We all know that advertising is very powerful, the role of advertising is probably like Inception full start of the said: "Put a simple idea into the brain, let it in the invisible gradually grow strong and strong, until you believe." "Advertising is about making you willingly pay out and buying things you don't need at the same time, and it doesn't affect your ideas." Advertising is actually the most subtle way of conveying ideology. (extended reading: David Ogilvy: The better you write, the higher the Ogilvy climbs . )

But look at the previous ads and you'll find out how sexist the old vintage posters are, and probably imagine how women in that era are suffering from such false gender awareness while unaware of them. Let's see how retro posters spread the wrong fallacies of the Dead:

One: "Men can dominate women."

In this series of advertising posters, whether it is shooting angle or advertising slogan, and then revealed the same message: "Man, is a woman's master." 」

"Men are better than women! ”

"Men are better than women."

Whether it's the slogan of the advertisement or the visual angle, the impression that a woman is inherently inferior to a man is deliberately created.

"Blow in her and she'll follow you anywhere"

"Blow a puff of smoke into her face, and she will follow you with a dead foot."

Look at this cigarette ad, the hidden message is that the man is the master and the woman is the follower. Not to mention that no woman is happy to be attacked by secondhand smoke in any way!

"Show her it's a man's W world."

"Prove to him that this is a male society."

The man in the poster sat on the bed with ease, while the woman knelt at the side with breakfast. What do you mean by that?

"If your husband ever finds out of you ' re not" store-testing "for fresher coffee."

"If your husband finds out you didn't get him the freshest coffee," he said.

What do you think he's going to do to you? In fact, there is no need to say, because the poster is fully displayed.

"It's nice to have a girl around"

"It's good to have a woman at home."

Maybe I have no sense of humour, but I don't think the ad is funny at all. The woman in this advertisement is not only an accessory, but also an object that is trampled underfoot.

"A man marries a woman because he loves her." So instead of the blaming him if married love begins to cool, she should question herself. "

"Love, let a man marry a woman." So once the passion of marriage fades, she should question herself instead of blaming her husband.

The advertisement is even more strange, after the marriage of the feelings of maintenance, how to look at all two people. It's as absurd as saying that "a man steals a woman's fault".

The second: "Women should be able to do housework"

We understand that the former society is mostly male and female, most of the girls are housewives, but no one is naturally very good at doing housework, and no one should be because of housework do not good, and was crowned "not enough women" to the strange label.

"So the harder a wife works, the cuter she looks."

The more serious a wife cleans, the cuter she is. 」

We absolutely agree with a serious woman, very beautiful. But if it is obvious that a woman is to take care of all the housework will be beautiful, such ads subtly imply that you as a woman, you must be very good at doing housework.

"Don ' t worry darling, you didn ' t burn the Beer"

"Don't Cry, honey, at least you didn't burn the beer."

A woman who can't do housework,

"The chef does everthing but Cook, that ' s what wives, are ”

"Chef is very good at cooking, but marry a wife to go home for food?" 」

Three: "Women are stupid"

Women are stupid? You might think, how can advertising convince us that we're stupid?

"You mean a woman can open it?" ”

"Even I can fight?" 」

Women, with a black bottom line stressed, as if the woman can open the bottle is a great thing, the advertisement has a very obvious distorted gender ideology.

"Wives, Circle the items you want, show it to your husband." If He does immediately, cry a little.
"Husbands, Lood this ad over carefully. Pick out what your wife wants. Go buy it. Before she starts to cry. "

"Ladies of the world, circle the household items you want to show your husband." If he doesn't buy it for you at once, cry to him.
"Gentlemen of the world, before your wife annoys you with tears, go and buy the household items she needs."

In addition to telling you that the housework is a matter for the wife to deal with, it also creates a kind of baby impression that a woman "cries without anything".

"One day it dawned on me I am boring my husband to death."

"One day I realized, I let my husband really bored dead."

Retro posters Tell you: Women are stupid, if the husband is not in a bad mood, it is your fault.

"Marry-a-millionaire look! ”

"Marry a Millionaire combat suit."

"Sooner of later, your wife would drive home one of the best reasons for owning a Volkswagen."

"It won't be long before your wife lets you know how necessary it is to have a Volkswagen."

Vintage posters Tell you: Women are stupid, and driving technology sucks!

How do you feel about watching this series of retro posters? Women of that era were deliberately forgotten by the society behind the "men", without faces, voices, and names, and sometimes even as an object of family tasks.

actually feel good lucky, very glad We are living in this era, the female consciousness has been rising, there are no lack of the community to pursue the dream Female entrepreneur , many Powerful women began to have a lot of influence , and more brave women's voices stood out . That's what Womany has been trying to do. We just want to say: "Dear women, no one should define you, please take a few minutes to take a look at their good value, you will see a confident and irreplaceable you." (Extended reading: Why are you so smart that you can't admit it?) )

Woman, full of power.
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