Hey, have you ever wondered what you would do if you had only 12 nights left in your life?

"12 Nights" may not be a good thing for us, but the ultimate hope of a dog waiting for adoption in a shelter, the 12 nights of human frailty and darkness. "12 Nights" film is about to be released on November 29, this time we have a special interview "12 Nights," the producer of nine knives, and he talked about fighting for the dog's mentality. (Extended reading:"12 Nights" leading film: Dog's most vulnerable human nature, the darkest of nights)

Nine knives are very straightforward, and his work has the same spicy and spicy vein, in human communication with the mask of modern society, such sincerity seems rare. He confessed without disguise, always naked to spread himself out, his emotions written in the face, also from the mouth, in his body with the world against the dry blood, not happy why not say? Don't like why not change? Yes, in front of the nine knives, is in good faith to fight: "Yes, dogs do not speak, so we make a sound for it!" "Nine knives with the most rugged attitude, inviting you to start a most gentle battle."

The most regrettable thing is not that I didn't catch Shen Jiayi.

Talking about the fate of the dog, nine knives and other dogs dubbed the dog "hair Child" love dogs, they should only be a "moderate" degree of love dog people! Is the first dog in life Puma, let oneself have a further understanding of the dog. "Keep the dog so that my life is complete", nine knives rare sensibility to say "if one day I want to challenge for the play 30 Seconds of tears, only think of Puma can make me the fastest cry out." "puma with nine knife passed 14 years, let once afraid of the dog nine knives, in the heart silently put a lot of Puma weight. Nine knives said that their most regrettable is not that year did not chase to Shen Jiayi, but in Puma left, he was not able to accompany him, quietly and it went through the last part of the road, so had to use "these years, two elder brother Miss You" this book, and already far away Puma dialogue.

The gap between man and dog is subtle, because the faults of understanding often stare at each other's eyes and guess each other's thoughts. Speaking of nine knife to join the "12 Night" production team, nine knife smile said very simple. The photographer Achan, who was "the girl we chased together in those years ", came to the door, explaining the idea of "adoption instead of buying" and the plan to go into shelters to film documentaries. I trust Achan, also think Achan do is a need to be changed good, and also believe Achan recommended director Raye. At that time also calculated because of "that year we chase the girl" has a small income, just can out a force. Did not think of "12 Nights" documentary with the deduction of time, the attention of more and more people, the scale is more and more, the budget from the original 500,000 append to the present 5 million, nine knife grasping head said: "A shoulder under the feeling, let me feel very handsome!" 」

Nine knives said that some people feel that they do not hesitate to help is great, but he honorifics his use is the most lazy way, money is often the simplest, more great is those living conditions than people, but has been silently paid hands. Those who do not know the hands of the time and dedication, these are more valuable than donating money, they are the project behind the Big Hero. (There are more people who pay back, no complaints )

After actually taking part in the filming plan, nine knives said that although they had known that the abandoned dog would be caught in the shelter, but never thought it would be so bad, there is the smell of feces, urine, blood, body odor mixed with the dark space, some dogs died, the body is so startling of the booth in that; some dogs look confused and don't know why they're here. , some dogs scream hysterically, some dogs cry all the time ... There is some kind of unspeakable collective fear in the shelter . Also found that the original reality is so cruel, if not to do something, will only go into a vicious circle.

A difficult problem for stray dogs

The logic of the world's operation is never black or white, when it comes to the dilemma problem between homeless dogs and shelters in Taiwan, nine knives directly put forward his consideration. If the days of hospice euthanasia were not "12 nights", but "120 nights", would things be simpler? Nine knives shook their heads, because in the dog cage, will only be stuffed with more homeless dogs, so that the survival situation more difficult. If euthanasia is prohibited, will the situation be better? No, dogs in the shelter of the poor environment, in fact, even more to survive. Then somebody would say, "no more dogs." That he probably did not see, also can not imagine the wilderness of 三、四十只 hungry dogs rushed to a person's horror situation ...

This difficult problem, so that people who are willing to improve the situation is full of feeling powerless. Nine knives said: "What we lack is never a way to solve things , how to try to solve, and how the decree of the protection, if not from the concept of the people to do the fundamental guide, if we do not know from the bottom of the heart:" Do not abandoned, then all is in vain. So "12 nights" were born, they went into shelters, recorded the truth, and led viewers through a camera 30 centimeters away, to see how desperately the dogs shivering in the shelter were living. "12 Nights" in the most direct way to communicate with the world, the "adoption instead of buying" belief deeply embedded in everyone's heart.

What is the real problem?

"The problem is never to love dogs, there are many people with blood and tears, but our built-in self-protection mechanism will deliberately avoid getting us into responsible thinking." Nine knives went on to say that the last question about saving the dog is fanned. It is easy to fanned the situation, it is rare to state the objective facts. Fanned feeling content will make you sad, let you cry, but tears accompanied by not the power of change , but often forgotten. So "12 nights" deliberately avoid fanned feelings, if others say you do not believe, then may wish to see what they call "the dog's hell."

Have good motives, but also have good execution . Nine knives Blunt if the "12 nights" results are not as expected, the impact will be halved, the team can only feel good comfort themselves said: "We are very good, at least I made a film, did a good thing!" , but it cannot achieve real influence. So the "12 nights" team spends a lot of time on the film's editing and style, also wondered whether to look for a star to voice the dog, or interspersed with the Star dog interview, but later thought it was time to return to the original shooting, with some clumsy but most sincere attitude, invite more people to join the fight.

Nine knives said although very want to learn Hollywood blockbuster at the end of the film "Filming, no animal injury or death", but this is not possible, because "12 nights" documentary is not just to let everyone comfort themselves said: "Hoo!" There's nothing wrong with good risk. "If we have been living in the illusion of self comfort, who will change the status quo?" "This film never intended to let everyone read and then laugh away." "Nine knives Change the smiling face to say, hope that each into the theater to see" 12 nights, "the audience is with a certain degree of responsibility out of the theater, a sense of responsibility is heavy, but it is necessary. Out of the cinema we, because of the sense of responsibility associated with action, may be positive and negative, is a good thing. We may be involved in animal rescue, animal protection campaigns, or a month to go to the shelter once, take the dog out for a walk bath, that is very positive practice, perhaps it is also found that they really are not a dog material, and then hastily admitted before you can ask yourself: "If one day the dog old, sick, Will I take responsibility for taking good care of it? 」

The heart, the most cruel and the most warm

Dog, it's really innocent. The dog had walked with us through the sweetest chapters of his life, and we left the cruelest footage to the dogs alone.

"12 Nights" is a very cruel documentary, like the hearts of people. We all like the dog cute and playful appearance , they are smart and loyal, so we picked them up, promised to give them a warm home, pretending to be selfish not to think about later. We can't see them. One day they'll be incontinent, barking around, gradually aging, can not see oneself perhaps one day, will therefore heartless to throw them in the roadside abandoned, pretends not to think that they will eventually be the dog Brigade to send into the cold shelter, pretended not to know they in euthanasia, will still be innocently waiting to see Master last side. Until the dog after suffering, and finally closed his eyes before the moment, in fact, it does not understand what they have done wrong. "12 Nights" put all this naked in front of you, and told you sharply: "If you abandoned, your dog will be in such a messy environment, with germs, hunger, fear, death and death coexist ." "And it's all because you forgot the promise to take care of it."

"12 Nights" is also a warm documentary, as well as a human heart. When you see a dog in a shelter crowded with vacant eyes, again see into the shelter of the little girl, holding out her hand shaking the eyes of the puppy, that moment you understand, also saw, originally this is always forgotten the heart of goodness, that Phoenix Bath Fire Rebirth Gentleness originally always in our hearts, we should not be afraid to believe as long as you work hard, everything can be changed .

While filming "12 Nights", the team filmed documentary clips while also saving the dog. Nine knives quite frankly decided that if the last group of dogs were not adopted, then they would all be adopted by themselves, and let the audience know that "just do it, the world can be changed." "But this way of stealing a step, finally did not use, because on the way of filming, really met many people, into shelters, pick up the dog back to another warm home." The lens presents, is the most authentic without rehearsal of cruelty and warmth. Nine knives also added: "12 Nights" is to help stray animals, from the motives to the results, all the way is to help stray animals. Therefore, "12 nights" after the release , do not need to deduct any production costs, all donated. "12 Nights" is not going to recycle box office numbers, we want to recycle, is the Society for stray animals more, love . 」

"There is love, even 100 million tons of darkness, can bloom a trillion of light." "Nine knives with sparkling eyes for this film, the best annotation."

Why am I a nine-knife?

Finally, we talked to the nine knives themselves, and his most famous battle motto: "The dream of speaking out will be ridiculed , only the value of practice." Even if you fall, the posture will be very heroic. "A lot of people may be jealous of the question, nine knives, this speech five have two words is a dirty word of the kid, why?" What more people don't know is that in becoming " Nine knives "before he had a hard day, he was just a Giddens who didn't know anyone, buried head writing on such a way to write for 11 years, from the first five to sell not to go out of the top two novels, to write now and gifted nine knife, in the uninterrupted writing career, he killed a only his own way of life. (Extended reading: How to become a writer )

Nine knives smiled and said that they are lucky, can do their favorite things as a career, and can use words to create a degree of influence, in fact, really very happy. He also encouraged everyone to find a clear interest in life. Nine knives said: "80% of people, go to work to do their own little do not like things ." If you do a day of unhappy work, work and do not have their own interests, money can not entertain themselves, it is the most miserable. If there is one thing that can bring you happiness, you should cherish that happiness. "Nine knives although modest, but we found that nine knives is nine knives, because he only do what he likes to do, and the blood to do it best not."

For those of you who have dreams in your heart and believe that you can make a difference by giving action. Let us let the stray dog's life stop counting down and be able to greet tomorrow's sun.