September unconsciously also past half, taking advantage of the mid-autumn holiday leisure, read Womany for you carefully prepared, on intelligent technology , life , fashion , and feminist issues such as multiple news , even if the holiday also let you easily grasp the world pulse! Do you know that there will be smart teeth in the future to keep track of all the dynamics in your mouth? The exciting Mars immigration program has been quietly started! And the annual Hacker Pine Contest is coming, but also to challenge the world record, words not to say, hurry to see a wonderful week nets pick it!

The biggest hacker in the scale is loose! 36hr non-stop to break the golden record!

The University of Michigan annual, the largest student hacker pine (hackathon) is coming! The event will continue to "black" 36 hours uninterrupted, organizers mhacks confidently said that they want to break the hacker pine longest time of the Golden world record! The event also attracted thousands of students from all over the world, including top engineering departments from the White House, MIT, Harvard, Berkeley and other prestigious universities. And the most eye-sucking is that the sponsors include Facebook, Apple, Google, Twitter, Groupon and other well-known companies; In addition to the company's professional engineers as a first-hand mentor, the most important thing is to take this opportunity to recruit more hackers! The team that won the first place in the 9/22 finals will receive a bonus of $10,000 and a chance to work with big companies. Last year's first was the development of real-time translation App speakeasy, and look forward to this year will be the team to stand out! ( extended reading: Hackers invincible!) Taiwan University's first hacker Pine (Hackntu)

※ News Source:Mashable

American shoe designer, with the idea that everyone will have shoes to wear in the future!

If you have four pairs of shoes or more in your shoe closet, you are lucky to have more than 3 million people in the world who can't even have a pair of shoes. American Pratt Design College (Pratt Institute) students haratio yuxin Han and Kevin Crowley, decided to join hands with a group named Unifold Footwear Team, the use of rubber foam material made of materials, take away the traditional shoe-making cumbersome steps, to be simplified Make a pair of sandals that everyone can afford to wear by way of a tuck. At the moment, they are trying to get the shoes to come out quickly, hoping to help share the world's shoe-shortage crisis in the future. ( extended reading: Design your exclusive fashion!) Customized fashion website selection )

※ News Source:Mashable

Smart Dentures, smart record all the movement in your mouth!

Zhu Haohua, an associate professor of engineering at the University of Taiwan, recently presented the latest research in the International Symposium on Wearable Calculators, held in Zurich, Switzerland, with a team of "smart dentures" that detect oral activity. Whether it's chewing, swallowing, talking, eating, or even coughing, it can be recorded by this system of identification, and even up to 94% accuracy. According to Professor Zhu, health basically starts from the mouth, the most intelligent part of the dentures is that it can be used for medical purposes, such as tracking the number of people who are on a diet and recording cough times due to respiratory problems, and the number of times spoken is associated with the patient's social activities, so it can also be used to calculate health. This time, Taiwan's light Let "smart dentures" is no longer just whimsical, human wearable smart equipment ERA is coming round! ( extended reading: Intelligent life!) 10 most novel wearable technology device )

※ News Source:LiveScience

Can the cave living under the Martian surface be true?

The architect of the German ZA architectural firm, Zhuikov, Arina Ageeva and Krassimir, deeply believes that the people of the Earth will migrate to Mars within 10 years, so they are leading a plan for a Mars Life program this year (Mars Colonisation Project), to build an unprecedented Martian cave! They're going to send a remote robot to lead the way. Using 3D printing technology to simulate the soil on Mars, and even to facilitate the carrying of building materials, decided to excavate the cave under the surface, using the special hexagonal basalt on Mars as building materials, and the interior of the rock hollowed out, so that the robot to create network-type structure. At the same time, part of the rock will be dissolved into fuel fiber, because it is stronger and lighter than traditional building materials, more suitable for the space base. Whether or not the project will finally come true, the bold innovation of this group of designers has aroused the great concern of scientists and the construction industry. ( extended reading: stunning Germany!) The shortest life of the whole water building )

※ News Source:UK dailymail

The bedtime story don't Stop, let the child fall in love with the music of reading

Oxford University Daily has visited 1000 children aged 6 to 11 who want to learn about the ability of children to read and write nowadays. Research results show that more than 70% of children in their six-year-olds enjoy reading bedtime stories and are willing to read at home; Oddly, the proportion of children aged eight to nine has dropped to 44%, and even more than half of children are barely reading at home. The researchers found that the main reason was the assumptions of parents, especially the belief that children no longer needed companion parents. Experts say, from an early age, someone companion children, than the average child is more willing to read extra-curricular books, reading and writing ability and intelligent development will be 13 times times higher than the children of the same age! If you can, you might as well dial out after work 10 minutes of companion time, not only will let children develop spontaneous reading preferences, but also can become the best example of children Oh! ( extended reading: The breeding talent: Saffron's philosophy of upbringing )

※ News Source:UK dailymail

The veil of Muslim girls: give us the right to choose

the controversial topic of recent speculation is that Britain will probably ban Muslim women from wearing veils in public, citing "security risks". The controversial issue is the Birmingham Metropolitan College, one of the UK's top universities, that made the big move last week to start fermenting. For safety reasons, the school has banned Muslim students from wearing a full face veil (niqab) and showing only one pair of eyes. But as 9,000 students signed an online petition within 48 hours, the authorities felt pressured and ended up having to take the ban again. Jeremy Browne, Britain's Liberal Democrat minister, also backed the ban, although he had his "protection" view, but British Muslim women were determined to defend their rights and hold veil-like protests in the hope that the Government would know that they had the option of wearing the veil, Nor should the law be used to regulate individual religious freedom. ( extended reading: Please, give us back our appearance)

※ News Source:RT Network

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