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Womany has always believed that every girl and woman are different, and each of them exudes the beauty of their irreplaceable. Let the toy company GoldieBlox the advertisement to tell you, who said the girl must be a princess? who says women only look like one ? Let three little girls tell you that every woman has a blood engineering soul in her heart (extended reading: wait!) Five things you should know before you learn to write a program

Who says the little girl was born expecting to wear a pink dress, a furry doll, a crown for a princess, a lady with no new ideas? The GoldieBlox toy company, founded by an American woman engineer, is now telling all the girls: "You can build a Brookings Goldberg machine kingdom for yourself!" Even if the future does not become an engineer, each girl will still be able to go out of their own way to become the next da Vinci!

More recently on Youtube, there have been more than 8 million hits and a viral-dazzle film, not a red star, but a toy advertisement featuring three little girls. But if you think it's a beautiful and pink girl ad, it's a big mistake! ( extended reading: Cool!) The world's first tattoo Barbie doll )

The "GoldieBlox", founded in 2012 by Debby Sterling, a female engineer at Stanford University's Department of Mechanical Engineering, is a company designed specifically for girls to design engineering toys, in the hope of creating a new pattern of girls ' engineering dreams and breaking the stereotype of gender Debbie. A week before the upcoming Black Friday Shopping Festival (11/28), they launched a "Long Live girl" film that sparked a rousing echo. Ads, three of different styles of little girls do not play Barbie, but with the creative imagination to create a variety of toys and mechanical combination of the "Lu Goldberg" Device!

Note : Lu Goldberg (Rube Goldberg Machine) is a mechanical action that will simply and heartily complicate. Designers use a roundabout and sophisticated way to accomplish something that is actually very easy, such as opening a door, pouring a drink, throwing a ball. Japan has even done a big game for this mechanical idea.

Enclosed in Chinese subtitles advertisement: "Long live the Girl"

Founder Debbie says she hopes the toy, designed for little girls, will give them the passion and interest of "engineering" from a young age. The film, in addition to attracting people to read, has also aroused many issues, including why only 1/4 of the jobs in the technology industry and Engineering are held by women? Is there really a difference in ability or is it that women are afraid to work in such a disadvantaged environment? Is it the gender or the social structure that is causing the situation at the moment? ( extended reading: The company that the girls started is more profitable!) To see 5 women entrepreneurs in the tech circle.

In addition, a survey conducted in 2010 by the National Women's Information Technology Center in the United States found that women chose only 18% per cent of computer science-related departments, compared to 1985, a total drop of 37%. The analysis shows that the biggest reason for the decline is that the social system is still not encouraging and supporting girls as equally as boys, and studying and developing scientifically.

Founder Debbie, with her toy crystal

"I've always been looking forward to such a trend," said Rachel Sklar, the founder of America's leading digital media company, Sklar. "The film points to a conceptual divide; in fact, the little girl is not interested in these things, but no one gives them the opportunity to grope, to try." "( Extended reading: Advertiser: Wei Tai Advertising chairman Zhou talk about advertising urchin sun )

Cindy Gallop, the founder of the US branch of the Buhe advertising company, which supports the rising tide of women's power, says that advertising for female audiences is often Sindi Gao Lupe, because most consumers are women. but the ad industry is usually in charge of men, "so I told those advertisers that if you want to make a movie that's going to be crazy, the target group must be on women, and you have to find ways to talk to them in a way that women want to be treated." Gao Lupe says GoldieBlox's advertising is a successful example of motivating women of different ages.

And the background music of this ad, is the "girls" created by the "Beast Boy" (Beastie Boys), an anti-feminist American hip-hop rap group, and the lyrics are again written by The Advertiser, who will choose the song to see GoldieBlox a bit rebellious and confrontational. When the original lyrics sing:

Girls want to wash the dishes/girls to clean my room/girls to wash clothes/I want the girls like that

The advertisement has adapted the lyrics into ...

Girls build flying boats/Girls Write programs/girls grow up to know that they can actually be engineers/opportunities are girls/don't underestimate us girls

Founder Debbie said, "I thought about the toys that were around me when I was a kid, not the Princess series, the dolls, and then I wondered why boys could play with toys, robots, and even other brainstorming games, but no one thought girls would like them?" "Debbie felt that we must turn this climate around and create a new cultural perspective; In addition to bridging the gender divide, girls will be able to dream of engineering and other more creative roles from childhood, rather than always being too gentle. ( extended reading: Does gender discrimination exist?) Google search engine to tell you )

As the issue and the image of the toy began to ferment, GoldieBlox also began to taste the question of how many people have to face the red; one is that although GoldieBlox stressed the need to lock the gender gap, many of the toys she designed still do not hide the image of the pink baggage. Including a set of modified lanes of the series is pink, and to the Princess Parade Trail color is also selected with pink.

In this respect, Debbie says she does not think Pink is a special taboo color, pink can be a very simple, very beautiful symbol, not necessarily only to which sex. She hopes that the focus of this set of toys will be on its function and the potential to inspire creativity , rather than on color with a narrow eye, thus completely losing the message that the toy Revolution wants to convey. Finally Debbie wanted to say to all the girls:

"When the princess is not any bad, but we hope that the girl also has the ability to cover the castle that is to live for herself." 」

We're the princess of the White horse who saved us.

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Text Author: womany Editorial office/Michelle Chang
Data Source: The Sydney morning Herald , Huffington Post
Photo Source: GoldieBlox