Female Shadow 20 session: Second female recruit Zhang, complete classics

"Women's Film Festival x womany" invite you to be very feminine together this year!

The advent of early autumn, the distinctive style, the most controversial "2013 20th Taiwan International Women's Exhibition" in October November-October 20th, led the female force coquettish, hit the mountain Wen Chong Park. " For the first time this year, the Women's Film Festival, which was held in the Huashan movie Hall, has entered its 20th year since 1993, and in Taiwan apart from the most experienced film festivals, is also following the Golden Horse International Film Festival, the history of the oldest film festival. The Women's Film festival has always been a special stimulus and inspiration to the audience for their commitment to gender equality and the transmission of multicultural values.

2013 the 20th session of Taiwan International Women's Film Festival to "women recruit Zhang." Full classic Coming of making of classics! "As the theme, selected female directors at home and abroad about 90 film works, planning a" cool son floating World painting "," across 20 classic "," Home Variations "," at the edge of Dance "," contemporary women new trend of thought "," image of the eye. " Taiwan window ", their story: Legendary women," such as seven different spindle film units. (Extended reading: success in learning failure, watching the story of six successful women )

"Womany Selfish recommendation sheet"

Opening piece egg strength Eggs matter, for you who want to give yourself more chances

Frozen eggs so that women no longer have a certain age, can not have children's anxiety worry

Zhang Ben, the actor, picked up the camera, recorded the process of "frozen eggs", visited family members and friends from different angles, and explored how "frozen eggs" could become another option for childbearing. Some people agree, there are objections, what is the reason for approval? What are the reasons for objections? What are some of the legal issues that can be encountered when you freeze an egg? At the same time, we can see how modern women face the choices of career planning and family fulfillment, and bring out women's pursuit of self growth, as well as courageous and forward-looking opportunities for themselves to pursue their dreams. (Extended reading: Hollywood actress Hukeri also advocates frozen eggs )

What is a frozen egg?

Chang Hsiao recommended: "The birth of a child is not a woman's life must do, but if you can have children, it will be a happy thing." 」

Time: 10/11 (five) 21:40 1+2 Hall, 10/14 (a) 21:40 1 hall

The closing piece Happiness Express love transplantation, dedicate to the life difficulty you

A girl who lives in a different city has a dream that can't be said ...

Lele's dream is to open a piano recital, but lymphatic cancer makes her dream difficult, Xiangyang has been deeply in love with her, sincerely look forward to the right bone marrow donors appear. To allow in the parents accidentally passed away with grandpa, she gave up the plan to study music abroad, hard work only to prop up this family; in childhood, after the hometown of Confucianism, happiness seems to finally come, but too much toil but let the capacity (Know Genie? adorn) got leukemia. These two unknown music girls, facing the difficulties of life, can wait until the antidote to happiness? The film for the " Girl Bad " director Ong Jingting a fresh and touching love story, by Know Genie?, Zhang Yan name, Natto, nine holes and other people joint performance.

"Happy Express" notice, can, the happiness Express to you

Time: 10/20 (day) 15:00 1+2 Hall

In the opening photography, please smile Keep smiling, dedicate to you who care about women's issues

The film represents Georgia for the best Foreign Language film Oscar in America

The film is a dramatic pageant, but the contestants are not graceful girls, but 10 of ordinary women, five of whom come from the poorest strata of society. Georgia's mums are trying to win the championship, all in an effort to get an apartment with a 25,000 dollar reward. However, as the organizers and bloodthirsty media continue to exploit the tragic experience of the contestants, the race, war and national debate have finally become a show of laughter, whether or not the dreams of Georgia's mothers are realized? Or is it ultimately disillusioned as a realistic and ruthless farce? (Extended reading: real size models )

Time: 10/11 (five) 19:00 1 Hall, 10/14 (i) 21:30 2 Hall, 10/20 (day) 13:00 2 Hall

"Female film Festival related information"

Time: October 11-October 20

Location: Light Point Huashan Film Museum (1th Bade Road, Taipei)

The Women's Film festival will be officially run in 10/11, are you ready? (Secretly said, the scene can see Womany one minute visual film)

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