You want to walk in New York?
Do you want to go crazy on Fifth Avenue?

taught you today not to spend
dazzled on the little of the wardrobe

This time the theme
is to make you the main protagoner
Blair and Serena

The Blair dress with a little change of dots
If a turn-over cabinet finds that a blouse with no sharpened shoulders
can replace
A mini-skirt or A-dresses with a dark background
shoes and bags can be considered to be the same color scheme
visually will not seem so complicated
with simple vegetarian bracelets
Feel not so monotonous
finally put on high heels
High-heel high-heeled shoes with a thick bottom
can also bring the back

Serena's dressing more than Bla'r directionality
Sleeveless cotton T-Shirt or a snowspinning top
with colorful short skirts
cap cowboys or sequins' vests
more soft leather bags
more elegant personality
parts of accessories and shoes
Simple personality
Serena candid personality

fashion with
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