"Happy Express", which will be released on November 15, is also the closing film for the 20 anniversary of the Women's Film Festival . The content describes two love stories in Taiwan and mainland China, how to make the fate of four people intertwined because of bone marrow donation. And this time the woman fan invited the film director Ong Jingting, talk to us about this work, want to know the "Happiness Express" of the size of things, and want to know how the director of Weng love the film this matter, come with us close to see Weng director's true temperament!

Spread the love from the real story to the big screen

The story of bone marrow donation is actually a good friend of the production company's boss. The sunny side of the movie is not a fictional figure, in real life there really is such a boy, running around only to get a girlfriend from leukaemia rehabilitation of bone marrow. After the play in order to take the most authentic picture, Weng director frankly from the bone marrow donation, to the Internet to collect a lot of data, now she to bone marrow transplant this topic can be said to be very familiar. Weng director earnestly said: "I spent a year to prepare this film, but also spent a lot of time to slowly change the structure of the story." "Happiness Express" mainly in the bone marrow transplant medical issues as the background, and employing people can empathize with the family, love, friendship as the starting point, hoping to arouse the public attention to the issue of bone marrow donation. 」

In addition to the film, Weng director and the film's team also do not forget to do the public good, this film in Taiwan's box office after deducting marketing costs will be donated to the cooperation of the pulp Margin Foundation. Director Weng mentions the high cost of bone marrow transplant, so it needs public attention and love, "in Taiwan, the bone marrow transplant costs hundreds of thousands of yuan, and health insurance can only pay a part of it." Including the search for donors, hospitalization expenses, recovery of the necessary nutritional supplies, these are for the family members of the patient is a large amount of money, and because of this through the "Happiness Express" this film, hoping to let the public see the community need help. "I have the same consensus with my team, so even if the budget is not high, we have a lot of fun!" "To improve the society with one's own strength, Weng Director is a respectable Happiness express, will pass happiness to everyone who comes to see the film, and then scattered again." (Recommended reading: philanthropist: Do the public good, not very difficult Chen Jiali )

Across the two places, happiness also has a hard talk

"Happy Express" preparation time of up to one year, shooting alone took two months, but also across the Yilan and Shanghai two places. We can't help wondering if anything memorable happened in the whole process. Ong was particularly impressed by the mainland performers, "although there are some differences in the concept of filming on the mainland, we all meet with good partners." What I remember most is the pro (the crowd actors) over there, and they can say that they are busier than the male and female protagonists Ganchang. Even if it's just rehearsals, they will do their best to play, never sloppy, but also very can add their own play! "In addition to the cultural shock, the whole team because of eating out of the local food and everyone to thin a circle, shouting Miss home food." And they also came to the Yilan shooting of good mountain good water, but there have been some unexpected episodes, "It seems like the last play, Congo in the speculation shop with the alcoholic conflict, the result of a careless is really hit, and bleeding on the spot we hurried to send him to the hospital."

In the process of filming encountered a lot of unexpected situation, but also let the whole team atmosphere as good as family friends, and this is greatly attributable to the Director of a little shelf has no affinity. Looks a bit cool on the outside, she is dressed and very personality, seems to have a very different personality? Heroine know Genie? is so described Ong, "a little distance is not, like the sister is also a friend of the teacher general." She can be very relaxed with her, in the process she will spend a lot of time with the actors to discuss what the role can do, come up with the possible presentation, she will be willing to take the trouble to go with us to try. And when I need help, she can always feel, get along with is very natural ", see here is the" director "that kind of authoritative impression seems to be overturned? Ong and her team feelings closely as friends generally, support each other is to work together to complete a common dream. (Recommended reading: Runaway, Love Yourself )

Women's film festival inspires movie Dreams

And this year's 20-year-old Women's Film festival, can be said to be Weng's indelible youth memory.

Because she went into the movie world, she also saw the real and changeable appearance of the woman. "The first time I was a sophomore, I still kept the ticket stub," she said. The female shadow let me see a different world at that time. "She said in Kaohsiung that the environment was more conservative and closed, also do not know that the original female can have so many different appearance;" The female Shadow lets me have the confidence which I want to do, also sees more different possibility, in fact the woman does not necessarily want to marry to have the child, as long as bravely does oneself can ".

Soon after Ong transfer into the film department, the official point of her dream-chasing trip. And for many different women in the community, there are foreign brides, sex workers, and gay rights in Taiwan, and other aspects of women's issues, and these need the attention of the public, in order to enable each woman to obtain her rights. And we also want to know, is it possible for Weng to shoot this type of film in the future? "I am very interested in these women's issues, and if I have the chance, I hope that through the film, we can see the virtues and struggles of traditional Taiwanese women." Like my mother is a very traditional woman, a lifetime for us to give everything, but never said their dreams. And I think every mother has a wonderful and moving story. "After hearing her, are you as excited as I am about seeing the next piece of work?" he said. (Recommended reading: a more authentic and valuable friendship than the movie plot )

The beautiful details of life

And the end of the visit came to our practice question, "would the director describe himself in three adjectives?" "It was the hardest part of the whole interview to hear the question," said the director, who had just talked. I think it is hard for me to do things I do not like, "regardless of the way I speak or treat others, Weng's director has no disguise to show his real side to all the people to see, not artificial personality makes us feel cordial, there is no director of the shelf," I also hope that by the age of 80 I still remain as naïve as the present, holding a heart of innocence, Weng director without restrictions to feel the life of every detail, all of the life is the charm, are endless inspiration. (Recommended reading: in love, Keep childlike innocence: Charlie Brown )

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