Like in the back of the photographer's father as a small valet Oliver (Oliver Andreas Jones), only two years old on the photography has a deep love, three years old, took the first picture of his life. Having inherited his father's artistic beauty, Oliver, who has just reached the age of six, has taken on a photographer's appearance; ( extended reading: The naïve photography of the girl and the Cat, the Healing Heart )

After class every day, Oliver likes to take his mom's cell phone and take a picture of what's going on around her life, his father, Mr. Jones (Mr. Andreas Jone was also very proud of his son's photographic talent; "It was amazing to discover that Oliver had a talent for photography when he took him to the Lavender field that day," he said of his ability to control the sense of harmony and composition. "Mr. Jones decided to nurture his son's photographic talent by seeing that his son's photos were not lost to other professional photographers," he said. So when Oliver was five years old, he got his first camera, a second-hand Nikon digital monocular camera, and Mr. Jones said he could practice taking pictures and creating his own work anywhere. ( extended reading: French photographer teaches you: kid's photos like this )

Father's photo of his son's work: serious Oliver is grasping the angle, ready to shoot the long-awaited sunrise.

Oliver was completely excited about every shot, "I like to take pictures with dad, especially when it comes to sunrise and sunset." "Even if you need to get up early, even two o'clock in the morning, Oliver is super fit, because the most coveted thing is the moment when the sun rises."

Mr Jones says his job is to be a photographer for weddings and artsy shots, so there's plenty of experience in shooting sunrises and sunsets. It is the greatest happiness in his life to carry his son through every nook and cranny, and to record life and the world with a lens, but like a cliff or a canyon, you can't let Oliver come along until he grows up. Mr. Jones said that although he would like to take his son to see the world, but as long as the safety of life, can not be free to take risks, if the son noisy to go, Mr. Jones will be patient to appease him, and he told him Gogo will certainly take him to look.

Next, Womany eager to share with you the sweet father and son, after visiting the south coast of England, photographed a series of breathtaking beautiful scenery photos. From the Jurassic Coast (Jurassic Coast), Deffin County (Devon) to Somerset (Somerset), Oliver captures an unforgettable scene with his stunning aesthetic and photographic skills. The picture exquisite degree, lets the person to England many splendid reverie, good wants now to order the ticket to fly to see for yourself! ( extended reading: Love at sunset, the top ten fascinating Sunset beauty )

The valley of the misty morning mist.

Pink Purple Sunset rendering of the seaside, with the bottom of the tidal calm pier and trestle.

Twilight was rising, with damp smelling beaches and piles of ruins.

Misty Hills and the newly rising, Zen-filled Orange sun

Long exposure: A trestle that is covered by high tide seawater; the quiet blue blurs the boundary between the coast and the sky.

Low-speed shutter: Before dawn comes, use life strength to hit flood dike's raging waves

to march in peace; a large, romantic sunflower bathed in the dawn.

The mist of the hills had not been scattered, and Oliver had completely forgotten the coldness of the air, and wanted only to seize the finest moments.

Although still a pupil, Oliver has decided to become a professional photographer in the future, like his father's. Mr. Jones also expected his son to take over his photography career, and father and son together with the camera, the world 's scenery are loaded into the camera, to complete each other's photographic dream. Mr. Jones felt that he was not so proud of his son as he was to thank his son for having been with him all the way, because Oliver's endless enthusiasm had given him more impetus to continue to make more and better works.

Mr. Jones says the most satisfying scene of his life is to wait with his son for the sunrise. That is my life will cherish the memory of the heart, wait until the day to grow old, I hope our role can be reversed, he helped me backpack bag, take me to enjoy the sunrise, there really is no regret in life. 」

The Touch of life, the second that the shutter presses

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