What do you think of fashion?

To the lovely ladies of this month's <3 salon.

What is fashion to you? A shopping preference or an attitude to life?

What is the image of retro in your mind? High waist horn pants, or warm red lip?

A very different kind of woman fan salon

Last weekend, womany a very different woman fan salon. In addition to speakers sharing, the collision of different views between men and women, this time special arrangements to experience activities! Over here, you can wear a Medieval warm clothing , with the choice of milk tea brown, or peacock green; here, you can enjoy the latest makeup of Nars, smear smear, decorate the most suitable for your Christmas makeup; here, with a group of girls, eat a sweet French dessert , taste Herdor Tea , talk about retro fashion. (Womany Intimate activity newspaper: The girl who likes the French taste of the sweet taste, now as long as sharing the small red box experience will have the opportunity to get the gift of Yue Sugar Christmas box )

This fan salon, Womany Heart to make girls excited fashion party, bring everyone this year's winter popular Christmas makeup, retro oversize wear tips, together to explore the beauty of fashion possible! Is there anything you don't know about the 2013 winter fashion trend? Go ahead and watch it!

Fashion is to believe in yourself

The first speaker was "Linda Dazhi:" founder, fashion blogger Linda (who is also the designer of this Womany Christmas joint project ) Linda, a fashion writer who has lived in New York for years, has a unique style of dressing, moving between the tip and the vintage. At the same time, she is also the current boutique brand visual creative consultant. We must all be curious as to how Linda, who is always the fashion associate, sees and defines fashion.

Linda Frank is often asked this question, but she feels that fashion should not be limited, even defined as the only style. She felt that every woman was unique, and had her own style of fashion.

So how do you find your own style?

Keep trying! Keep trying to find your own style.

Linda encourages people not to be afraid, not to set up a lot of restrictions beforehand, such as: I must not be suitable for retro flavor ... Wait a minute. But to let go of everything, brave to wear a lot of different styles of clothing, accessories, keep playing the heart, do not give yourself too much pressure, will wear a lap "play" up. In this way, in the non-stop attempt, we will gradually find themselves suitable for what kind of clothes, what kind of color, further, we can find exclusive own fashion style! (also look at:10 seconds to master!) Different color can build, autumn and winter black collocation has new ideas )

At the same time, Linda tells the story of his personal experience: one year, she wore a dress like a curtain to attend the party, a friend saw her dress said: "You dress like a long beautiful curtains Oh!" "linda is not depressed and questioning his own taste at the moment. Two years later, however, Linda was wearing the curtains and the friend appeared again! Miraculously, the friend saw her and said, "Wow, dress well!" This dress looks good! "So Linda, through this little story, wants to tell you:

Fashion is to believe in yourself, give time to let it ferment, do not care about others eyes.

Exclusive! Must know the winter popular retro elements

Next, Linda shares 2013 of winter fashion retro elements! (Girls, take notes quickly)

  • Necessary attitude: self-confidence, relaxed and casual. Do not need to label themselves, do not have to tell themselves: I am the retro wind, I just wear Vintage. All beauty is a natural occurrence in your self-confidence .
  • Color selection: High saturation color, such as mustard yellow, sapphire blue, peony red, peacock green, decorated with bright colors in winter.
  • Retro pattern: Wide square pattern, geometric stitching, textured floral, national totem, everything can be matched with the nature in winter clothing, add retro smell.
  • Dotting accessories : woolen gentleman hat, with gauze lady hat, round glasses, Vintage leather. The use of retro accessories, will play a magical fashion chemical yo!

    Linda's Choice of glasses tips: choose "Round" glasses, do not oval yo. Elliptical glasses to compare the face, the circle comparison is not set limits!

  • oversize cut: this winter the most popular "big" size clothes three-dimensional tailoring, easy to avoid "swollen", and can simply wear fashion flavor.

Christmas make-up, Autumn and winter of course indispensable

Have mastered this winter dress retro elements, complete wear, of course, must not be the corresponding make-up. This time, ladies . We cooperated with NARS, specially invited the Nars education and training manager Sian to share the retro Christmas make-up, besides the tips of the makeup, he also demonstrated himself.

2013 Christmas Retro makeup, inspired by the 70 Guy Bourdin's photographic works, full of colorful color of the halo, and extremely feminine soft style. Therefore, although the elements of smoky makeup, but will not look very fierce, very distant sense yo! So, let's see what's the focus of the makeup: (same field Gayon:ol of the workplace to win through the single product Focus )

  • Eye Makeup: Metal color. Sian said, this year's winter make-up keyword is: metal ! And the past popular hazy, foggy eye makeup different, metal color more Bling Bling, very suitable for the Christmas party , or the annual event Oh.
  • Cheek color: Gradually layer halo to the temple. This way, you can decorate the face and highlight eye makeup and lip makeup.

    Sian Intimate small reminder: face more round girl, in the position of apple muscle, cheek color not too heavy yo, otherwise will have the effect of expansion.

  • Lip gloss: A saturated hue with a lustrous luster.

    How to make lip makeup more color? Sian Lip Makeup tips: First lipstick, so that the lip moisturizing, and then on the foundation, and the honey powder set makeup, and finally lipstick. In this way, you can have a sense of water, color full of lip makeup.

Two kinds of colors, four kinds of matching demonstration

We believe that every woman is special and unique, and we believe every woman has her own fashion style. Therefore, this womany specially invited Linda x Nars Makeup artist mark, for four different types of girls, the use of two colors of the Medieval warm clothes , the demonstration of exclusive winter fashion modelling, quick to see what style, you are most interested in it!

  • If you are a casual girl: suitable for peacock green warm clothes, with the sex with T-Shirt, jeans, flat shoes, you can wear the style of it.
  • If you are sweet girl: suitable for milk tea brown warm clothes, shallow color with sweet you just good. The lower body can wear the more fitted trousers, and put on the riding boots, it will be very good-looking.
  • If you are working girls: suitable for peacock green warm clothes, professional and stable. In the office, you need a low-key, but not lose personality.
  • If you are Wenqing girl: suitable for milk tea brown warm clothes, and milk tea color is particularly literary atmosphere. The inside can be matched with loose horizontal grain T-Shirt, lower body narrow long skirt, add a large bag.

At the end of the lecture, The Happy Fashion party begins!

After the lecture, almost all the girls and boys stayed, shared fashion ideas with us, or tried to wear a Medieval warm dress , a make-up, a snack of sweets, a Herdor Scented tea , or Linda , Nars's Sian and mark, ask questions about clothing and makeup and exchange lectures. Such a cheerful fashion party, we are very reluctant to leave.

So reluctant to leave, warm like home hotel

This time, the woman fan Salon, the special choice in Xinyi District boutique Hotel Home Hotel 3 floor of Marsalis home. "No Place Like Home" is exactly what we feel here. Lazy furnishings, warm and cozy service, create a happy atmosphere. And the boys and girls who attend the ladies ' salon are very fond of it!

Dear, we meet next time woman fan Salon

Miss this woman's fan salon? Never mind! The women's fan salon will continue to meet with you next year. Honey, we're going to meet the next woman's Fan salon! Look forward to you with us, digging up the life of all the good possible.

For fashion, still not to do

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