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In this year, we have witnessed the birth of many great women, in addition to their own achievements, they are striving for a lot of women. We saw a 16-year-old girl Malala, bravely advocating the right to women's education , and Angelina Lina Jolie cut her breasts , calling on women around the world not to fear our closest enemy: Breast cancer . And at the end of the 2013, let us look back together and discover each and every brave woman in this year!

In June this year, the Chinese mainland broke out Hainan Wanning Primary school principals with six six-year female students to open a room in the hotel, do not know whether you still remember? The shocking news has aroused public opinion and concern at home and abroad. China rights activist Ye Haiyan (pseudonym: Rogue Yan), after the incident, to the primary school doorway, held up "headmaster: Open room to find me, let the pupil!" "The slogan protested. Such a move, so that Ye Haiyan again to fame, but also let the woman who speak out of the feminist is threatened and revenge, and even be expelled from their homes, away from their own city . Such a brave woman, what is the reason for her not afraid of authority, but also willing to voice for all women.

Ye Haiyan, famous bloggers.

And who was she? The 38-Year-old Ye Haiyan, born in Wuhan, as a primary school teacher, secretary, and so on, from 2000 onwards, she published her article on the network, also boldly put on their own half-naked photos, aroused the enthusiastic discussion of the public; bold style with sharp pen sword, let Ye Haiyan in a few short years, became one of the most famous bloggers in mainland China, and she became the focus of the Chinese media, defying the powerful. The real way to set foot on the feminist movement is after her divorce, after boarding a group of female sex workers home, after the actual understanding of the sex industry began. (Extended reading:"Sex", at the same time psychology is also sociology )

When women became an issue

"Sex workers", no matter in the world which region, these four words often with an obscure color, no one wants to mention, and very few people are willing to face frankly. However, Ye Haiyan in the actual contact with the sex industry related people, and personally in the countryside to provide peasant services, she proposed the legalization of supporting work, "Sex work is also work, sex workers as citizens of all the basic rights should be protected." The sex industry is a product of economic structure, often a woman with weak economic ability and a special profession for money. Without changing the existing social structure, even prohibiting prostitutes, it is difficult to let such industries disappear, so now what Ye Haiyan can do, on the one hand, promote the concept of AIDS prevention, a face to promote the legalization of Chinese sex work. Try to make this group of women at the bottom of the society, can also rely on their own strength to feed their homes. (Extended reading: How to change the world: the right to choose is in oneself )

The price of justice.

And so the deviant of her, the justice at the same time but also in trouble. Launched this year, "open the room to find me, let the pupil!" "Denounced the Hainan principal action, caused by the general public echoes, but also for their own life threats; Ye Haiyan in the incident, one day after the accident came home from unknown people to enter the house, with a knife self-defense results by the public security" with knives intentionally hurt women "for 13 days. After this misfortune did not end, Ye Haiyan like is banished general, successively by two provinces drive out, finally decided to return to her hometown of Wuhan temporarily live down. And on her personal microblog, she left the record.

"Just received the test after the children, ready to rent a good house to pack things ready to move again." There is no water or electricity in the room for rent. I sit in the dark with men and daughters. Feel the air here are hostile, hiding the violence and arrogance, the safety factor is very low, send a micro bo for peace. 」

And in the end of this whole event, Ye Haiyan A change of spicy tone, really say her sigh for this social structure,

"If, Ye Haiyan the card incident, exposed a social ills, a series of problems after the card, is a more than" primary school students open the house "incident larger lesions. This is a lesion that the law cannot solve. 」

The "pupil-opening" incident not only uncovered the ugly side of human nature, has also greatly hit the people's trust in the government; After the incident, even a number of official agencies have repeatedly called the parents of six students, hoping that the matter can be resolved in private and not big; In addition, Yang Jongwen, the reporter of Hainan daily, which exposed the whole scandal. , and immediately suffered the oppression of superior officers and government officials, and finally chose to leave the road automatically. For the oppression of free speech and contempt for human rights, this is perhaps the most frustrating part of the whole affair. and the symptoms of such a society are reflected in how they face Ye Haiyan protests, and how they refuse to hear the truest voice of the people.

Ai Weiwei, a well-known Chinese artist, has also responded to Ye Haiyan's campaign on the internet

Such a brave woman, for the sake of all Chinese women , and without fear of the gender issues that need to be addressed in society, we in Taiwan are actually happier than many people in other countries, where gender issues are getting more attention and women's rights are constantly rising. Recently, many groups are also working hard to promote the draft law on plural marriage; but the corner of the Eye society, the world, there are many women in the dark, and the desire to one day belong to their rights can be the attention of all people. (Extended reading: The victory of gay rights!) France behind the same-sex marriage and Adoption Act

These women deserve to be picked up by everyone.

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