"I don't believe people have limits, and as long as I believe I can, no one can say no."

The person who says the sentence in a more serious way is an actor in Chiekai.If you don't talk, you might mistake him for being a serious person; but only a few words, and we are deeply attracted by his sincerity and his gentle voice.

chatting with Chet is a very enjoyable thing, because he makes people think of a French novel, "The Elegant of the Hedgehog", and a man who is actually chatting with you, who is willing to listen to others and have an elegant grace.A 19-year-old man who has been a chief executive of the age of 19, has changed his mind to the point where he has a set of thought and an advocate of non-marriage doctrine. In this decade, Chieh's heart has a way of acting in an way.{\cHFFFFFF {\3cH2F2F2F {\3cH2F2F2F {{\4cH000000 {\4cH000000 {\cHFFFFFF {\3cH2F2F2F {\3cH2F2F2F {{\4cH000000 {\4cH000000 {\cHFFFFFF {\3cH2F2F2F {\3cH2F2F2F {{\4cH000000 {\4cH000000 {\cHFFFFFF {\3cH2F2F2F {\3cH2F2F2F {

Because acting only makes me know more about myself

At the outset, Chieh was completely ignorant and unfamiliar, but in his shy appearance there was a very powerful soul. "Because of acting, my life was truly alive."After more than 30 theatrical works, he has now been able to demonstrate the most essence of each character with his own solo interpretation.Although he has played a lot of roles, he has asked himself to be more progressive and more accurate, but only if he wants to keep it down, or "real" when he first took the first film." At that time, I was very shy. It was like a pure white paper, and it was completely from scratch. So it wasn't a role to play, but it was just to show myself in front of the firefly at that time."Because of this unadorntable real feeling, it is hard to believe that many people have been moved by his genuine performance after watching the" Four Hai ", which is just the first show in Chieh's.

Slowly accumulating confidence from the play, Chiek is increasingly enjoying the process of acting, and is willing to challenge a wide variety of roles.Whether it is a wedding designer, dessert, a military officer, a police officer, or a violinist, it is the best proof that Chiej does not censor herself.He doesn't want to be given a given type, and he has discovered many of the things he doesn't even think of himself.

"Every time you get a new script, you get a key that opens up your other side."

When you look back on the mood of your own rehearsion, I suddenly realized that I had these special qualities. I could say that I didn't even know yourself at all before acting, and I was able to answer that in a dawning tone of voice.Because they feel that they are not acting, their own future will become somewhat frightening, and they can become an actor. In addition to treasuring this fortunate, Chieh's hope is worth every round of applause.As a result, in the eight-point file on the latest document, "Married," he first challenged the role of a lawyer who handled divorce cases and advocated non-marrying.As he continues to post war posts to himself, Chieh says that not only is it to break through the limits of oneself, it is even more to the that director Tsai Yue-hsun's directors have planted their own culture and expectations.

No, won't you just don't want to try

When we asked what was a good actor, Chiek said without hesitation: 'A true professional actress can't easily say' I won't ' these three words."

I don't want to be a drag on the entire team because of lack of self-interest, and you can't ask everyone to jump over because you can't do it because you don't know how to swim."If you don't believe in yourself, then you can't even convince others," he said." The actors, of course, are not magicians, but they can change the rabbit out of the hat. But the only way to make a miracle happen is that it doesn't even suspect it.

"When you really want to do one thing, you have the courage to do it again," so I don't believe that people have limits, and those limits are self-limiting."

Looking forward to the expectations of the public, Chiek must always be prepared to make an enlarged view of himself, in addition to making his own out of the deepest side of the screen.Although he cares about the comments of others, he believes that it is the power to make him want to make progress, whether he or she is praised or criticized for being a good job of doing well.But it has to be said that Chieh's ability to converge in his own way is really exciting. It's that kind of thing, and it's not easy to make a deep on the people who forget it.

If love is to get along with love, you can set up

Is this a very rational lawyer in the " When I first read it, I felt this character was charming, and he had a theory and a point of view with his own words, which made me empathic; it was really good to wait for that role, and it was worth it.In the show, the main character of the show looks at the idea of love, and he believes that a certain part of the show is quite compatible with himself. "The Chinese side of the play is very insecure about love because of family and professional relationships, and I feel insecure about things that I can't control."If only love is loved every day, which day, if love suddenly disappears, nothing will be lost?"

" The two people are able to get along and accept each other's differences, and only take the hands of each other for the rest of their lives."

Jet Chiekai, who has just passed the -year-old age group, has been transformed from a young man to a man who knows how to plan for the future.At this moment, he is expecting and imagined marriage, but he still wants to focus on work and family, and wait until he is more stable, and then consider the matter of marriage.Like Fang Zixuan, the main actor in the show, Chieh's way of thinking about his own emotions is also relatively conservative. " Because modern people are able to keep up with a generation of people, it's really too difficult to test. As long as problems are raised, we will first be selfish and worried about their own interests, rather than trying to figure out how we can solve them together.Why should we lose it and not try to stitch it up?He says, "It's always easy to be in love with each other. For the other half, he believes that both sides have to learn to bear and be tolerant, and that the two can grow together in love."( Extended reading: The condition is mommy, getting along is one's life )

Good love is not a weak but parallel forward.

Since we speak of emotions, we are also appreciating Chiek in private. Are you appreciating the type of girls who are portrayed in the marriage and have a strong character and perseverance in love?" I really appreciate it because I think girls need to be able to worship me, whether it's self-confident, brave or thought; that makes me think she's serious about life; this kind of girl is going to hit me very hard.Is it equally acceptable even for single mothers?"I will, because I'm not going to care about the other side of the other, after all, there are those who have done it before, and now she is."If they attract each other in the present, I don't think there is anything that cannot be." For love, Chieh is not a sweet lollipop in love, but a parallel relationship that can support each other and move forward side by side.

" I think relationships are a process of mutual worship, sometimes I run on the front, sometimes she runs ahead; the other half makes me want to be a better person."

This is the feeling of emotion that is given by Jet's own personal appearance at this moment." I am not a very young man, and I don't think girls can just hide behind my back and see me solve the problem; what I want is that they have their own ideas, and I can learn something from her; they can worship each other and respect each other.{\cHFFFFFF {\3cH2F2F2F {\3cH2F2F2F {{\4cH000000 {\4cH000000 {\cHFFFFFF {\3cH2F2F2F {\3cH2F2F2F {{\4cH000000 {\4cH000000 {\cHFFFFFF {\3cH2F2F2F {\3cH2F2F2F {\4cH000000 {\4cH000000 {\cHFFFFFF {\3cH2F2F2F {{\3cH2F2F2F {Perhaps, a relationship that has stood the test of time is that even if the other side is not there, it can also enjoy its own life independently. When meeting, share the exciting parts of their own lives.Only when one plus one is true will it really be more than two.

is a journey to the ultimate challenge

In addition to working as usual, he has recently been prepared to challenge half a horse , while working as an empty job, to run training every day to maintain the best status, hoping to surpass its limits once again at the Shanghai International Marathon in early December."I don't believe in anything that I don't believe in," he said. "I don't doubt if I have a distance of 21 kilometers from running. I believe I can definitely do it."In contrast to the love that has been given to him, the movement has given him a sense of satisfaction

" Because the sport is the amount you pay, how much you give back, and it helps me to balance my work with the feeling of losing my sense of loss.

As long as you have a bit more advanced during the campaign, whether it's a success or a minute, it will give you the incentive to rediscover the passion and the challenge of self-change.At the same time, he will make up for himself the lack of self-sufficiency by entering each character, as if he was getting married in the first place, playing role of Fang Zixuan, and giving Jet a greater breakthrough and understanding in his "self-confidence".Fang Zixuan's confidence is from the inside out.Because he used to think rationally and not to act recklessness, I gradually realized that many things don't necessarily need to be fired with fire, and the slow fire may be even more interesting; this is quite a case of real life in real life."

Because of the courage to try, you have the opportunity to gain this role, dig out more self-oriented, and build Jet to believe that 30 is a new phase of life and a new milestone in challenging yourself.So when asked what the next role would be, he said, " I really didn't set restrictions on myself. As long as the script was brilliant and the characters were attractive, I would be happy to try."I don't want to give the words to the dead," he said. "He also looks forward to his next performance. He even hopes that he will become a good director like Li An, and to record the world in his eyes with a broader perspective."If you have a good grasp of yourself, step by step, you can finally reach the point where you want to go.

No Censor Life is interesting

The interview goes here, and womany also can't help but describe himself with the three adjectives of Chiejkai.He always used to talk softly, and after a while, he gave us a very "gentle" answer:

"To describe it, be serious, believe in yourself, and don't impose restrictions on itself."" "

The spirit of "no censoring" is reflected in the Chiejie of every level, whether in drama or in everyday life, and has repeatedly made us feel that he takes life seriously, living in the present, and believing that there is no limit to the spirit of the revives."If you don't have to ask yourself first, then how can you complain?"Although he humbly says that he does not have the right to speak as an actor, even in other industries, if he is faced with such an attitude, "I won't" automatically disappear, and I believe that everyone can get more growth in less time.He eventually wants to encourage every reader of womany, who loves himself, cherishes himself, and everyone has to be brave to believe in his infinite possibility, because,

" At many times, it's not because you're going to succeed, but because you want it."

Because of the curiosity of this quality and serious man, we propose to ask him to come to a quick question without a millimeter head, and to get to know more of him with the general direction of Chiejie, who doesn't say anything.

  1. If you have a superpower, what do you want? "Back to the past (treasured people)"
  2. If you have a any door now in front of you, where do you want it to take you? Israel!
  3. If you can interchange your life with one person, who would you like to experience? Jabbs.
  4. If you're a type of film, which kind of film you are?A "depressing, slow-paced drama"
  5. What is the first thing you do every morning?"Look at Mobile."
  6. What is the most glamorous moment for girls?" Focus on your own fields, like painting, work hard.

At the same time, it's a playful boy and introverty with a little male temperament. Do you think he's charming?

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