and should not be the society on women's body must pass the stage, because everyone's happy life have their own interpretation. As for physical stress, Hukeri the opportunity to teach the concept of " frozen Egg ". She says thanks to the advances in technology for freezing and storing eggs, it has brought a "birth" machine for women. We don't have a certain age to worry about having children. "I am a person who wants to live to be 100 years old, so after freezing an egg, I can also be a child of 50 years old!" "Hukeri said with hearty

Love and bread, not only an option to choose

A person who really loves you and knows you will want you to be what you want to be and to be the best version of yourself.

Hukeri: "The partnership should be defined by yourself, not by the society or the family." " choose their own happy life , the current Hukeri very enjoy the relationship with the boyfriend, and musician boyfriend Love long-distance running 10 years, the cause is quite successful, they do not live with, and most of the time for the cause of love separate efforts." Hukeri said: "At the present stage, I still enjoy their own independence, but the future is difficult to say, maybe one day, I will suddenly feel that they want to get married also maybe Ah!" "Many years later, no one can say." Hukeri gracefully to give time to change.

We don't need to be together every minute to make sure we're in love.

Shake your head, Hukeri said that he did not believe the soul mate soul mate, but convinced that there is a so-called soul connection soul connection, although each other's lives are very busy, whenever think of each other, can feel oneself is understood, be supported, be affirmed, be deeply loved, although not seen, but know that this is people who are more important than themselves . Perhaps this is the strength behind the silent support, let Hukeri more courage to challenge themselves , the best version of their own move forward. (Extended reading: artists: Thanks to the other half let me learn true love Xiao Xian)

Like each character's own, now is the best life

Hukeri, who was a beauty champion, has performed a lot of Hollywood movies, and has also stepped into TV dramas, dubbing and video games. Multi-angle management own Hukeri, psychology probably has Buhan soul! She confidently said: "I like each character's own ." "Different identities have their own challenges and difficulties to overcome, dubbing hidden behind the virtual role, so the emphasis on voice expression," all the video game is a fictional erection, so the imagination is the key; each character of the film is very diverse, so the actor's ability to figure out the most important ... Wait The diversity of performing arts is a constant challenge, and Hukeri is enjoying it, shouting happily: "I really like my life now , it's the way I want it most!" "Calmly wandering between different identities, Hukeri's way of acting is never set limits on yourself !"

Be thankful for your uniqueness

As a Chinese-American actress working in Hollywood, we wonder if Chinese identity has any impact on her acting career? As with the 30-tight-hug director Pambes 's personal experience, Chinese women are weak and advantage. Hukeri says the Chinese identity is really complicated in Hollywood, and it's straightforward to say that some oriental character auditions, such as the death of X-Men, may not be able to get that role if she is not a Chinese woman. So for an actor, the identity of a Chinese is a force and a drag. But changed a turn, cheerful Hukeri said we think so:

Instead of self-pity, rejoice in your own unique celebrate the uniqueness.

Dedicated to Womany, dedicated to women

Hukeri's speech was full of love for her acting career, and finally she wanted to share her own source of self-confidence . "I want all women to know they don't have to be afraid, and I don't think I can live the life I love now, not because I'm fearless," she said. "She confirmed with her Hollywood experience: regardless of all the vigorous forward, met the courage of the broken kettle Shenzhou, coupled with a little bit of sincerity is the spirit of faith, things will not be imagined smooth." (Extended reading: Dancer: Not Afraid of me and the world, Xu Fang )

In the face of workplace and love or marriage, she gently reminds all women

Just remember that you have a free mind and mind, you can choose what you want to choose, and don't let others define your life for you.

Want How to live this lifetime , Hukeri said: "Come!" We decide for ourselves. 」

The end and Hukeri of the visit, suddenly feel that their sudden suddenly enlightened, formerly those blocked in the brain of the messy thoughts, like being distracted clean, and the world in front of, so wide and great.

Woman, you are strong and beautiful.
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