There is a long-term focus on digital technology, application software and Network information , for the "computer plaything" This blog is certainly not unfamiliar, but heard the "Dust Traveler" This literary breath of the alias, but also let the person's appearance, many elusive mysterious imagination. Perhaps a lot of people are curious, business information blog People, is not the personality is very neurotic, and all the time when the head of the family, tablet computer desperately beat, browse? As if not, you can't catch up with the latest information to ensure that the pulse of intelligent technology is mastered. This time, Womany was privileged to interview the computer plaything webmaster, we are about to expose you, seemingly scientific and technological, all things are positive blood , work well organized webmaster, a big call not the same as the private appearance. After reading, you will have a new understanding of this information blog and moved!

Can't wait to have a closer contact with the dust Walker? More about his wonderful Life story and the work of the secret, are in the "Woman fan Salon" she and he said: the use of small tools to enhance efficiency.
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When you can't be a teacher, be a helpful traveler.

At the beginning of the visit, we threw out the most curious questions without modification: Why would you take the "Dust Traveler" as a dream pen name, behind what profound meaning? "To tell you the secret, I graduated from the Chinese department." It was simply because Chinese students liked to take names from allusions, and "dust-walkers" came from the concept of ascetic in literary classics. But to be honest, the name does not imply any great philosophy of life. "The Webmaster one face shyly explains. After listening to this commentary, a sudden and smile sense of conflict suddenly emerged, after all, who would have wanted, "computer plaything" behind, was actually by a gentle literati founder?

This makes us more curious, what is the opportunity to decide to run a professional for their own, relatively unfamiliar with the information blog? In fact, the idea is to go to the university, after the Institute has gradually come to the fore. At that time I found that I did not write good prose ability, so decided to change careers. "Looking at our surprised and fooled expression, the dust Walker put away his naughty smile," the most important motive is to see the teachers and students in our department, they are not so hands-on to the network or digital tools. Although it is a language department, it is also very much dependent on the computer to process the data; seeing such a phenomenon, we will be able to set up a task of high efficiency for everyone before deciding to specialize in digital software. The ultimate goal is to get them to learn how to use cloud tools in a straightforward way. "I really did not think of the motives for the creation of computer toys, is actually from a want to help teachers and students share the sorrow of the great love spirit!" Then the teacher and students to give you the response is? "At that time the network information is not so popular as now, so pelting very hard, because a lot of people after reading, or to tell me that do not understand what I am writing." Said the other, with a wry smile on his face.

But the mood of the revolution, even if the content and tone must be changed, but also It is not easy to be puzzled by the people, to deny themselves, and the dust Walker only believes that this is a necessary process . Holding the mission of the teacher NCLB, although finally did not embark on the original set of Teachers dream, but seven years, all the way to study digital tools and promotion, in order to help themselves also help others; "In a way, this blog is a teacher's dream for me," said the man in a thankful tone. With a common heart to look at the various surprises and changes in life , the Dust Walker practiced the style of a traveler, from the good intentions of God to cultivate themselves, step by step to learn how to handle the "perseverance" and "not persistent" between the delicate balance. ( extended reading: self-confidence not arrogant, insist not stubborn )

Use thinking to bring back the vitality of words

As a "computer plaything" station owner, he also has a personal second digital tool book: "Evernote 100 good ways to make notes: Digitally restructure your work and life", for digital notes, there must be a lot of ideas to share with you, but what we want to know is, are you a person who loves to make notes when you were a kid? "When I was a child in the class to read textbooks, I love to do marks on the book, often think of what directly written in the book, other people's books are clean, my most dense, but I like this, so that only in the sense of dialogue with the author." The dust Walker said and recalled his childhood.

"I have never been that kind, the teacher said anything, will be scripted, a word does not leak copy of the person; I will first think about whether there is a better interpretation, with my brainstorming, and then in the way I read the meaning of the words. 』

The dust-follower who has always been obsessed with writing, there are a lot of rambling thoughts and pictures in my mind, and I enjoy swimming in the world of words and his two people, and taking notes is never a passive responsibility to him, but a way to get him to have fun and be happier .

Finding digital tools is like looking for the other half.

As the Evernote with us at the outset, he was a fan of the Evernote, a heavy user; We wondered why it was Evernote? "For me, Evernote is the current habit of" taking notes "as a continuation, or even creating a larger pattern of cloud notebook software. And the reason why it is so respected, is that it makes me willful to retain the nature. "Just as we speculate in the minds of the unknown nature of the dust-walkers, stationmaster small whispered to us frankly," no matter at which level, I am not a methodical person. "To hear such a straightforward answer, let us suddenly a little overwhelmed, worried that the ears are wrong." But looking at the true look of the eye, suddenly, we understand one thing: the original reliance on digital technology is not because they can understand what we really want ? When the human capacity is limited but still want to do something, these digital tools turned into angels, to save us. With a digital note-taking tool, the person who needs to digest a lot of data every day and learn the latest information regularly is a welcome treasure, says the man.

Taking Evernote as an example, the Dust Walker believes that it can not only help solve the problem of sorting and classifying information automatically, "even do not need to tidy up, what I want to do is to throw things in and label them well, and then search for the keyword when necessary." He let me retain my original Grand, wide people, love procrastination personality. "If you want to use the metaphor of love , Evernote is the person he has been looking for, a man who can easily do himself in front of him, without deliberately changing his life model," because basically a lazy person, there is no way to become a very positive person. "Even open their own jokes can be so sincere to the different dust traveler, implicit appearance, but also completely broke the information blog to give people a very fast-paced stereotype." The original do things, do not have to do everything faster the better, do a good job is the most important.

Everyone should have a "give Up Notebook"

Although self-deprecating is not a methodical person, but from a professional point of view, the behavior of the different dust is still have to let people admire, after all, can have such a dedicated digital research, and even published two of books for it; Is there not a need for perfection in the essence of their own?

"It should be said that I am not a greedy person, I will seize one or two of the most I want to achieve, and on this to ask myself to do well." 』

The dust Walker added, "For example, many 3C bloggers wonder why I don't write some of the line maps that we all love to see, or take some of the manufacturer's case; but I was simply hoping to focus on writing about digital tools, to see the" part "that needed it. And have a real help in their lives. "To curry favor with mainstream preferences, he has not much interest in the past, has been too ambitious, the goal set too high and tasted the taste of failure ." Now he learns to see how much he can do, and when all is spread out, he is better able to monitor his progress. At the same time, he also understands that instead of spending time writing things that you don't feel comfortable with, you might as well take the time to develop your own profession, "If you want anything, you don't get anything," said the man in a very firm tone.

After writing a book, he says, people often overestimate themselves too much. In the process of writing a book, in fact, there are many things can not be perfect for everything, "I gave up a lot in the middle, found that I can not do things." But to give up is not to stop trying, but to temporarily shift the target to something that can be done in a fixed time, and then Focus on doing it well. 』

"Give up, just a process, as long as not to delete, the ability to the time, it will be able to get back again." 』

If the original expected to achieve 10 goals, and finally reached only 5, the average person may be the remaining 5 directly off, as a lot of thinking. But the dust Walker said, "Those who have not been done by me, appear to be abandoned in the present, but in fact I was saved into the" Give up notebook. After a year or two, when I feel the ability to give up the notebook has become my inspiration recycling bucket, I will rummage inside what treasure, is able to take out again to try. "Giving up is to keep yourself moving forward," said the dust Walker.

Without external force to find inspiration, oneself is the best treasure

Forehead, occasionally revealed a free and easy temperament of the different dust, choose to use the mentality of not escaping to face their own shortcomings , for their own limits, also learn to look at it. In the past, he has published articles on "Trying to forget" and releasing "Memory Pressure", teaching readers how to make space for their heads to think, to judge what they really need, and whether they hold the same attitude in the face of stress . "The best way for me is to solve it," he said. There are many ways to solve this problem, such as recognizing that you can't do something. But this process needs to be coordinated, because sometimes you can not do things also implicate others, do not for a moment of face and to endure. "( extended reading: Every day is a practice of letting go, face the problem bravely . But on the other hand, the people of the dust are under pressure and most of the time they are set up by themselves;" I'm not very good at stress as a pressure, and I'm going to deal with it right away, so that it doesn't have the opportunity to be stressed, "he said. If you can't fix it right now, put it down and there's always an alternative. It's not the result you were expecting, but at least your overall score wouldn't be 0 points. "He said in an experienced voice.

When it takes inspiration, it never comes, does it not feel anxious ? He said he would not go to the bookstore and go to special places to find inspiration, because life itself is his inspiration factory. "I often have many flashes of thought, as soon as they emerge, I will record them in Evernote." When it comes to inspiration, my first step is not to turn the book, but to go through my Evernote. "The biggest advantage of digital notes is that as long as you search for keywords or labels, not like paper notes need to take a page to find, in a few seconds can rely on the cloud technology effortlessly grasp the past inspiration."

"So to speak, my inspiration comes from different stages of myself." 』

The notes may have been written a year or two ago, but the ability was not mature enough, so it was just a matter of writing it down. And now, with enough capacity, you know how to make this inspiration come true, and know that you can do it better. The dust traveler answered in a calm tone. The original form to make notes at any time the biggest advantage is that they have become their most eager inspiration muse.

But life is just a lot of daily necessities, not every day can be lucky to bump into interesting things, how do you have so many "flash" inspiration? "I think it's because I look at life and everything is interesting and I'm especially curious about things I don't know," he said. "Even if you do not do it, you will take time to study and keep your knowledge fountain constantly updated, making life more plentiful each day," he said. "Perhaps, this is at the same time as Pcuser computer Publisher editor and information bloggers, to their own strict set of the original intention: to the world to praise the heart, happy to find the unknown, never stop accumulating their own fighting capacity."

The life intelligence that is not forced

Talk with the Womany, although only a short hour, but he sincerely and do not hide the private personality so that he does not appreciate, so we also want to ask him to share a word with Womany's readers.

"We should all learn how to let ourselves go." 』

Completely subvert the general Aries Blood Impulse character, the unexpected calm and gentle and natural attitude, and again let us straight call incredible. "I am a man of no demand, and the most common thing I do is to analyze my shortcomings and limitations." In doing things, I will constantly reflect on their own, if you know where their limits, can be in the limits, to find the best possible degree, to reduce the loss caused by the frustration. 』

Are there often times when you are encouraged by elders or friends and expect you to continue to believe that there is no limit to your life? The reverse thinking of the opposite, but instead let us see his self-confidence, that is, the "can do the best" confidence.

Because there is self-confidence, so not afraid to give up. "It's too much to push yourself to do the best or nothing." "He said in his usual tender tone. But such attitude, is not to let people have been unable to break through, always only when a child is protected and not long? "It does not seem to break through yourself, but you're not getting anything, at least you've done something." "It's the sense of achievement that makes people more confident in doing things right." So to be exact, there is no growth breakthrough, at least self-confidence has been growing, isn't it?

When you trust yourself more and more, you will start to challenge things that you couldn't do before. After all, no one has the confidence to have a full mark in his life, and he says his self-confidence is accumulated in the failure. ( extended reading: Learn to fail on success!) See the story of six successful women )

You will be happy if you change your heart.

Finally, for the "computer plaything" business, Womany want to know what the vision of their own expectations, "I am not a very ambitious person, is simply doing my own favorite things." Because doing this makes me feel happy, naturally, willing to give it more great meaning. "He added, with a consistently modest attitude," after all, how to utilize digital tools and cloud systems, at least not many people share in Taiwan, I hope that I can continue to the direction of digital promotion, so that more and more people can have a better life, the quality of work has been improved; save time, Can be taken to do more important things in life. "(Extended reading: The law of balance between work and life )

Like to use the attitude of "everything" to face the ups and downs of the life of the different dust, in the past few years to understand that, let go of their own, the days will be better. But Womany know, in his seemingly aloof smile, in fact very clear, what is the most suitable for their own way of life. Even if you know that there is no way to do it, know how to use digital tools to enable yourself to complete the task within the capacity, the busy person can still busy days in business, the life of the enviable, carefree. Thanks to the demonstration of the man of the dust, he let us know that everyone can make life smarter and wiser as long as we find the right way. And when you do one thing at a time, you get a little closer to success.

Identify yourself and find the most attuned to your life.

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