Womany hasn't fallen in love for a long time. Knitting Press:
We can't help but believe that fate , in the moment we meet him, believe that he is our true love in this life. At that moment, his shortcomings invisible, even his violence, we do not turn a blind eye .... (Extended reading:2000 brave stories after being raped ) The author wants to share with us, in love, not once fell in love, it deserved black and blue ...

You're superstitious about love, but you don't believe in bad signs.

A smile, if there is no sight, silent win the tacit understanding of the sound ... Then, you fall into love. All love is the beginning of this, a little bit more subtle, a little more, these are the omens of love, and finally condensed into a network of no marginal, so that people can not escape. He is very good, even a little too good , so you rejoice in your good luck, even more, but you never thought, in the net above the original is really a spider, and you are just prey. You think of from the park, originally was imprisoned. But because he is very good, so you did not think, and even if found not to believe.

Love in the good, it can be bad, because his former good, the result has turned into all the bad off sin later.

You comfort yourself with the good you have had, you want to leave, others use those good to blame you, say you do not appreciate, you are caught in the middle, unable to move. Often want to escape, those he has been good to you, will stall you, as long as a little farther away, the strength of the rebound is big, and then black and blue.

But you are still using those good to comfort yourself. "He used to be so nice to me ..." He's not that bad. "The wonderful experiences you shared before, somehow, became your vision, which he can and must go back to later. You feel funny, laugh to the body all pain up, look down, only to find that has already been pieces. (Extended reading: not love, in fact, is the best answer )

You just understand, originally once good, unexpectedly became the nutrient that feeds the wound.

You wanted to blame him, but then found that he did not leave, originally you have the right to choose, but later by their own to pass out. You use your choice to exchange the possibility or the idea that the future may be better, until it is shattered to find that you have not only lost your choice, but have not.

In love, we always believe in intuition, believe in a little sign of love , use these illusory as a basis, but when the feelings go bad, but do not believe that the obvious love act.

In fact, the departure and love is very similar, need a just good time point, can go away or talk into a love. So, when you believe in a premonition of love, you also believe in bad signs. Love a person, he must have something good, otherwise you will not be together, but this does not mean that people will always be good, can understand this matter, in the appropriate time to turn around, is good for love.

Listen to a story--who is on the other side of the door

A ubiquitous love, bring not happiness ...

It's like, "Who's on the other side of the door," Catherine, she had the opportunity to leave, but she chose to believe the love of the premonition, so only to the door and retrace, again and again, and then every more struggle, the fetters will be a little deeper, and finally can not even escape. Just missed the opportunity to turn back, back, not to say back to his arms, but back to love the most original intention.

The book depicts the changes in love, very daily, very real, like the ordinary time of the passage of gossip and homely scenes, so it is more frightening. Because the day is often in this unconsciously changed quality, the regular life will cover up flaws, people numb, accustomed to pain. There is no such thing as waking up, because there is only bone powder left to wake up.

Shh, nerves are too slim don't look,who's on the other side of the door