What does work mean to you?A dream, or a mission?

" Thank you for your efforts to prepare a good event and share this happy weekend with you. It feels great."by participants

I love the sentence of her after the end," It takes courage, and it takes strength to lift."" by participants

Last weekend, womany invites The News Lens , Yang Shifan, and Hong Kong's Dongxing news reporter Luo Pui-yu, share the and wonder of sharing the text of the text. on host womany , Yang Shifan and Luo Peryu both gave readers how to work happily, so that everyone in this audience could find a better way to go forward!"You want to know what they share and what sparks they wipe out in the conversation?There is no chance to be friends of women's saloon . Let's take a look at the live report of the day!

Work and Play, all things to do

The first speaker of this Woman's Ball , one of the first speakers of this Women's Mummite , is comfortable and excited to share what he is passionate about — good wine, coffee, fiction, baseball, movie, jazz, and work.

For what you love, never absences.From baseball, 30 days of baseball, coffee shops, and the mellow of the whiskey were created, creating Parkside Bar, a favorite jazz and rock, and a collection of hundreds of CDs, reading science fiction and viewing documentaries.Yang Shifan treated the audience as a good friend, sharing all the fun he had and experiences with humor, from playing the Live of the Ensemble, to the exposure of private photos, and all aspects of his life.It's like having fun with him, it's like having fun with him, and it's a lot of fun.

Deliver the most valuable information in the most effective way

Just as everyone was drowning and drowning in good wine, coffee, music, and almost forgotten what his job was.Yang Shifan, a senior editor with CNET and Business Week, used a sentence to break his work. — —

"Deliver the most valuable information in the most effective way.""

We found from him that it was an editor of an integrated current affairs journal that required a keen curiosity to explore the knowledge in various fields.They don't fear cockamie business, they need to collate financial news summaries every day, run communities, force authors to write articles, select different media articles, thematic reports, and select foreign and foreign manuscripts.However, after years of editing and editing, he wanted to do something different. This year, he decided to break up with the business week and start his own business — The News Lens Key Review Network offered to share more of the quality opinion to the readers.(Recommended reading: is Life!" " )

Yang Shi-fan, who seems to be playing a happy life, is actually very serious about his work and has found his own interest in being an editor.In his case, work, play is something that should be done, and there is no priority.As a result, he can find his own rhythm and flexibility in his life and in the workplace, and every time he takes a serious play, he will be a new learning opportunity.

She decided that I became a journalist's dream

to end the first paragraph of Yang Shifan's experience sharing, immediately dressed in a long skirt and a small and lively journalist, Luo Po-yu, to the audience.From her childhood experiences, she began to talk about how to take the opportunity to get to the press.As a child, the love story of Tokyo and the entertainment 100 % of Sizes and Sizes, often followed by a classmate together to watch TV.However, the future framework was still ambiguous, until she met her with her — — Ching-ying."Although there is no goddess standard on the television, it is a successful female artist because of the absence of a goddess standard.As a result, she set her target audience, tried to investigate, and studied how to become Tao Jingying.As a result, the goal of the study was to be sure, not political journalism, but then went smoothly and successfully completed her dream.(Recommended reading: Attitude and Energy )

After entering the political news, it has not been slimy, working hard to cultivate practical experience in universities, and continually expand its horizons through the opportunities of renowned universities outside of the receiving country.She also shared the "intimate contact" of Wang Weizhong, a well-known producer, because she was not afraid of losing face and difficulty, trying to grasp every opportunity in her life. She made her remember the three words Luo Po-yu, and also gave her the support of her in entering the industry.

Reborn after a low valley, finding a new balance in life

Mrs Peggy, who seems to be on the path of Kang Chong Road, has encountered the first low tide of life after being a reporter for a rookie.Different from the university's 10 o'clock, the early morning life at 4:30, and the demand for work, she asks herself, " Is it appropriate for me to be a journalist?I want to give up my dream!" Every day, every day, every day, she wants to take her resignation list and thirst for an unwillful escape.

However, she did not choose to escape, and she released the pressure on her work to writing a blog to make writing a balance of life.While every day is a battle, she sees battles as a test of their ability, with each difficult and frustrating experience of accumulating their own experience.She says that the job is the process, the learning of the job, and then the professional training.(Recommended reading: Spend for an interesting life )

The bottom of a reporter for a rookie, she learningly important in thinking and thinking about it.Later, she began to run on the entertainment line, becoming a small follower of the star. She had interviewed Ang Lee, Chou Chieh-lun, and the Big S Hainan Island wedding, and gradually found the fun and accomplishment of work.In 2012, she left the Central Television Station and became a reporter for Hong Kong's Dongxing and Women's Invited Interviewer, and she bravely pursued his own life .

Finally, she gave the reader three suggestions:

  1. The culture of the observer is important
  2. thanks to the man in his life and the person who has taken it to find it impossible.
  3. The imagination is the basis for deciding everything, and the dream of daydreaming.
  4. We always say that the future is decided, but she tells us to " decide the future with the future!" To materialize the dreams, translate them into adulthood, and move step by step towards the dreams of life, a rich exhibition of people's lives.

    She said to him: Yang Shifan X, Peggy, Peggy,

    After two wonderful experience sharing experiences, she came to her conversation with him.

    Q: Differences between editors and journalists? Shin-Fan (below)

    editors are the editors of the editors, and editors are the editors of the editors.However, editors, reporters, don't have the best or the best, and look at the character, and decide what kind of text to be used to work for you.(Recommended reading: Work!Work!Critical landscapes that affect our lives )

    Q: The goal of the next stage of life?

    Luo Pui-yu (below): Using his own specie and setting up a platform for resource matchmakers to help people around them, they may be able to find resources on this platform, perhaps by capital or by exposure.

    Yang: Apart from working The News Lens, if you have a chance to open a jazz bar, you will have a performance, holiday and brunch every day, and become a jazz and sacred place to go to Taipei.

    Q: What is the most important ability to recognize as an editor/journalist?

    Luo: It's important to be a journalist, whether it is work, or a person to be a person.

    Yang: Beck editing needs to be passionate about things, working to discover new things, and be able to bring together the great

    of the two text curators, and that women's passion for work is so important that they can find fun in daily affairs and learn how to maintain a balance of life.Once they have fun and positive thinking, they can improve the efficiency of their work, and they want to do it.

    Did you miss out on this salon?Don't worry, next time you remember to come and womany shares life and the workplace together and finds a better way to move toward the dream!

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