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The following article, from a woman who has worked in hospice clinics for several years, she wrote down the dying desire to share to all of you who have doubts about life , to listen to their regrets , to think about their own life, do you really like your life now? Want to tell you: "Some things, do not do now, will not do it later." (also to see: when we are old, how to say goodbye?) )

I worked in hospice clinics for years, and my job allowed me to go through the final three of their lives with patients, and I watched life come and go in front of me, and there were so many wonderful last moments and conversations between them.

I've always been so impressed that every time a patient is told that he is about to die, their moods are often fluctuating in the cycle of doubt, denial, fear, anger, remorse, and more denial, they have many regrets, there are many regrets too late to do things, they suddenly remember that they have a lot of wishes, can not wait to achieve. But in the end they all embraced and found inner peace and closed their eyes. They only wish that I could pass on their final desires before they die, and share them with all who have doubts about life and are still groping for them. (Life is impermanent, Miss Paul Wockett )

So I write down the last five things they regret before they die, want to tell you, also remind me repeatedly, life can not be again, can not rewind, so more to remind themselves at any time "the most important thing in life" is what. (also come to see: Love your person or the person you love, who should accompany you to the end )

1. I wish I could live my life

I wish I had the courage to live the life I liked, not the way I was expected in the eyes of others.

This is the most common regret I have heard in front of a hospital bed. When people lie at the bedside of the moment, all the noise around all seem unimportant, they clearly and painful to look back to their lives, and then found how many young times, the dream written down in the years forgotten.

Maybe when you were little, you dreamed of saving the world, you imagined becoming a space agent, your wish was to study penguins in Antarctica ... When we were young, we dreamed bravely, but most of us grew up and laughed at our youthful dreams, and felt that we were too unrealistic. Until the moment before the death, hastily looking back, only regret that he did not brave the attempt to waste their time to achieve the eyes of others in the beautiful appearance, but had a life they do not like. (To the love of their own, worth the pursuit of the most Wanted life )

On the road of life, everyone has different ways to go, only hope that we can at least give ourselves a few chances to take risks, to try to practice our hearts of those dreams, because you should know that no dream is ridiculous, not a dream is absurd, your dream is yours, not others. Especially when physical conditions permit, we should strive to pursue the life of the thought and love, so as not to lie in front of the hospital bed, desperate to find that everything has not been helpful. (Dear, You deserve to be brave for yourself once )

2. I hope I don't work so hard.

I regret that I had such a crazy job, but neglected the important people around me

This sentence comes from almost every male patient I take care of. When they were lying on the bed, unable to move, thinking about their carefree childhood and the simplicity of playing with their companions in the playground, it is not that the adult world is sinister, but sometimes, in the process of growing up, he unconsciously becomes "the kind of adult I hate when I was a child". They regret always put a lot of time to work, their own immersed in the higher office file, suddenly looked up, only to find that there is only a lamp around him, missed a lot of their love and love their own people. (If you do not want to clock out, work responsibility system ...) )

In fact, our life can be simpler, you may not need as much money as you think, because in fact, the more money you have the more business, in fact, does not guarantee you the happier. We always use "money" as a measure of our life's achievements, but we all forget that "happiness" should be the motive of our life. Once in a while, you will be happier and feel life is full of different challenges by pausing, grasping your own pace, and maintaining your own living space. (Are you tired?) practice me time with myself.

3. I wish I had the courage to say what I feel.

Many people choose to restrain their feelings in order to coexist with others. We condescend to others in front of us, in order to look like everyone else, and suppress their true feelings, so that we can not become the people we really can become.

In fact, each one of us is more great than what we think we are. And the mind always put in the heart, it will be stuffy out of disease. Medical evidence shows that there are many psychological and physical illnesses that are closely related to the repressed feelings.

Practice telling the true feelings of the heart, perhaps when you first try this, others may be intimidated by your confession, but it also raises your relationship to a new and healthier state, or it filters out some false relationships that you don't need at all. In any case, you win for yourself the most authentic self, and not regret life. (Life is not going the wrong way, you will not miss is your own life )

4. I wish I could be more in touch with family, friends and important people.

Do you remember those Chante buddies or sister Amoy?

Everyone in the dying, all of the time to think of the most important friends in life. They have accompanied us through all the sweetest, most painful, the most absurd, the most embarrassing, the most ... Memory, you may have been holding hands to tick, agreed to be friends when the end of the world that day. Do you still remember? In front of their beds, until that moment to discover how long they have not opened a cordial phone to old friends, how long did not express their concern and love to them.

We are, of course, busy, but busy and never the reason to sever contact with friends. Ask them to eat, make a few phone calls, send a few handwritten cards, use more action to show the love you've been in your heart, and you'll have time to peek at Facebook about how your friends have been lately, and of course have time to take real action to let them know you really care. (Let them know that they are friends who walk together in their lives )

Also because at the end of life this time, people realize that the most important thing in life is not money, not status, not fame, not you have a few rooms a few cars, but "love" and "relationship", because in your step-by-step toward death, only "love" and "relationship" will accompany you, walk you through the last mile road. (Because our friendship is more real than the movie plot )

5. I wish I could make myself happier

It turns out that a lot of people go to the moment before they die to know that"happiness" is actually a choice . Most people's lives are always in the same cycle and old habits, although not happy, will also persuade themselves: "Endure a while, the past." "You know, you so endure, endure is your own life." Dear ones, we know that it takes courage to get out of the comfort zone or to change bravely, to leave a little pain from the comfort zone, a little uncomfortable, but once you step out, you will see a different life. When you are not satisfied with the status quo, do not endure, think more for yourself, is it actually worth a better life? Can you actually hope that your life will be a little more smile, more people seem absurd but their own very satisfied with life experience? (because in fact, we all deserve to fight for the fun of Life )

Try to think about the moment you lie in your bed, what do you see when you look back at your life? Who will not live and die, we just hope that in the moment of death, we can close our eyes without regret, instead of thinking: "Early know ...." I wish I could ... "

Finally want to say, life is a choice, never passively accept, because this is your life, only you can decide for yourself. Consciously choose for yourself, be honest with yourself, choose the path that will make you happy. (also to see: positioning their own life )

No regrets, every moment.
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Author: womany Editorial office/Audrey Ko

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