What is your idea of a journey?

one Saturday of each month , Womany always have a chance to meet with the dear you to share, chat time, November afternoon, we invited the Backpackers Guesthouse Southeast Asia Discussion Area version tube-Miss Ma Ji and youth travel thinker-eggplant skin , To share with us the mysteries of travel, explore how to talk to yourself and grow in your travels. A lot of the feelings of the trip two Miss also and you share a lot of understanding of travel, now let us revisit that small trip afternoon!

"If you choose, do you think it is more dangerous to travel to Singapore or India?" 」

At the beginning of the lecture, Miss Ma Ji threw out a number of questions that seemed clear, but in fact contained a lot of prejudices and myths that made us think. She says many people have deep-rooted misconceptions about certain countries or places , such as the risk of a girl going to India, that Singapore is a highly developed place, so it must be safe, and so on, but is it actually? Miss Ma Ji tells us in her own personal experience: it's not.

She smiled and said, "Two bad things happened in Singapore, but in India full of people on the train to use class concept, lucky to get a seat, so how do you think to Singapore more safe?"

"You have to be able to take advantage of local cultural characteristics to protect yourself," he said. After all, safe home is always the most important thing in the whole trip. 」

She also shared with us the hottest version of the Backpack Inn now: Find a companion version! She said that although people now want to be a "backpacker" go out to explore some, but do not want to deal with their own air tickets, planning, such as the size of the trip, the so-called companion is only to find a free travel planners just. "This is how to call a backpacker!" And it's not dangerous? Miss Ma Ji laughs, her definition of backpackers is: You can handle all the situation on the trip, if you really can't handle these things, choose a good travel agency to plan for you should be more than the version of strangers more secure!

At last Miss Ma Ji shared a word with us:

You are are what you travel.

Every journey must be good and bad, you never know what's going to happen or what happens to you , but in any case you should enjoy every journey and get drunk and experience every detail, as writer Calvino says: "The city won't reveal its past, It will only hide it like a lines, it is written in the corner of the street, the guardrail of the pane, the handrail of the stair, the aerial of lightning and the flagpole, each mark is scratch, big file, chisel, Punch left traces. " only you can bring back the memories of your journey, nourish and grow with you ."

"Travel is a kind of life attitude: No one is not a friend, no school, no moment not beyond." 」

Hugo once said: "Life is like traveling, and ideal is the route of travel." "Two miss with this rich philosophy to introduce the young" entrepreneurial traveller "eggplant skin appearance, and we share what is the" entrepreneurial travel. "

"It feels like it's serious, it doesn't matter I'm a serious person, I want to speak a serious topic!" Eggplant skin smiled and said, but began to take us to play a series of rhythm games, make everyone almost laugh. He begins with a fun metaphor about how he began to embark on his entrepreneurial journey, it includes a lot of people who are willing to trust him in the beginning, to help him move on, and to teach poor children to study in the temples of Cambodia and the monks, and so on, with wonderful and wonderful experiences.

"I'm still not sure what I want to do, but how can you be ready to go?" "He said, only to constantly try to change , there is a chance to really do something." But it is not that you can not have the goal of the random forward, but in every experience and try to think and revise, find the ultimate goal, put strength down to complete it, he earnestly told. (Extended reading: Throw it all !) The real world outside of the comfort zone

But the seemingly mature, full of reason eggplant skin said that they have been lost in applause and praise, forget the original intention of starting a business, contracted the smell of businessmen, all day will only calculate how much resources can exchange to how much exposure and interest, fortunately, a friend in time to wake him up, so that he can return to the most simple state, Try to do what you think is worth it. (Extended reading: life is short, go after the dream!) )

Eggplant skins for the travel of a definition:

Travel, in fact, is a kind of remote reflection.

Whether you go abroad today, or travel to a certain part of your country, as long as you are in a state that is not the usual habit, it is a kind of travel! such a state makes it impossible for you to think about things in the ordinary way, and will magnify all the senses to the extreme because of nervousness or other emotions, and then achieve a truly empty state. In this way, you can really think in different ways to reflect on their own all, to a small brain travel. (Extended reading: travel, really do not have to set limits )

"Use a word to define travel!" 」

In the previous interview , Miss Ma Ji and eggplant skins are each used to define their travel, that afternoon, host two Miss also took you to play with a word definition of the small game of travel. It's amazing: almost everyone writes a different word! Even the same word is rich in a completely different meaning and expression, this does not mean that travel can not be copied ? Everyone has their own, unique way of travel and memories.

The sweet girl wrote "Home". She smiled and said it was a serious definition that had been heard before during a course on travel, the reason why we travel is because there is a "home" concept, you know that travel is to experience what is completely different from your own life experience, and bring it back, so the nature of travel to her is " Home. " (Extended reading: I am not a traveler )

A fan of Sharon's old friend wrote "Love". Want to think is once on the journey has very sweet memories!

After the lecture, there are still a lot of friends to stay and share with us about what happened in the trip, with small sugar to provide a delicious cup cake, the atmosphere hot and warm, people almost reluctant to leave.

At the end of the lecture we also quietly revealed the message about the December fan salon, we invited Linda Dazhi founder-linda, and Nars makeup artist, together with us to share the warm winter fashion . Secretly tell everybody, this time will have many mysterious small surprises yo, looks forward to with you and you in December afternoon meet!

Take a trip with yourself!

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Author: womany Editorial office/Ting-ru Hsieh