Every day, in all corners of the world, there are many big things happening, the world is so big and on the island of Taiwan, the best way to connect with the world is to get to know the important international news and trends through television and news reports. And we also feel that some international news, is what we can not miss, so the next week, women fans will launch the international important event Network pick, select this week in the world what happened although remote, in fact, we are closely related to the matter, come with us to listen to the world can not ignore the various voices!

France is pushing to ban girls ' beauty contest Act

The most important thing for a child of this age is to learn something new, instead of paying too much attention to his appearance.

Last week, the French parliament voted 197:146 to adopt a draft ban on girls ' beauty contests, in which anyone pushing girls under the age of 16 to participate in a beauty contest would be sentenced to a maximum of two years ' imprisonment and a 30,000-euro fine. The beauty pageant should be no stranger, and the little girls dressed up as if they were not of the same age, put on heavy make-up and even stepped on high heels. The advertising and marketing practices of beauty contests have made it easier for young girls to receive gender stereotypes earlier than others. "The most important thing for children of this age is to learn new things," Chantal Jouanno, a member of the French Conservative Party (Giuano), which makes the little girls too focused on their appearance. "By amending the law, France is working for the next generation of women."
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Miss America has sparked public controversy.

Does the Indian Nina represent "the United States"?

It's a beauty pageant, the 90-Year-old Miss America pageant, which this year was won by Davaluri Nina Davuluri, an Indian-born woman. The result has sparked a debate over race issues in the United States, where many netizens believe that Indian-born Nina does not represent the United States, and some believe that the United States is not the same as a white country, and that people of all races are Americans if they have American citizenship. And Miss America Nina is not surprised by the results, and she believes that her victory will arouse concern about racial discrimination and that she has the power to continue to crack down on stereotypes.
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The coolest pope in history?

Francis was the coolest pope ever to express his attention to abortion and gay issues.

The current Catholic pope, who has spoken about abortion and gay issues , has been hailed as one of the coolest pope in history. "We cannot pay too much attention to gay and abortion issues, and we have a clear education in the church, but it is not necessary to talk about them again and again," the pope said in a recent reception of the Italian Christian Journal. The church's dogmatism and moral education are not always equal. "This speech has also aroused worldwide concern, the impact of the new and old ideas will certainly bring a completely different impact on the Catholic Church." (extended reading: 2013 Comrades march in Lyon, equal while now! )

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There are 13 million abortions in the mainland every year.

According to statistics, only 1.3% of women in China take prior birth control pills

China's national Health and Family Planning Commission, which recently unveiled more than 13 million abortions a year in China, may be an indirect indication of the Government's policy measures to curb population growth. The world's average abortion rate is 1%, and in developing countries such as the United States there is an abortion for every 500 pregnant women. The long-standing one-child policy in China has not raised people's understanding and use of the concept of contraception, according to statistics that only 1.3% of women in China have taken the pill, and 30% to 50% of women in developed countries have used oral contraceptives.
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