Liu Bolin, an artist from Shandong, Bolin Liu, is known as a "stealth artist" because the greatest feature of his work is the ability to "cloak" people like a chameleon. He would paint the same pattern or color on himself based on the background scenery, so he in the photo, the whole person completely into the scene, not carefully, will think that the front is just a common background picture. ( extended reading: "Playing art" full of surprises in the street art ) to erase their own sense of existence, while people gradually become transparent and become a part of the environment, Liu Bolin is the way to show the city, social and cultural impact on people. This time the Womany will take you to enjoy this come and go chameleon artist, the recent and years of "stealth in the city" series of Wonderful works!

Liu Bolin's creative way is to choose a suitable background, and then guide the assistants in his face and clothing coating, and the environment and space the same color and texture, so that they no longer become an abrupt individual, but a part of the background. He has successfully concealed the environment and the location has been numerous, including Tiananmen Square, the Great Wall, Beihai Jiu Longbi, Bird's nest, tree trunks, market fruit and vegetable racks, flags, excavators, bubble racks, crowds, cinemas , ruins and so on, as long as you want to get the place, he almost all tried.

In the picture above, Liu Bolin is waiting for the face to be painted with the same pattern and color as the background. After the last stroke, he was fully integrated into the background and became a comic book on the shelves waiting to be read. ( extended reading: As if in comics, 2D candy store the Candy Room)

After the end of an exhibition at the New York Art Gallery (Eli Klein Fine Art) This April, Liu Bolin moved to the Fleits Gallery in Venezuela (Galeria Freites) and exhibited 20 masterpieces from his hundred series. In the beginning, Liu Bolin to avoid the persecution of the government, began to engage in camouflage art, and then simply as a painting tool, completely let themselves transparent, into various environments. Every piece of his work takes almost 10 hours to prepare to ensure the level of his work. He would even be playful to see if a passer-by found him and decided not to take the action after filming. ( extended reading:The Holleben lay to shoot the dream )

Assistants are busy in every detail, clothing on the color and design must be accurate in place to do!

Shoes on the totem is also based on the comic book to color, exquisite and lifelike degree to let people call magic!

The semi-finished products printed out, first to see whether the picture is harmonious, the proportion of the gap is too large; if anything goes wrong, it will be changed immediately.

Liu Bolin is coloring for himself, earnest and attentive man is very attractive!

The side looks just like this.

Finished products out of the oven! Liu Bolin is like wearing an invisibility cloak, completely invisible to the comic book, is not very amazing!

Liu Bolin says that when people are forced to hide themselves and cooperate with the environment, the ego fades away. In addition to the rich level of his work, he also interprets the artist's reverse thinking about culture, environment and rapid economic development. By skillfully merging photography, painting and behavioral art, Liu Bolin hopes that audiences will awaken in a kind of indifference and apathy and ask themselves how many of them are left. At the same time, he also wanted to use the works for all oppressed people, the expression of a silent protest, and human to the fate of the struggle, exploration and contemplative.

"When people are integrated into this city, people are no longer people, just an object in the world around them." 」

In order to let us see his chameleon's superb technology, we also help you to collect his works over the years, the following several pictures, not serious look, really can not see someone!

"Stealth in the City" series, 2011, the Grand Palace of Paris, France

2011, Beijing "Plasticizing Agent" series

Liu Bolin wants to use this work to express his indignation at many businesses, adding plasticizer to food additives. Drink more We are also become plasticizing agent, and no longer complete whole, healthy person. ( extended reading: Why don't I drink the hand-hand tea-the beverage industry can not tell the secret )

2011, Beijing "Fruit and vegetable Racks" series

Liu Bolin again show amazing stealth technology, put himself into the vegetable shelves of a supermarket in Beijing, can you find him?

Sometimes, to hide themselves, but also for their temporary escape from the world of good opportunities, with stealth, leisurely swimming in the city corner, continue to take risks. The city's small beautiful, often because we are too busy and repeatedly missed, the next may wish to slow down, perhaps you will find, Liu Bolin appear in your Side around Oh!

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