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When the minor says, " Thank the other half for real love ", when Hu Ting-ting says " because he makes me become more complete ", we see not only the bliss of the female artist after marriage, but also the process of " looking for herself " as each woman, finding the most appropriate half of what she wants.Next, let's take you to the story of another happy woman, Alice .

" I feel happy now, as if I were in love with 10 gold cities."

The light is sweet and sweet, Alice is on the phone, and the happy current can infect the world.She says, "Every day you open your eyes and see my husband and baby lie on the side, I thank God for everything."In 2011, when she was a mother, she was the first child born in 2013 to become the first child to be "baby!"In order for the baby to grow up healthy, she began to breast-feed her, and within two years she had turned her back. Alice said, " I never thought about happiness now.(Recommended reading: Mother's Breast, Great Transition magazine )

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At 5 p.m., Alice was returning home and she was preparing her husband to stop her and pull her into the kitchen to say, "Wait a minute, and ask Alice," " I want to eat my yam tonight.This is what Alice is playing at home every day. With a husband prepared for dinner, the baby is sleeping in the cradle, like a beautiful painting, with a soft color, so Alice couldn't help but say, "Fear of losing everything in the next second.""

Every day you open your eyes, there is a sense of happiness in love with ten gold cities.

Big man becomes sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet.

It's hard to imagine that Alice's role as a "mother" is still pink, and she still likes to read the latest in Japanese models. She never imagined her mother's life as a mother.She smiled like a teenager, " I shouldn't have any aunts!"She was still in good shape, and Alice was most appreciable of the selfless praise." After a while, I was so fat that I felt like a frog. I often felt very ugly. He comforted me and asked me not to think, because it was the most beautiful moment in my life.

, " .Alice is full of gratitude.(Recommended reading: Learn to love yourself postpartum real signs )

true happiness, the child in the stomach, the feeling of being loved by your husband.

Taiwan's marital culture differs from home

But happiness is not a quick one. Alice remembers two years ago when she married into Japan with a happy dream. She unexpectedly broke up with her husband for a few days, and she still had a "one bag of garbage."Elise sighs that it's still very difficult to be relieved, "because it's Japan male, I asked him to help out the garbage, but he never did.When I first got married, I ran away from home for three days. I felt that the marriage was not going to last.Even if she was seen by her neighbors, she would be said to be idle, so even if I ran away from home, my husband told me that the next time I would never again help me get garbage.""

The greatest loneliness of cross-country marriages is the lack of empathy with the other half.

It was not surprising that the whole family moved back to Taiwan in the latter part of the pregnancy because of the estrange-changing barrier." After my husband came to Taiwan, I saw my father even helping my mother wash the dishes. My brother would actually help his girlfriend to pack a bag. It made him think it was unbelievable, and felt like he came to the other world.He also began to learn and imitate, trying to be more gentle and caring about the other half.Now, Mr. Alice's husband has been able to cook, take care of children, help children change their diapers, and this is all Alice has never thought about it."The environment really changes a person, I plan to tear up my husband's passport and stay in the Taiwan so that my good days can be much more." ( Man?Women?Who's gonna take care of the housework? )

Alice Alarms policy taming my husband to make relationships more sweet

Alice is in fact "talking about soldiers", saying that changing her husband with the "military code" is really not a thing.Elise, the sound of the shooter, likes to travel and talk to others.After more than two years of marriage, Alice used the Observing Law to keep care of her life. Her best insights were:

By talking to my husband, the tender of a woman is a man's placebo

Don't complain about your husband and the cleverness of happiness:

Magnify your husband in admiration, even if you have a little action to create, for example, when you're reversing, you put your hand on the cockpit, and Alice will say, " Honey, good-looking, yo!Although the mouth of the mouth says "it is true," the mouth of the mouth is full of smiles.Every day, the bed would even look at her husband's face for two minutes, thank God for giving her such a good half, and Alice used exaggerated snug to describe how she nestled her husband's love every day, and that was the way she used it.(Originally a good man can be taught to be taught !)

"I would willy lure him in the shower, remember, the only wife can do it

Find yourself before the age of 30: pick your love to go after

Hear, hear, Sisters, accept < Women's memes > In an interview, it was mentioned that they were living for other people in their 20s.At the age of 20, Alice, who entered the entertainment circle, has a heart and a relative heart." When I was more than 20 years old, I had six or seven years of life. I had my eyes open every day. At that time, I was a single tool, and I wanted to satisfy other people's expectations, and I would only meet the other side and please others.Because she was too happy to be happy, she had to wear a smile on her face every day, but he was so lonely she had fallen into the house, and she was just 29.Let's take a breath.(Let's ourselves a reason, bravely pursuit! )

My life is like a bus, and I walk on the same path every day to see the rest of the landscape

Alice's tone has become lonely, but she has been so lonely and lonely, and she says, "Always had bad men," and then found her own eyes.If you want to get rid of yourself, Alice, who doesn't even like it, Alice decides to change, and she wants to make herself "more affordable."(Do you think "flower heart" is related to occupation? )

Alice saw Little Sobs who were very interested in dancing, and she hated dancing. She forced herself to learn how to dance. She also found a coach learning to swim, touching things that were very exclusive, not willing to try, and let Alice change her way.

day I stood in the mirror and found out that I came back because I beat my weakness

nerd How to find a good man

n't take it for granted, I worry every day that this will disappear, but rather live in the present.

The girls recognize Who you want

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Nearly 1 hour in the interview, Alice's laugh is not stopped, and she laughs: "Wait a second, my husband will ask me to eat."Alice's life is like a pink bubble, and she is full of all kinds of bliss. But she is herself a family and life. She has a "male bone," and she keeps her marriage, and she is too hard on her, so she occasionally needs to empty her out of her mind to charge her body and mind.

I'm going to be alone for 30 minutes every day, please please, not anyone."

From a muddled little girl who has been in love with his own choice, and has questioned his own choices, he has made a mistake, and he doesn't even love himself.Alice said: " In life, there is always a period of time that is not in line with the established track.There is a period when you want to break away from the normal course of life, leave behind your "to-do" to do what you really want to do , pursue your dream ."

In the past, have a Inmarinism " is afraid of the high divorce rate due to fear of the shackles of the marriage, and always makes her stand up to the marriage of the two words.After arriving in Japan, he had a conversation with people from different countries and saw the other side of his own "graduation tracks." Only after she had a conversation with herself, she discovered that she was very much hoping to get married.

" I found that I was longing for marriage, and by admitting to the self, I outlined the conditions and the character of the ideal half .So when he first came out, I knew very quickly that he was the other half of what I wanted, not to spend too much time to prove it.After the marriage, her husband had a sense of responsibility, as well as his family, proving that she had no mistakes in her thinking.As a result, Alice thinks:

The girls, understand who they are, to find the people they want."

The dinner time is up, and Alice says, " Our home-chef is going to have a meal, and we can't talk more.She can't help but remind her that "the girls remember to be a little more tender, a compliment, a lot of praise, a lot of appreciation, and the strength of these positive forces is like raising the confidence of a man in a way that makes men feel confident and healthy."" ( the five ways to make this man alive )

every moment as the last moment
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