Rarely interviewed when a repair, give a person like the impression of a mysterious gentleman, with handsome slender appearance and delicate role of interpretation, with very Lin Yihua troupe, performance workshop and other troupes, cooperation in many stage drama. On the stage, he, at the moment in the "proof" incarnation Love mathematics theorem shy students, the next time is "journey to the Westward" in the high heels swaying pose of the foreman stewardess. He, who has the courage to challenge various roles on the stage, is privately Yizhuang, a performance teacher with more than 10 years of teaching experience.

In the face of anxiety, crisis is a turnaround

In response to a woman's obsession with his own declaration of love , he is childlike in Taiwanese Mandarin to express his "cannot reproduce, cannot replace the extreme personality." "Extreme, is doing things with the mood extremely hot or very cold, clearly know the matter can now high, or serious." The interpreter explained. This time, as the artistic director of the identity of the actor to create a stage drama "I said not to say", when a smile said: "In fact, help them psychological counseling!" "When a repair will so describe their own functions, from years of actual combat experience, let him understand the production of a play of the hard," this is not a good way to go, see too much is not to do the end of the rope, is to pull puke fall apart. In the process to sacrifice too much, even if the performance or publicity ability is good, or to deal with sesame bean-like interpersonal relationship. "To come to the point of" people "the core issue, because of this, he hoped that the group of warm-blooded drama workers learn to care for people, but also to face their own anxiety. "I told the producer no matter what the result is, finish it first, and then know that he is not fit and clear where to locate himself." It turns out that a real crisis is a turnaround. (also come to see: Seven habits that break through the emotional dilemma in one breath )

Time to face the crisis of calm attitude, may have to start from the beginning of the first stage of the "surprise Test" said. For the first time, he was told by the director that he had to wear his underwear and his back to the audience to play the pistol. Even if you're talking to the director, "Are you pretending?" "The ability is not, but when a repair later still acted," after this matter, no longer what frighten me. "Once away from the start of a week, but the writer collapsed and disappeared, everyone faced with the second half did not play the serious situation of the script, when a repair also learn to see the demolition photos." "may have helped himself to a preventive needle, what happened is not strange, happened to face it, to solve it , I am also testing their bottom line." 」

This year will extend the tentacles to the production level when a repair, as the "can act" head, from the beginning to learn the concept of the budget, he smiled, said "before when the actors do not know a lamp so expensive!" "In the past, as actors only need to worry about opponents, scripts or directors and other creative aspects of the problem, now is open a big and small meeting, careful discussion Juwu." However, when the new challenge is enjoys, "every time after the meeting opened a vision, friends laugh I seem to like a meeting." "Embrace the passion and perseverance to enrich the performance related to all, in the time of a repair, we see Building a solid dream of happiness ."

Know yourself and use your chips

When it comes to the dream of becoming an actor, he recalls the film "Fame" (Fame). At the New York Institute of Art, there are young men from all sides who are described by him as "strange and Strange", and the youthful atmosphere they have struggled to pursue and create is "an unattractive attraction" for the young. After occasional admission to the Taipei University of Art, even though he did not know the drama exam project, but saw the novel rehearsal classroom, interesting body and sound test, as well as the dream of the art campus, even if the examiner's face is very smelly, the first year also failed, Ninze he, Finally in the next year with the boy's final exam.

Looking back on the more than 10 years of acting, I thanked him by saying: "It is fair to say that the elders who have worked together will introduce the opportunity, so I seldom complain." Because there is no qualification to complain, you should reflect on yourself when you meet the situation. "But the opportunity should be for those who are ready, and we wonder, for him, what should professional actors have to offer?" After a meditation for a while, said: "First of all to play the bottom of my heart like acting this thing, and in the learning process, to always feel their own changes, clear and use their chips, that is, to understand who they are!" "(maybe we should all fall in love with our own life )

Whether it is "understanding" yourself or "doing" oneself, seems to be the rise of the spiritual lessons of the past few years, but how to understand, but not degenerate into arbitrariness?

The balance between balancing a little bit of experience when a repair said: "I have a certain amount of social time every month to" pick a dozen "(Taiwanese language: limit), in addition to classes, performances and rehearsals, will leave time to themselves. At the same time, in order to avoid the mood is sometimes restless, may not be outspoken offend, when a repair also through yoga within the view of themselves. "Yoga is outwardly seemingly calm, in fact very busy sports, the process of exercise is also like performance, may be a yoga posture, or performance on the road encountered bottlenecks, a short period of time can not think of a way to break the head, but as long as the continuous practice, one day will be successful ." 」

The pursuit of continuous unremitting, can not be replaced

When the first mention, some students sent under the boasted, the oath within 35 years to how, but in fact, the more compressed their own pressure. "It's one thing to set a goal, and it's another thing, because it's a very short road, and the actor's last lesson is to adjust his attitude." In fact, many of the actors in this industry are promoted by lights or photographers, and may not be seen at first, and will have fruitful results. "Between the words, feel the time to repair the expectations of students and their own requirements: only have their own pursuit of self-awareness, others can help guide and give opportunities, but only the pursuit of continuous unremitting, can not be replaced .

This may be like the book "The Shepherd Boy Fantasy trip," which says that you have to really crave something and the universe will unite to help you do it. Perhaps on the way to all kinds of strange, when a repair always embrace courage and sense of humour to recruit and remove strokes, to the direction of their choice to adhere to, but also believe that a serious translation of a story, you can give the audience some good seeds, germination and vitality of their lives to affect others. What seed have you got today?

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Author: Womany Newsroom/Alice Tsai