We know that every day you work hard, in addition to confrontation with the pressure of the boss, but also long sit or long station caused by the lower body troubled confrontation. Dear, do not underestimate the long standing and sedentary the physical effects, the short term is to make you feel edema and soreness, but if you do not find a way to prevent and relax, according to the doctor pointed out that long-term long station will likely cause neck sore, lower back pain, sciatica, knee joint inflammation, toe deformation, and even varicose veins, etc. Health problems in the workplace, and prolonged sedentary blood circulation will increase the chances of heart disease and kidney disease, and will let the original firm muscles gradually loose, which is not what girls want to happen ah! (Small reminder: long sleep will also increase the chance of heart disease )

Then let us teach you some ways to prevent lower body health problems, but also to make the curve more beautiful way!

1. Varicose Veins not upper body

When the varicose veins to a certain extent, the skin will emerge obviously cyan veins, not only affect the beauty of health! Normally, fresh blood from the heart, because of the gravity of the relationship between the use of blood (including metabolic waste and tissue fluid) to accumulate in the end of the extremities, need to rely on the leg venous circulatory system to the blood from the soles of the feet against gravity transmission back to the heart, (data source:Titan But sedentary or long standing habits will affect the normal operation of the leg venous circulatory system.

To prevent the condition of varicose veins in the leg, in addition to reducing the weight burden of the legs, balanced diet plus appropriate exercise , as well as maintaining normal routine, are the simplest way to prevent, and it is best to avoid wearing tight underwear, But you can wear the appropriate pressure in accordance with the elastic socks to help the leg blood circulation, before going to bed can also raise the leg to prevent blood accumulation in the lower extremities Oh!

2. With the edema said break-bye

I'm sure you know. If you can have a hot bath after the end of the day, not only can relieve the pressure to promote blood circulation, eliminate edema, but not everyone has a big bathtub in the house, then you can prepare a large basin, preferably to the calf height of the bucket, loaded than the temperature slightly higher than the 3~5度 of warm water after the legs immersed, Also has eliminates the lower body ache and the dropsy effect Oh!

Image source:Firo Pressure Socks

We often see many nursing staff, flight attendants will wear pressurized effect of the " pressure socks " to help the leg blood circulation, and to relieve the edema of the situation, in fact, not only a long standing demand for people need to wear, usually a long time to sit at the desk before the people are also suitable for Oh! Because pressure socks from the bottom of the pressure on the way will help the blood from the bottom back to the top, the same can be achieved to prevent soreness, edema effect!

In addition, usually pay attention to dietary content also helps prevent edema, first of all to reduce the intake of salt, and with rich in calcium, minerals and dietary fiber food to find the balance of the body! The tomato cucumber salad Previously introduced by women is a great light food dish. In addition, such as red beans, mung beans, kelp, Yi Ren, grapefruit and bananas, are also help to eliminate edema of good ingredients. (Try Zhengdolian's slimming recipes )

3. Working Gymnastics

In fact, sedentary and long station can cause a bad effect on the body, mainly because of "don't move", as long as you are willing to spend a little time every day doing small gymnastics, and then with the internal (healthy diet) and external use (such as pressure socks), you can have the deformation of the lower body curve. ( five kinds of "lower body movement" to strengthen muscle strength)

to the sedentary you: when sitting in a chair, lift your feet so they don't touch the ground, and the ABS work at the same time, and try to get the thighs to leave the chair a little bit more, to keep your feet higher in the acceptable range, and then rest and repeat, Always do the abdomen and the front side of the thigh acid to unbearable!

for the long standing you: find a place where you can put your back and your hips on, put your feet straight, and then use your right hand to grab your right instep, the process must pay attention to your back can not be arched, your lower abdomen will be right in your thighs, this action should make your left leg back feel a little tension, Keep this stretching action for 10 seconds and then change the other leg, and then repeat until you feel the pain of the calf to ease. ( six glamorous stretches for Office lady)

4. Massage Gadgets

The most magical place to massage is that you can relieve sore discomfort in a short time, or even help the blood circulation so that the water in the original deposition of water can be unblocked, so that the mind is released. ( convenient massage method without remembering acupoints )

The most simple massage method is in the bath, while the skin still remains a slight moisture, put your hands on the right amount of emulsion from the bottom up from the grasp of the ankle start, with both hands to wipe the calf, in the smear can be a little bit of force, and for the most sore parts to do more pressing, apply to the knee can be used with both hands thumb, At the knee side of the circle and pressure, if you want more soft knee skin, at this time can be more dip lotion take advantage of massage in particular to strengthen maintenance!

The pressure socks are especially suitable for use as a plain in winter, no matter with high heels or boots.
(the picture is worn as Firo pressure socks )

The previous mentioned want to have a beautiful lower body curve, not only external use and internal use to match each other, prevention and relief must be balanced. The pressure socks with a slight thickness are just suitable for the replacement of the plain underwear, whether it is paired with high heels or the most popular boots in autumn and winter. (about the size of the dress )

Let us tell you more practical beauty!
The key four things in 〉〉 's breast cultivation
〉〉 makes you a "physiological clock"
〉〉 The weather is getting cold! Do you have "skin itch" again?
〉〉 easy to have delicate skin! The key teaching of hand and foot maintenance

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"Womany x Firo" hug your lower body with you.

Work psychological intangible pressure has been very large, but also worry because of sedentary or long standing not half of the uncomfortable, more annoying things. Womany In addition to accompany you to find a way to relieve pressure , but also with you against the physical pressure, and the lower body of the troubled said bye bye.

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