This year's Taiwan art Fair on the debut last weekend, we have the honor to interview female artists from Japan Kano, for her name we may be a little strange, but her paintings you must have seen, in the international her work is deeply favored by Europe and the United States! Strong personal style, both psychedelic and childlike, under the Kano brush, you can see a surreal sci-fi pink World . Want to know more about Kano's vision of the country, what is the beautiful and unreal scenery? Come and see her personally, talk about her paintings, her view of the universe!

A natural artist.

"When I was about 3 or 4 years old, I started falling in love with painting," he said. 」

Kano from Japan, from a very young age to determine the ambition of this life-the artist, "about 3 or 4 years old, I began to draw." At that time I said to my parents, I want to be an artist in the future. Besides drawing, she also likes reading very much. From childhood in Father's study, small she stroll in the books, and let her most fascinated is the bookcase on a book of science fiction. "I believe in this universe , there must be other planets, and there are other worlds." The mania for art and sci-fi literature Kano her brain's vivid sci-fi world, giving viewers a sense of how fascinating the world is.

"Secrets of the Thousand Year Spiral:goroyama" 2013

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Creation, a world beyond imagination.

"Create" This thing let me feel very admire and fascinated, I hope I also create a very unique work. 」

Graduated from the art Department of the Aya Art University in Japan, he entered the team of Japanese heavyweight Master Murakami in 1997, and in addition to the village uplift, she also admired Japanese artists, "she created an unprecedented style," Create "This thing let me feel very admire and fascinated, I hope I also create a very unique work." If you have seen Kano's work, you can find that she is also creating a completely different art world. In her work, we can often see a lot of, they do not have special sexual characteristics, and the joint part of the darker pink. or floating in the air, or the two entangled, we can not help but wonder who these characters are? "They don't actually have a certain sex. In my picture of the world, they can sometimes be boys, sometimes girls, no fixed sex , they can do anything "different from the reality, Aya the world is not binding, where anything can happen."

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Reality is more incredible than imagination.

"As in real life, sometimes reality is more amazing than the world you imagine!" 」

In the real world, Aya's philosophy of life is inspired by the idea of Hindu yoga , "the soul is gender-neutral, and human beings are just made up of atoms, and we are constantly changing every minute and every second." "With Aya's rich imagination, she paints a picture of a country that seems to be sci-fi, but not far from reality." There, there are terrible things also have very happy things, "as in reality, sometimes the reality is more amazing than the imagined world." Aya's inspiration comes from an ancient tomb in Japan in the series on display in Taiwan. In this tomb, the wall is painted with a colorful and regular triangular totem, and such a totem can actually be seen in many of the world's prehistoric sites. "When there is no internet or telephone, the totem can be painted almost exactly the same." "This seemingly incredible thing is happening every minute and every second in our lives," he said.

"Secrets of the Thousand Year Spiral:ozuka"
©2013 Aya Takano/kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

©2013 Aya Takano/kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Respect, every gesture in life.

"I respect everything, especially the traditional things. All kinds of time, space, people, animals, are the object of my respect. 」

What kind of person is Aya, who has a different idea? Her appearance is sweet and lovely, it is like to come out of the same characters from the comics, the thinking mode is as comic as a cartoon with a strange color, "I respect everything, especially the traditional things." All kinds of time, space, people, animals, are the object of my respect. Non-verbal things are particularly fascinating to me, such as the traditional Japanese dance, music . I also like the small animal very much, I have raised a dog myself. "For the respect and fascination of life, let Aya a stroke out of the world's best posture, sometimes just a common corner convenience store, sometimes with a variety of lovely animals to fly to the universe without incredible."

Aya is like her paintings, seemingly remote and difficult to understand, as if from another planet, but after the visit, we found that she is actually very cordial, there is no impression of "artist" shelf, amiable smile, and constantly say "thank you", " Embarrassed "The modesty is polite, let us cannot help but deeply to the front of this petite Japanese female student to have the admiration and to be surprised unceasingly.

Finally, take a look at what Aya wants to say to the reader of a woman's obsession!

Art, indispensable aesthetics of life

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