In this world, every minute has the great inventor birth, perhaps is a just 6 years old little boy, also may be the youth upward 18 years old, again or, is already over 70, but still admirable the granny. No matter who they are, they are admirable, and the world has become more interesting after all their selfless sharing with the world. We know that you are also a girl with strong curiosity, see the creative things, eyes are always shiny; whether you are enjoying the new knowledge, or just to distraction boredom, let Womany's real-time knowledge network for you to present, the world corner, all kinds of the expectations of the newly discovered it!

Intelligent garbage cans, automatically classify resources for you to recycle!

remember last week's net pick mentioned, in 9/22 perfect ending, by the University of Michigan students held the "Hacker Pine" contest? Now to tell you, get the first award of the team, presented what is called a Shang works! The defeat of more than 1000 players, the first in the University of Maryland from the United States, three students Zachary Lawerence, Joshua drubin and Andres Toro. And they are also a handful of real-product-challenged software teams who call the winning works the "greencan". Because we can't stand it. The classification rules of resource recycling are not clear, and the incompatible things are thrown together; The three geniuses decided to create a smart one-way trash can to solve the problem. What's special about this bucket is that it has a swinging fulcrum over the top of the barrel that identifies the sound of the object and decides which side of the bucket to put it on. If this is still a little difficult to imagine, the following is a demonstration of their films, after reading you will be greatly amazed, this group of students genius creation! ( Extended reading: Environmental protection bag Health and safety )

※ News Source:University of Michigan

To the magic of decay! A pencil can also grow tomatoes!

What do you do when the pencil is shortened and the hand is not written? The average person should direct it into the pen limbo, right? But someone has to play the creative, take it as a potted use! Do not doubt, this group of MIT students, this unrestrained creativity into a vivid reality! They used cedar, graphite and clay to replace the raw material in the pencil-lead, and then stuffed the seeds into the bottom of the pencil to produce the green pencil named "sprout". When a pencil is no longer available, a pencil with a seed can be put into the soil. As long as irrigation in general potted method, given enough water and sunshine, not a week, the seedlings can break the "pen" and out, not long, full of graceful flavor of vanilla and vegetables can be successfully planted! ( Extended reading: "Design diy" mini-world creative Modelling potted terrarium)

It is a pity that The pencil has a smile that it cannot distinguish water. Meaning, if you accidentally pour water on a pencil, or spit on the revealed core part, it will begin to dissolve, the function of the pencil from writing into a potted, you have to quickly find the soil to start planting plants! (Secretly said: this pure natural, environmentally friendly environmentally friendly pencils have been on the Amazon site on sale!) )

※ News Source:dailymail UK

The most intelligent spoon food in town is not going to fall again!

look at the father or grandmother with Parkinson's disease, each meal will be because of shaking hands and can not hold a spoon, or not easy to grasp, but because the control of the hand shock and lead to food scattered everywhere, each meal is a kind of energy consumption. To solve the problem, Lift Labs, a technology company based in San Francisco, developed a smart spoon called "liftware", which was officially listed in early September. This spoon applies to the technology patent for vibration prevention, which helps stabilize Parkinson's patients with tremors, or other bodily dysfunction. The company's head said that after physical testing, this special handle design can effectively reduce the hand shock of 70% patients. Next, let's take a look at the official test film, and hope this assistive invention from the user's point of view will bring a new and enjoyable time for every Parkinson's patient. (Extended reading: when one day, mother old ... )

※ News Source:Mashable

Latest Discovery! The memory can really be deleted!

in the Neuron journal, the researchers found that the brain has a specific gene that can be used to completely eliminate memory, replacing all the unpleasant memories of the past with happy memories. This sounds surreal, like a sci-fi movie, scientists say the dream will come true! Cai Lihui, director of the Institute of Learning and Memory studies at MIT in Taiwan, and her team, after a few efforts, have detected a gene Tet1 that plays the role of "delete memory" in the brain. The scientists tested them with rats, the results showed that mice with the TET1 gene were shocked by electric shocks in their cages because their old memories were zeroed, so they were afraid to see the cage without an electric shock, while mice lacking the TET1 gene persisted in the memory of the shock, so when they saw the cage, Can be highly alarmed by past traumas. "tet1 's function is not to Cai Lihui the original memory, but when the old memory tells the mouse that the cage is dangerous, the new memory will make it believe the cage is safe, the director said. "The team hopes to find ways to enhance the active ability of TET1 genes to help brain DNA chemically modify and regulate gene function," the researchers said. The researchers are optimistic that this will hopefully help patients with post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) achieve a successful withdrawal from pain. (Extended reading: Strategic use of your brain )

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