When you think of beer, what do you immediately associate with it? is with good friends carefree chat, turn wine bottle said mind good time, or vcds "dried fish woman and how" in, the heroine big Mouth shout cheers of forthright appearance? Or is that a trip in Belgium that is not drunk and not return? No matter in which country, seems to have a special origin with beer, casually asked, the historical background can be very important! But at the end of September, the beginning of the autumn of October, the most not to mention, let the world's crazy Pilgrimage World Beer Festival, or Germany, Munich Beer Festival (Oktoberfest)! This time Womany not only to take you a glimpse of the 2013 Munich Beer Festival live tidbits, but also to tell you a do not go to Germany, so you can drink beer good news!

The Beer festival in Munich, Germany, was originally evolved from a Bavaria royal wedding held in 1810. In order to celebrate the wedding, people all over the country gathered in the big lawn outside Munich city, everyone singing, watching horse races, drinking spree. Since then, this popular activity has been so extended, and now has become Germany's largest and most local characteristics of the traditional folk festival!

this year's beer festival has reached its 180th session, attracting more than 6 million, with visitors from around the world flocking to the festival from 9/21st to the end of 10/6th. The locals have so far called the beer festival "die wiesn", meaning the grass, like returning to the Great lawn of the royal Wedding feast. And in the 16-day festival, the men and women will gather under the huge tent filled with countless beer barrels and rows of big wooden tables, singing and dancing, eating large bites, drinking wine, and all races, just to celebrate, the two-century-old German tradition of the year. ( extended reading: written before the Munich October celebrations )

The next day for you live on the scene of beer festival, even if people are not in Germany, our hearts can also be with them!

The Beer cup is actually very heavy, but the waitress at the scene, everyone can lift 10 to 12 cups of heavy beer and sweat, it is amazing arm! Look at their skills and vigorous shuttle in the crowd, but the face is always full of smiles, expressions also do not forget elegance, no wonder this will be included in the beer festival is the most amazing, must see one of the "wonders."

A glass of beer is everywhere, as long as you want to have a drink, a stranger with you at any time! The beer brewing method is also strictly followed by the 16th century, the "Bavarian Beer Brewing Regulations (Reinheitsgebot)"; All beer can only be brewed with the purest ingredients (water, barley, and hops) to ensure freshness and quality of each glass of beer.

Guess how many beers were killed during the beer festival each year? The answer is: 8 million litres! It's amazing! After all, there are so many, wearing the traditional Bavarian dress of the flower waitress to accompany everyone to drink, anyone will want to drink with them two cups, play to see who first drunk game? (laughter) Whether you drink beer or not, as long as you come to the scene, you can immediately feel the city of Munich Manifesto: "münchen mag dich (Munich love you Yo!) )」!

From the sky overlooking the Munich beer Festival venue. Even if the night gradually lowered, look at the dark mass of the crowd, may not even the span of the year the crowd is not as turbulent as beer festival! Yes, no one should be so disappointed, the day a dark to rush home, anyway, the whole family is coming, the night is not a problem! In addition to a large tent to provide people with eating and drinking, you want to get a lot of recreational facilities, adults and children have to do all day, who willing to leave?

In addition to the waitress will wear the traditional Bavarian dress, German men or tourists are also comparable! Like this male tourist, wearing leather strap shorts is very Bavaria style! Just to tell you : suspenders in Germany but bring good luck symbol! )

Finally, let the German handsome man to accompany the scene with you, together for beer festival toast! prost! (German "Cheers" meaning)

The same field Gayon: to the heart but not action you!

See here, is not the favor of beer straight soaring? I guess you're itching to get a plane ticket to Germany right now to witness the annual beer event. But who says the only German beer festival is enough to see? As Taiwanese, of course, you have to lose. will be held in 10/19 in the first session, known as the World "drunk" high Road running BeerRun, now has begun to accept the application! Want to drink free beer, also want to run when the beer sprayed you, quickly find a good friend to join it!

Womany Small reminder: As a result of running, the blood in the water will gradually decline, blood concentration will rise, while running while drinking will be more easily drunk than usual, so affect the sense of balance, easy cause fall and injured. If it is a person with a bad heart function, it is not advisable to participate. and have already registered you, remember to replenish the water at the replenishment station is good, wait to finish the whole journey again to enjoy the beer of the victory not late Oh!

To the Wonderful Life, let the life not leave regret!

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