every October is the global Breast cancer Prevention Month, many people are not on Pink satin Ribbon, to promote the importance of breast cancer screening and prevention. Breasts are the most true and beautiful side of every woman , but they can also be our most feared enemies. Photographer Angola through the lens, the beloved wife Jennifer to fight breast cancer through the record down; Life is impermanent, we have to cherish the most beloved people around, each moment to get along as the last moment .

"The first time I met Jennifer, I fell in love with her like a child." Photographer Angola, in an interview with NPR, traced his first encounter with his wife, Jennifer, and finally stepped into Marriage of the past. A married life should be incredibly romantic, but Jennifer was diagnosed with breast cancer for five months when she was married to Jennifer in Angola.

As a photographer, Angola decided to pick up the camera and record the time for the two men to fight the disease. He took a picture of himself for his wife and put it on a blog called "My wife is resisting breast cancer." In these pictures, Angola captures Jennifer's bravery in the face of pain and the love he has for his wife, each one incredibly beautiful and sour.

2011, Jennifer was defeated by the disease. To die. , but her love, her spirit did not leave; Angola, in the name of Jennifer, set up a nonprofit group called Love Sharing, trying to give medical assistance to women with breast cancer. Angola wrote his wife and his story, and made half of the books published as a donation fund, so that their love spread to more people, not because of life and death.

Jennifer sat in the clinic, looking a little uneasy.

began to undergo chemotherapy, which made Jennifer start to fall off the hair.

Angola and Jennifer Sweet photo, even if sick also want to open happy heart, amuse people.

Some roads, or only a person to walk, but because there is love, so no longer afraid.

Every woman loves beauty , but a woman who is brave enough to face pain is more beautiful than anyone.

On the breast, is the woman most intimate but also most needs to protect the spot. Breast cancer, the most common form of cancer in women around the world, kills about 500,000 people a year. In Europe and the United States, more than four women have cancer patients, there is a breast cancer. But in fact, breast cancer prevention is very simple, every day just spend a little bit of time, touch their most beautiful parts , see if there are any of the strange, early detection, early treatment. When the person who knows his body best is to love his best performance.

"Womany Selfish Detection Time"

1. Once a month: in the menstrual end of the 5-10 days after the breast self-examination.

2. Before the shower carefully read: Standing in front of the mirror, raised two arms high head, to observe the size of the chest and nipple changes, whether the skin has wrinkles sag or whether the nipple has secretions.

3. When the shower carefully touch: Remember to first apply soap on the chest, this will be more convenient to check oh. Then in a cross way, with the right hand touch the left breast, from the outward nipple direction carefully press, and feel whether there is a hard block. (Don't forget the armpit also need to press to see Oh!) Finally with the thumb and forefinger gently clip the nipple to see if there is pink or red exudate liquid.

4. When lying gently touch: after the bath flat lying on the bed, once again carefully to cross the way, with the right hand to check the left breast, armpit has a hard block.

Congratulations, dear! Simple four steps to complete the love of their own breast self-examination, if found to feel like a hard piece of things also must not be too nervous, or to ask a professional doctor for you more complete testing, because it is likely to be caused by inflammation of the mammary glands Oh!

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