In November, it was over; Dear you, this month is not a lot of memorable and profound things? Just end of thanksgiving, there are domestic milk rashomon door, the problem of food safety is really constantly disturbing the hearts and minds! Although today is black Sunday, but Womany want to bring you a good mood, come and see what happened to the world this week! (Are you afraid of the food security crisis?) The world's best natural tea in Taiwan )

More than 3 million people go out on the streets and the cartoon characters you want to get out of the house! Mormons teach women to show their true body bravely, as women should be proud of themselves! The world's first 3D print car, exquisite and lovely appearance makes people want to have! There are the latest fashion single products unexpectedly is LED clock ring! More Web pick content, please continue to enjoy!

Snoopy, SpongeBob, Hello Kitty in the Thanksgiving parade!

the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Parade (Macy's Thanksgiving Parade) yesterday (11/28) debuted in Manhattan, New York, and entered the 87th session this year, with a strong legacy. Not only did the parade include flashy bands, floats, giant cartoon balloons, and more than thousands of dancers and 900 clowns performing entertainment in the parade, making New Yorkers feel the most passionate Thanksgiving atmosphere. After statistics, more than 3 million people took to the streets to watch the parade this year; and we most expect to see cartoon balloons, in addition to Mickey Mouse, Spider-Man, Santa Claus and other fixed team, this year, more than the Wizard of Oz, Bao and old skin, SpongeBob, sonic Boy, etc., although the head is really a bit of acid, But see so many lovely cartoon characters gathered in a hall, sour and sour enjoys, is not it? ( Extended reading: The World's strongest parade of floats )

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Mormons teach women to take back their body freedom right!

Hearing of the Mormon Church (Mormon Church), it is inevitable to equate it with a mystical religion full of serious dogma; there is a female photographer Katri Na Baco Anderson (Katrina Barker Anderson) in the United States, Because in the last year saw the media broke many Mormons strictly stipulate that women must wear conservative events, decided to take nude as the theme, for Mormon women to take a series of "Naked Mormon Women" (Mormon Women Bare) of the naked photo, challenged the Mormon patriarchal system and moral precepts.

Anderson believes that there is no need to look at nudity with a colored eye, and hope that the nude can be normalized by such techniques. The programme has been filmed since July, with more than 30 Mormon women volunteering to assist in filming, and so far the Bishop of the Mormon Church has not officially denounced the act. Anderson said that every woman's body is unique, even if imperfect, there is no need to wrap up the whole body, because the female body is never a source of evil, and those who are real and imperfect body worthy of their own cherish and proud. Anderson also hopes that everyone can look at these photos with open eyes and mentality, and truly accept their most "original" appearance. ( Extended reading: The beauty of the non-manicure, embracing the real photo album of postpartum stature )

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Smart bra for you to check winter obesity?

is not each time the pressure is big, cannot restrain to want to eat the potato chip and other high calorie food? Microsoft is now developing a model of a smart bra, hoping to effectively predict when people wearing it will be eating out, and warn users not to eat too much high-calorie food in due course. The principle of this high-tech underwear is to put smart sensors in the lining pocket of the bra so that it can detect the changes in the skin temperature, pressure and heart rate of the user at any time to measure the physiological changes before overeating. The data will be transmitted through Bluetooth to the phone and send an alert message that allows users to detect their mental and physical state in a timely manner.

Mary Chivinski, the lead researcher on the project, also known as cognitive psychologist Mary Czerwinski, said the lingerie would let people who wore them know their "bad fit behavior" and adapt them to adaptive behavior. And her study, published at the University of Rochester in the United States, also mentions that the intention is to keep the user aware of what is happening in the present, so as to reduce the occurrence of runaway behavior. Although the pilot who passed the bra said that the detectors needed to be recharged every 3-4 hours, they did have a dampening effect. The researchers are optimistic that the new technology hopes to help more people understand their potential behavior in the future, and learn to adjust their psychological mood, not because of the pressure of impulsive overeating, harm health. ( extended reading: Learn how to "consciously" enjoy a snack )

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How important is network security? The teacher told you

Recently on the network, there is no beauty nor funny content of the photos, but in a few days to get more than more than 400,000 "praise" and paste; what's the amazing magic of this picture? In fact, this is from one, to prove to the students, the modern network spread power is very ambitious, and how to pay attention to the network security of the middle school tutor Julie Lie Kap (Julie Culp) masterpiece. In the photo, she took a A4 paper with a kindly smile, and it says: " I'm talking to a five-year student about cyber security and how many people will see it on the Web, and if you see this picture, please give me a" nice "thank you! is this the motivation and the action, is not to let people feel that the teacher is very simple?

in fact, Facebook users ' age groups are getting lower and younger, and it is a problem that needs to be addressed in order to make children aware of cyber security. And many children now use camera apps such as Instagram, so the sooner they have the right idea of the Internet, the better they can protect their privacy and avoid a conflict. Do you want to clap your hands with Womany for the Lady teacher? ( extended reading: Six courtesy codes for surfing the web World )

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A woman with a big surprise. Sex secret: Appetite gets bigger, fewer times

As a new Age woman, do your sexuality remain on a conservative and shy scale, or are you more and more willing to talk about it and try to feel it yourself?

A recent study by University College London found that women's attitudes towards sex have become more open than a decade ago, and the average first age has dropped to 16 years from the past 18 or 19 years. Compared to 20 years ago, the number of female partners in their lifetime increased from 4 to 8, although there is a distance from the 12-digit male, but it also shows that women are willing to give themselves more room for choice. In a survey of more than 15,000 women, the researchers also found that the advancement of women profoundly changed women's perceptions of sexuality. About 16% of heterosexual women are even willing to try to relate to the same sex, with increasing acceptance of oral and perianal sex, and to the curiosity of the researchers that the women who are willing to try are usually highly educated women with good pedigree.

However, while women's appetite for sex has grown, sex has become less frequent. The biggest reason, the researchers found, was the involvement of technology and job stress. Because more and more people will be in bed with mobile phones and tablets, work and life is difficult to open, and even some people will take the work home, now women on average one months to sleep with their partner is about three to five times, or less. Don't know if your sex life is also affected by the work? ( extended reading: Regular sex can stimulate nerve cells to improve brain power)

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The world's first car! The most environmentally friendly and really 3D print car

does it make people worried about the level of air pollution every time they see a car discharging a pile of discarded cigarettes? To solve this problem, the world is about to be born a green and energy-saving, using 3D printing technology and ABS plastic made of cars! Auto maker Urbee said the car's body coverings were made from 3D printing, and that the interior of the car would be made using 3D printing technology. As for power, the Urbee uses a hybrid system, which includes two electric motors and an internal combustion engine. Urbee is not the same as the traditional four-wheel, but only three wheels, the body is also relatively flat, so that the wind resistance coefficient can be lowered to 0.15, so as to reduce air resistance.

The company now hopes to raise 30,000 dollars to allow Urbee's second generation to sail from New York to San Francisco in the summer of 2015. Jim Kor, the person in charge, said he would set the speed at 111 kilometres, and the trip was expected to take two days. Although many people think this is just an inventor's crazy behavior, but Jim Kor does not seem to be a joke, because he personally has nearly 40 years of engineering background, so this activity, he and the team to test the car has no commercial potential! Are you also looking forward to seeing this 3D printing technology made of cars listed? ( extended reading: Who says it's impossible?) Honda into the building to sabotage! )

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Latest Fashion! Low-profile and exquisite led clock ring

Although the design of the watch continues to introduce new, but now there are more tidal time accessories to give you a choice! This new gadget is not as high as other tech products, and it is ideal for people who like low-key and have a habit of seeing time! Yes, this is the electronic clock ring, it put the traditional electronic watch directly into the ring, and the ring is also used stainless steel and waterproof material, and installed in the interior of a number of LED lights, want to show time, users only need to rotate the ring can be. It is usually a silver ring with a seemingly low-key luxury. The clock ring was first designed by Gusztav Scikszai at the time to participate in the design competition. And the product before also in the fund-raising platform to raise the target amount smoothly and start production, now can be pre-order! The ring has different sizes to choose from, the price is about US $200 (NT $6,000); Is this trendy clock ring burning to you? ( Extended reading: intelligent Life!) 10 most novel wearable technology device )

If you're more curious about him, take a look at his intro video:

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