"The strength of meekness, your names are women." " so we were thinking about a great woman who could be a strong representative and sum up a great woman's growth for us this year?" (same field Gayon:2013 15 A precious moment for women to fight for breath )

Think about it, we have a name in mind, that name is called Mother.

Mother, woman of woman. From woman to mother, the change of course not only pregnant body , but also learn to face the psychological pressure of identity conversion. Before, she is a person, now, her side has you. For the sake of the child, she told herself to be brave, to be the child's strongest shield; All right, she was the first to think of you, always with a dish full of food for you. All she never had, she thought you were worth it, so I signed you up for the Piano lesson painting class also sent you to the percussion, you are not happy Doodle mouth. Mom, always there, like a lamp that always lights up at home. You always take a risk from home , mother for you proud, always behind you gently waving, and then gently said: "The child grew up." "(Mother's beauty: the beauty of the film-free, embracing the true postpartum Body Photo album )

so think of it as a mother is really not easy, become a mother is a side of the road to learn, with the child's process is an inability to develop the game. The outside look forward to her to be a good mother, so she walked side trembling, in the end every mother's heart, for "mother" this role hold what kind of view? The following film invited many moms to share their feelings as a mother Describe herself as a mother. And the results were somewhat unexpected, originally this group of wonderful mothers, psychological suffering from the great psychological pressure, worry that they are not enough to become an example, want to put more and better love to the children, but also afraid too coddled; want to see the child more and better, and afraid of too strict ...

She said: "I am a perfectionist, so as my child is really hard." 」
"I am a perfectionist."

She said: "I often wonder if I really have the ability to be a mother." 」
"There ' definitely" I have my doubts about my abilities. "

She said: "I am probably not a good mother, I hope that in the future before talking to my children, I can first try to control their emotions ." 」
"I wish I knew I calm myself before speaking to them."

She said: "I hope I can do better, have a little more time to sit down and listen to my children." 」
"I wish I am better at Talking", "Sit Down" and "Just listen".

"In front of them, I sometimes can't control my emotions," she said. 」
"I am not the most patient of person in the world."

She said: "I hope I can be more confident in my mother's role." 」
"I wish I am" confident in being a mom "

These pictures let us see the heroine under the armor, vulnerable to them. Their mother this role to their own very deep expectations, but also give themselves a lot of psychological pressure, they hope they can do better, but also worry about their children's time is not enough, even doubt their ability to be a mother. This is a mother, their hearts of deep anxiety . A few days later, the photo team invited the mothers back, and this time they were invited to listen to their children and have something to say to their mothers. (He said, " mom, you are my favorite woman. ")

In front of the camera, the group of mothers looked at the computer screen, their children recorded the film, listen to the children to talk about their ideas, will feel what kind of mother. Child's most pure Mowgli, in such a mother and child to talk about the film, with a full of love.

The child said generously: "My mother is super awesome!" 」
"My mom is totally awesome!"

"My mother is the most unique, and that's why I love her so much," the child said with a playful look. 」
"She ' s just unique, that's why I love her too much."

The mother, who felt that he was too perfectionist, had listened to her daughter's words and was unable to restrain her tears.

The child with the most brilliant smile said: "I like my mother's place, won't be not finish." 」
"I have a lot of favorite things about my mom."

And the daughter's forehead is very likeness of mother also exposed the incomparable brilliant smile.

"I think she's like my heart, because we're so close," the child said, somewhat flaky. 」
"She's like my heart,cause she ' s so close to me."

Frankly, she has no self-confidence as a mother and sees power in her child's words.

The child said to himself, "My mother is my hero."
"My mom are my hero."

The child was a little shy and said, "My mother cares about me, and I know she will love me forever." 」
"She ' s cares about me and just always love me forever."

The mother cried while she was not forgetting to head.

At last the child said, "She's the best, the she's."
The mother, also showed the best smile.

The full version of the movie that moved us

A New Perspective for Moms from elevation Church on Vimeo.

The road to become a mother, good hard, but with the children go, mother feel happier than anyone. Say thank you to mom, let her know that her hard work is not in vain, her intentions you see in the eyes, her love is to let you grow strength, she is your best mother, and you want to do her best pride.

"The same scene plus" WU director of the moving documentary Taiwanese women

Only with this article and film dedicated to all the mother, will be a novice mom you, children of you, have grandchildren or are pregnant with you, your beauty and strong, is our continued growth strength. Woman, is the world's most gentle force, and mother, is the world's most gentle name. (also come to see: not the same mother )