God What the hell is that under your feet? Is it Nacha's Hot Wheels? 」

"I feel like I'm going out with my grandma today, did you borrow that dress from your mother?" 」

Does the conversation sound like it was? Men and women not only think differently, for fashion insight is really far! Obviously we spent a whole afternoon to dress carefully, spray perfume, feel completely ready to prepare the state of the beautiful go out, men date but frowned, a pair of puzzled. Dear, really not you are not beautiful, but those we love the woman fashion, men actually do not understand. (Extended reading: First date ten safe speaking code )

In the end what kind of dress style is our good love, men actually good hate it? Although he did not say, in fact, heart fierce roll ... A bit cruel, but also very real! Come and listen to those men who have a bit of a vicious heart, and see if you have the list today!

1. Increased wedge-shaped sneakers

The man honestly said: "What the hell is this thing in the red, tell me whether this is the sneakers or ..."

The woman retorted: "No matter how much more than you collect a pile of sneakers, but how can not bear to wear it?" 」

2. Decorate the lotus leaf side of the waist

The man is honest: "Although you have been insisting that the lotus leaf edge can make you look thinner, but also to modify the waist curve, but frankly I see after really only think of pregnant woman outfit!" 」

3. Big Red or Gothic lipstick

The man said frankly: "God, look at the jaws, I'm really afraid she will eat me tonight." And to be honest, there's the illusion that I'm going to be the Twilight city again! "

The woman retorted: "God, red lip is really super sexy!" I'm really afraid of you eating! And frankly speaking, your imagination is really too rich! 」

4. Overly eye-catching eye makeup

The man honestly said: "In fact, you are very beautiful, do not need to turn their eyes like a silkworms?" And I've got the illusion that you're playing the opera.

The woman retorted, "Hey man!" Do not really want your honest vegetarian yan, just want you look without makeup but beautiful! "(Extended reading: The era of pseudo-pigment Yan: Concealer skills Determine the makeup of victory and defeat )

5. High Waist jeans

The man honestly said: "Rather than call it high waist jeans, I will call it only the mother in the high waist jeans, mom must have a bar!" Especially the high waist series of snowflakes or primary colors, I really don't understand why jeans tricks can be so much. 」

The woman retorted: "Yes, because you don't know why jeans can be so much, so your jeans are so boring." 」

6. High Waist Shorts

The man was honest: "Well, needless to say, it's a tall waist." 」

The woman retorted: "So, you have the right to have a opinion on the high waist." But to be honest, these three girls ' legs are really beautiful, super sexy! 」

7. Higher heels than hate days

The man is honest: "We are really obsessed with high heels, but watching your feet than hate days high heels, there will be a kind of you on stilts illusion, so afraid you fall." And looking at you all night uncomfortable walk the road, in fact we will feel very distressed, dear, your comfort really more important. 」

The woman retorted, "Or are you just afraid that I look taller than you?" 」

8. Classic Trousers

The man was honest: "I always thought you were accidentally wearing a jogging trousers before you knew this guy was called classic pants." Too loose cuts completely cover your good body and allow your hips to enlarge infinitely. "(Extended reading: The body Queen Zhengdolian teaches you to easily build a peach butt )

9. The Butterfly Festival on the head

Man honestly said: "Although you are really cute, but I would like to remind you: you are not the country's daughter classmate, also don't think to dress yourself as a Hello Kitty?" 」

10. Too wide a sweater

The man said frankly: "Although occasionally feel sexy, but most of the time, I feel that the big sweater makes you look like a 80 's run out of people."

11. In-lap trousers

The man is honest: "Every time I see the pants I am very surprised, this thing is Grandma's foot pants?" I bet every grandma must have one! And there are tricks inside the pants is also let people confused ...

"The woman retorted:" Well heard that a long time men do not like the inside of the trousers, but the winter so cold, can not always want us to expose bare legs. 」

12. Shoulder coat

Man honestly said: "There is nothing to say, I do not understand this thing, you really do not think this is like playing football?" "

Woman retorted: "The magic shoulder pad coat is able to make our body looks more upright, a body immediately have the spirit up!" 」

The above 12 men do not understand the woman fashion, you guessed right? The above opinion is most men's opinion, does not represent the side he must be like this! Want to know, as bold to ask around the male friends or your He, perhaps they have different views on these women's fashion Oh!

Men and women are different, although most men do not understand these fashion elements, but we really feel that it is good to be ourselves, because what you like is always more important than what other people think. Although men sometimes do not understand our beauty, but the men and women to discuss each other's aesthetic and the likes of a single product, and occasionally quarrel stirred through the inspiration, in fact, more interesting than imagined! (Extended reading: Actor: oneself is the most beautiful treasure Hu Tingting )

What about you? What about the fashion of men you can't see? For example, t-shirt with jeans, or short-sleeved shirts ... Come and share it with us!

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