Womany : Have you noticed that recently, the world has been holding large-scale beer-related activities, whether in Europe or near Taiwan, in the end, what is the charm of beer, can easily take care of everyone's heart? In order not to let you miss anything, we captured the annual beer festival in Munich, Germany (Oktoberfest), a series of joyful and on-the-spot photos, to let you have a good time to see! But often hear people say drink beer will drink out "beer belly", really can be assured to develop the habit of drinking beer? Womany next to tell you that beer is a lot of unexpected nutritional value! Of course, in order to take care of the beauty of you, we have to share a few noble inexpensive, the use of beer can be achieved beauty! After reading, to ensure that you have a big change in beer, can't wait to buy a bottle to pamper yourself!

Although we do not recommend you to drink beer, but the right amount of beer, in fact, not what you think of the bad Oh! If there are health concerns about beer, let us tell you that fresh beer contains six nutritional values!

Efficacy 1. Help digestion of gastrointestinal tract

The alcohol content of beer is low compared with other wines, only 2% ~7.5%. The main ingredients of beer include: germinated barley, ethanol, hops (a perennial herb vine, Hop), polyphenols and water . Among them, the protein contained in barley through catalysis, can be decomposed to produce 17 kinds of amino acids, and eight of them, is the human body can not synthesize the necessary amino acids; Therefore, beer has the most human nutrition balance of carbohydrates and protein ratio of 15:1.

Because each liter of beer has 50 grams of carbon dioxide (CO2), moderate drinking can help the gastrointestinal movement. and beer wine floral and elegant bitterness can promote gastric juice secretion, activation stomach digestive function. Drink a cup of cold beer, not only improve gastrointestinal absorption capacity, but also for you to improve the situation of anorexia!

Here also for a small clarification of beer, in fact, beer is not the cause of "beer belly" the real culprit! The misunderstanding of drinking beer to the belly is actually a high calorie and high-fat appetizer (like peanuts, french fries, fried chicken wings, fried squid rings, etc.), because the composition of the beer does not contain any fat-causing ingredients. Of course, drinking too much will harm the health, that's for sure, but it's better to cut down on the food and drink less than the excess calories while drinking, and go with the regular exercise ; So, even if you drink beer, you don't have to worry about having a beer belly! (extended reading: Be careful when you are young!) Easy to Hoard fat "metabolic syndrome"! )

Efficacy 2. Good for bone and joint health

In recent years, many food science studies have found that beer is a rich source of silicon (silicon) in the diet. Silicon, which exists in the form of soluble raw silicic acid (OSA) in beer, can be absorbed by the body, and silicon plays a key role in the growth of human bones and connective tissue. According to the National Institutes of Health (NHI) study, dietary silicon not only improves bone density, but also drinks moderately (300 ml of women a day) and helps combat joint pain and osteoporosis. ( extended reading: Six good habits away from osteoporosis ) In addition, the plant estrogen in beer, for menopausal women's skeleton also has a certain protective effect, but be careful, if the transition to drink, or will cause bone loss!

Efficacy 3. Defense against stroke, cardiovascular disease

The previous study, published in the Journal of Nutrition (nutrition), showed that drinking beer, especially the darker color (such as Australian beer, malt baked to make the beer darker and taste caramel), has a considerable amount of help for cardiovascular health. Normal people drink 400 ml of beer about 1-2 hours after the blood circulation function will perform better, and the concentration of good cholesterol will also follow up to prevent platelet adhesion, to protect the role of vascular elasticity. The study also pointed out that proper drinking of beer not only can regulate blood vessel tension, to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, myocardial infarction is as high as 45%. The researchers found that the combination of ethanol and antioxidants in beer was a key ingredient in making beer a good drink.

Efficacy 4. Help to awaken God and relieve the tense emotions:

Beer contains a lot of organic acids, can be in the spirit feel bad, for you effective refreshing! The right amount of drink, can help you to ease the tension, and promote muscle relaxation, so that you can calmly smile again, face the challenges. ( extended reading: Seven simple release methods, relax and good health ) So, the next time the mood becomes blue, while drinking beer, side for their own say cheer up !

Efficacy 5. Blood, protect eye health

The original beer is rich in vitamin B group, which has the highest content of vitamin B12 (folic acid) and vitamin B2 (riboflavin). Vitamin B12 is usually ingested through meat, the most effective is to promote the formation of red blood cells. With sufficient B12, it is possible to effectively confront and prevent anaemia that is susceptible to women. And the darker the color, such as rye beer, but also rich in vitamin B1 and B2, can help the retina and corneal normal metabolism, clear free radicals, for the protection of eyesight has a significant effect! So drink good quality beer, the eyes will become more and more bright and clear Oh! ( extended reading: Don't Let your eyes die: Prevent eye aging, start with activating your brain!) )

Next page, take a beer to protect the hair!

Efficacy 6. diuresis, swelling

A liter of beer contains 550 mg of potassium, which has a good effect on reconciling the body's moisture balance, according to a study by the University of Munich, Germany. If you do not have enough potassium in your body, you will cause swelling, muscle spasms, and severe fatigue, neurasthenia and other symptoms. In addition, beer can also be called a diuretic, because proper drinking can significantly promote the function of urination, and then discharged the body of heavy metals and waste materials. In addition, fresh brewed beer also contains rich magnesium elements, can help you prevent kidney stones Oh!

Of course, the nutrition and benefits of these beers are based on the right amount of drinking, and if you drink a lot of alcohol, you will have a heart burden and a terrible fat accumulation in your heart. Long-term down, will also lead to the contraction of the heart function reduced to become a volume increase, but the strength of the small "beer heart", so that can not be worth it! So, where the right amount of wine, is to protect the health of the law!

The delicious relationship between beer and beauty

If you're right about beer wine Bitter or toss, do not worry, Womany also for you to think of a compromise method, so that you do not drink, you can enjoy the good beer! Because of protein, B vitamins and amino acids in beer, in addition to the nutritional needs of the human body, many studies have found that beer can also moderately improve skin condition and prevent aging. And the beer hop, is a perennial mulberry plant, not only taste fragrant, but also rich in hops (Lupulone), hunmulone, bitter acid, tannin and other good antibacterial ingredients. Next, there are three beer beauty laws to teach you, learn, so that you do not have to spend a lot of money, you can rely on beer to create an enviable good life muscle !

1. Wash your face with beer

Wash your face in the morning, add a small cup of fresh beer to the water, while cleaning the face, while the appropriate massage, until the cheek slightly red. The enzyme in the beer after deep skin, can help metabolism aging cutin, make skin easier to absorb maintenance products. After washing, not only to brighten the complexion, the face will feel more smooth. As for the taste of beer, do not worry, as long as the use of make-up water to shoot a few more can easily cover it! Tomorrow will try the beer face method, let the aroma of hops for you to greet the beginning of the day! ( extended reading: Wash face, life beauty: warm water wash, easy to make skin aging )

2. Beer Hair Film

wash the hair with shampoo first, slightly dry, pour 1/10 of the beer in the palm, and evenly rub on the hair (remember to avoid dip to the scalp). Then use your hands to massage the clock until the nutrients are penetrated to the root. Want to double the effect, can be in the wash head, with a hot towel wrap hair, let the scalp of the capillary thoroughly open, and so after the beer massage hair root, then wrapped up with hot towel. after 10 minutes, rinse with water. Have hair dye You also don't worry, beer hair film is mainly to improve hair quality, and will not cause hair color desalination Oh! ( extended reading: The top hair care for petty women )

3. Honey Beer Mask

Cut off half a lemon and mash it, then stir evenly with a teaspoon of honey, a moderate amount of beer and a tablespoon of flour. Then apply appropriate amount on the face, after 15-20 minutes, rinse with water. Honey can not only nourish skin care, for the skin also has a very significant whitening function, with beer enzymes, can help you take away the rough cutin, but also you originally ancient slipped the good skin! ( extended reading: Solve the peeling dry muscle!) Three kinds of home DIY beauty tips

See here, is not the favor of beer straight soaring? Wait, it's not finished! Womany finally to share with you, about drinking beer of the small skim step! Let's drink beer and be a great enjoyment in your little life!

1. the right way to pour wine with a cup of beer is to put the bottle into the bottle vertically and quickly into, to create the appropriate amount of bubbles. To reduce the amount of bubble slightly, into a dense, the remaining bottle of wine to 45 degrees angle into, and then gradually tilted. In this way, the bubble will be evenly concentrated, the height can rise to more than the cup and not overflow it!

2. for the most part, the ratio of bubbles to wines is 3:7 the most perfect!

3. Beer is also a kind of knowledge! When you drink the first sip, taste it slowly, and realize that the taste of the beer is thin or thick? Then, to feel the top of the tip of the tongue, is bitter or strong malt flavor? is the tail rhyme short or in the aftertaste continuously? In addition to a large mouth drink, beer can also be like drinking wine-like, a thin, infinite aftertaste!

Drink right, body and mind are carefree!

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