Nature is the most beautiful knitting press: As a woman, who does not want to appear in front of everyone, are the most confident appearance? So for some imperfections and reality, it's always hard for us to overcome our own acceptance, just because we are afraid that others will leave a negative impression on us. But it is not so difficult to embrace your true face, and to share with you the true size of models , the true shape of women, the natural beauty of a picture,and a female model and actress from Seattle. To tell you more about the absurd myth of Sohe, let's see what she has to say!

This is a free model seat from Seattle, USA, also a Sierra McKenzie, for the community has always been unwilling to face the truth of a part of the provincial thinking confessions ...

It was really difficult for me to make it public, but I decided to do it because it was probably a very important thing.

I remember when I first went to high school and college, I saw a TV or magazine on the face of flawless plane models, and then against their own face and skin, will immediately feel that their appearance is a catastrophe! ( extended reading: Honesty in the face of "those miserable childhood") until the first time you know, the original woman will rely on thrush hair, concealer, foundation, honey powder, as well as powder cake to decorate their face, I suddenly wake up: The original media to shape the image of women, are all in order to make other women envy, A marketing gimmick that attracts more men's attention than a fact in broad daylight. And I myself, also until become a model to know, when the photographer asked you elements Yan Mirror, they look forward to, is always on the right side of the kind of "pigment yan" appearance, rather than the left I recognize that the kind of pigment Yan.

Not to mention watching on TV, the ads that are related to skin care or beauty, those who point to their own faces and say Sohe or beauty; at the very least, which is the same picture as my right? Also because the media is too much to create no blush, no eye shadow is equal to the illusion of Pigment Yan, the general public, especially men, they mistakenly think that every woman get up after the Yan Rong and skin condition, should be similar to the picture on the right side of me.

I do not deny that makeup does give women more confidence, even if you can say that proper make-up is a courtesy; But what we cannot forget is that this seemingly normal, unprocessed face is not actually "natural". I feel the need to warn myself that I have to be honest with the brutal fact that I have to wear makeup to audition and shoot all kinds of ads every day.

Part of it. I hope to share the matter with you when I have a more stable skin condition, but I know that if I wait until then, I will completely put the focus right. So I decided to show my true self bravely, because when I am willing to accept the imperfect self, others have the reason to respect you.

Womany know that every girl has their own view of Sohe, as for the Element Yan, is their own choice, there is no right or wrong; Importantly, we should let the media to deceive people some reminders, let them know what the so-called "Yen Yan" in the end represents what. No matter what it looks like, no one is qualified to criticize or dislike you, because that is not the most genuine, close to the nature of you? ( extended reading: Woman, you are actually more beautiful than you think )

The same field Gayon: Womany in this also for everyone to tidy up 10, the popular foreign actress behind the scenes in front of the scene; Hope this will let you know, even if the brilliant star, no one is really perfect, brave to be yourself, is the most beautiful.

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Keti Pey Rui Katy Perry

Tyra Banks Tyra Banks

Kate • Holmes Katie Holmes

Lei Hana Rihanna

It is not difficult to find, as long as the smile, even if there is no exquisite perfect makeup, each of her still has a fascinating charm! ( extended reading: Seven Hollywood actress tells you: Thin is not equal to beauty!) )

Smile, is your most beautiful cosmetics

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