Think of Zhong Xinyi, everyone in the mind is not the girl with a sweet smile? Turn on TV Whether it is a variety show or idol drama, we have been very accustomed to see her on the screen, debut nearly ten years in each field has a bright eye performance. And this day we came to the coffee shop on the road of benevolence, and Zhong Xinyi meet, to talk about her recent drama "Rain After the Sun", but also want to know what is behind the fluorescence of her life story?

New characters, New life, a Zhong Xinyi.

Different from the previous performance of the more lively and lovely role, this time in the "sun after the Rain", Zhong Xinyi play a very introverted personality of the north of a female student. She did not hesitate to take up the role that was very different from her personality, and the role of the figure was a little hard for her at first. "Fortunately, the cooperation of the actors and predecessors like Zhong Xinling, Sister Mei, the inspection field eldest brother is very strong, I am also the kind of encounter strong person, the night before the play I will be very nervous." But in fact, with powerful actors to play, emotions are easily brought up. So in this play I feel that I have grown up a lot, every day is very substantial. "Given up the opportunity to go to the mainland for development, it is a blessing in disguise." "In the sun after the rain" I met a very powerful director, he is willing to spend time carving your play, in his eyes all of your emotions are not hidden. 」

People who have a lot of life stories are best suited to acting, because the more they experience, the more they know how to refine different emotions.

Nearly ten years of acting life, Zhong Xinyi also admitted that in fact, when young and not very thorough understanding of their own, play for a long time, I will forget what color they have, what kind of personality. Over the years have been trying to figure out the lives of others, but in each role, Zhong Xinyi 1.1 points to find their own shadow . "This time in the rain after the sun," I play with their real life as the daughter of the family, in fact, she and my growth in the environment some similarities, the same read is a better school, she also some love the Father plot. And from childhood father Love is I very lack of emotion, even now I will be more mature men to attract. "We can enlarge a certain part of ourselves through drama, whether it be acting or watching." This feature, also makes the story of the girl Zhong Xinyi to the acting has the incomparable persistence and fascination.

Family, the sweetest burden of

"You are becoming more aware of who you are and willing to accept your flaws." At home I look like the head of the family to take care of everyone, in front of my boyfriend, I am a love of a spoiled little woman. "In each of the different roles of life, Zhong Xinyi play more and more mature in place." When it comes to family, it can be said to be her cover door. When it comes to your favorite mom, in front of the family always show her strong, but not too will express their feelings to her mother, "mom once asked me on the phone is not very busy, I was busy working very little time to accompany her, but I do not know how to tell her I actually miss her." Mother does not ask for any delicacies, only want to accompany her to chat just. Although I am very busy, but she also never complained that I did not accompany her, only tell me when busy don't forget to take care of themselves. "When it comes to this, Zhong Xinyi can not help but let the tears in the orbit of circles.

Zhong Xinyi grew up looking at his mother a three children raised, such a family background let her learn to be strong. Business failure in the home has been in debt millions of, make home the little princess gave up the most love of music dream, in high Zhong Xinyi on the body recognized that must work hard to carry this home, will enter showbiz, initially just in order to pay off these debts, think of one day will continue to complete the music dream. For many years, however, she had to work hard for the family and for the money.

She paid off her debts before she was 30 years old and Zhong Xinyi another journey of life. "There is no baggage, but I still can not relax, always feel that they are not enough, I still want to make the home better." But slowly I began to do something I liked. Now shoot the sun after the rain can be said that this is my first no foreign affairs let me distracted by the play, it's great to be able to focus on a character, to play and play the character, and I really want to create something different for the character. "For her now, the family is no longer such a heavy burden, but instead turned into the best driving force for her to pursue her dream ."

Be yourself, do the real Zhong Xinyi

There was a time of two or three years, in order to support the family, Zhong Xinyi to take down all the door-to-door work, then the sense of achievement comes from the growth of the number of passbook. In various variety shows, Campus activities, Idol drama, you can say that a TV, you can see her figure. "At that time a person and several jobs, but in fact, life without himself." Can not live the life I really want, let me more insecure, there is no way to the heart without distractions to perform a good work to affirm themselves. 」

After 30 years old, Zhong Xinyi finally began to be able to do oneself well, "the past I always have baggage, care about the media how to write, care about other people's vision, that the most real I have been discarded." 」

In the showbiz, the appearance sweet female artist often is asked from inside to outside, if all is perfect, the individuality also must with the appearance generally lovable docile. "But this is not all of me, actually back home I was very quiet, there is time I will watch the theater, watching the actors on the stage reflects your life, that feeling is great." "Under the lovely and lively exterior, Zhong Xinyi also has a little-known quiet and introverted side."

"Now I want to play a role, make it my masterpiece, and let everyone see my efforts in the drama." "Wave the past that was the transition package of her, Zhong Xinyi cut off a romantic long hair, once again meet the real self." In order to tie in with the blueprint of the company's heart, Zhong Xinyi according to the instructions to put up the joys and sorrows, long hair, these arrangements so that she unconsciously forget their real appearance, staged a "female artist" standard appearance. But it made it hard for the audience to see the real Zhong Xinyi. "In fact, she is very good girl, has been very hard to cooperate with the company to do a lot of things." But sometimes hope she don't so depressed, see her this will feel very distressed. "The propaganda on the side constantly encourages her to show more of herself. (Recommended reading: 30 years old, you finally like yourself )

With the most real smile, to meet the challenges of big and small

In the Zhong Xinyi of the last ten years of showbiz, how to show their advantage? "I think my advantage is my smile, everyone said that watching my smile will feel carefree Oh!" " We must all be impressed with her sweet smile on TV, but she doesn't hide behind the smiles that aren't always happy," she said. "There was a very professional smile on my face for a while, because of the family economy," he said. But now is able to really, hearty smile. Friends sometimes feel weird because they know what I've been through. In fact, I still have a very own, like a little girl general. "Sometimes, in times of difficulty, the Zhong Xinyi mood is affected, even occasionally" exploded "," friends sometimes call me my little cannon, because I occasionally feel a little bang. But I tell myself that these emotions don't affect my positive attitude. Encounter again bad things, or to believe that the next day is a new one, everything will become good. "

After 28 years, it's the most beautiful time for a woman.

A woman's best age is 28-35 years old . "This time, women's eyes will glow, you can read her story from her eyes, her life." 28 years old, you are still groping for life, after 28 years of age, for life you have a complete understanding: you will not be the eyes of others to persecute themselves, and will not be in order to their own and the imposition. "

more than 20-year-old Zhong Xinyi, even earn a lot of money can not really happy, strong she also gradually put their most real side of the closed up, struggling to work the heart is extremely empty. "In fact, you have forgotten what is really happy, before I really need someone else's praise, as long as I hear people's praise I will feel very happy, but also feel like must have a wonderful, but after the empty, I returned home instead feel very emptiness." Now I, in fact, as long as the actor to see the play when an action, an expression, or a good chat with a person, can be very satisfied. "Now Zhong Xinyi is no longer like the former trembling, open arms to greet the essence of life seven years, brave to show her the most real and beautiful side." (Recommended reading: fly out with the most beautiful gesture )

The little girl in my heart longs for the fulfillment of the next stage of her life

"I think 40-year-old I will have two children, family and career are very good." I think I will have a complete and happy family, in fact, I am also very eager to have their own family. "However, both career and family are often the hardest thing for women to do, but as women, our lives and dreams should not be so completely discarded." "I think in any case, women have to have their own careers." In the pursuit of the dream I was the most beautiful time. As long as someone is sure of me, the whole person will shine. Our life can not only revolve around a person, we must go to complete the things we want to do. "We all hope that after ten years she will find the perfect balance of life, emitting the softest and warm light."

Zhong Xinyi three elements: sensibility, frankness, childlike

"Seriously live every day" is our eyes on this petite cute, but have the shoulder to bear the Zhong Xinyi of the first impression. And how does she describe herself? "Perceptual, straightforward, and with a little childlike", in her body is not difficult to see the shadow of the Aries, the emotions in the color, in a short interview process, watching the Zhong Xinyi from choking tears to ignore the image of the laughter, true temperament of her to feel very cordial. Perceptual and straightforward complacent, no sense of distance on the fluorescence screen, Zhong Xinyi naturally reveal a mature and dazzling charm. A serious woman is the most beautiful, in her body we can see the best proof. "Colorful, do not forget the original intention" This is Zhong Xinyi for their own expectations, appreciate every detail of life, and strive to live every day the most abundant color, to dream of the daily progress. And her somewhat workaholic Aries personality also makes people around you worry, and friends often badgered her to find time to relax .

Learn to let go of yourself, to be contented but not necessarily to be rich in life.

Zhong Xinyi the past, has been non-stop to the better future forward.

How do they live the most confident life on the fluorescent screen?

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