At certain times of the month, you are more vulnerable than usual, and more empathetic to the happiness and burden of being a woman. Is the physiological period to report, always make you miserable? we shared it before. Five physiological period diet key, make you beautiful double , there are Five menstrual small reminder, let you farewell menstrual discomfort (Strange how all are five XD) now we want to share with you, some food, menstruation comes when you should avoid!

When menstruation comes, you should not ...

Don't talk to coffee or wine.

Caffeine in coffee can elevate the hormone in the body, which has a negative effect on premenstrual syndrome; Dr. Sethi suggested that changing coffee and wine into hot milk or soya-bean juice added with honey, and drinking it half an hour before bedtime, best relieves or eliminates the discomfort of menstruation. Among them, the potassium in dairy products can relieve your mood, warm abdominal muscles, the magnesium contained in honey, there is the effect of calming the central nervous center, for you to unlock the heart of anonymous melancholy. For the day, you can soak up a pot of hot mint tea or barley tea to help ease your discomfort and get your attention to the task at hand.

Too sweet and too salty to make you really happy

Many women would like to be in the physiological period, take the opportunity to make the usual dessert, but in fact do not need to eat sweets , especially exquisite processing food, such as cakes, sweets, biscuits, puffs, pudding, etc., because these will only make blood sugar become unstable, aggravating the physiological period of discomfort. Of course, a proper dessert can help eliminate exhaustion, and the sugar intake from natural foods is more. You can change the choice of sweets to a more iron-containing dried fruit foods, such as cranberry dry, raisins, dried red dates and guava dry.

Reduce salt intake

In addition, if you will have breasts, abdominal swelling situation, you should reduce salt intake, and refused to eat too exquisite processed food, lest too much water stagnation in the body, resulting in edema, headache and other discomfort. In the menstrual cramps 10 days before slowly change into low salt food, you can make your days well!

Say no to canned juices and bubble drinks

Finally, to remind all those who can be beloved, try to avoid drinking canned juices and sparkling drinks. (Extended reading: wake up, canned juice is not so healthy ) have you found that in the physiological period, drink this kind of drinks often feel more tired, the spirit also become bad? Because the soda contains a large amount of phosphate, it will react with the existing iron in the body, hindering the absorption of iron. When you are already bleeding from your blood, losing iron, and when iron cannot be absorbed properly, it can lead to severe anemia and, over time, the risk of heart failure.

Love yourself, starting from the physiological period of recuperation, let your beauty from the inside out, no time can emit out through the red woman taste!

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