Tail teeth! This is a happy occasion, the end of the year, no matter whether there is a rich year-end, must wear a festive to greet the tail teeth, to meet the arrival of the grand prize. And the wearing of tail teeth is a knowledge, if the company did not hold the so-called theme of the party, as a woman, we must have to this big holiday. Choosing a color is easier than choosing a dress. We all know that the new year is red, this is the same law, then the tail teeth? Does it also have a set of standard colors?

Gold Gold!

I would like to say that the golden most at the end of the year to foil the color of the coming years, but also the most in the teeth when wearing their own characteristics and bring the best color of the festive. But to wear the golden beauty, wear fashion can also be a time, do not peremptorily all tyrants gold all wear on the body, otherwise it will be a fashion disaster.

Today to items to bring you, if the use of gold to adorn your excellent fashion.

One piece dress brings out the perfect figure:

(Chiara Ferragni)

(Ashley Madekwe)

If you have more than 80% confidence in your body, then I quite recommend that you wear a one piece dress to bring out your extraordinary good shape at the end of the tooth. Can choose a modern point of simplicity, or as the Italian famous fashion Blogger Chiara Ferragni (figure I), pick a bead is a bit gorgeous, but not lose the temperament of the minimalist dress, or follow the retro trend of the film, can also pick a piece like an English actress Ashley Madekwe (figure II) This is a sexy dress with a bit of deep V and gold sequins. But please remember, when you have been wearing a dress full of gold, the accessories can be considered to use, but do not break the principle of the use of a single product: Do not put all the same color of the single product all wear on the body. (same field Gayon: The retro trend of tycoon biography )

Second, the use of a single product, you can also go out of fashion one day:

1. Package:

The package is one of the essential items of the day, in this winter, choose a gold single product bag will make you dark Shen winter many bright spots, even in the tail teeth, if you do not want to choose gold in the dress, then the golden bag, will definitely be your first choice. Moreover, the golden bag but has the effect of the money yo, perhaps you brought a golden bag, you can win the reputation of fashion, but also can be the biggest prize to carry home also not necessarily! (Let designers teach you: a more stylish style of the small secret )

2. Accessories

We often say that good accessories are well decorated with the finishing touches, but if not properly matched, it is really a miserable picture. In the end of the tooth accessories is one of the key, perhaps you are not good at the dress up and down, but it doesn't matter, such people tend to be very good with jewelry.

If your clothing is ready to go to the minimalist style, then you can choose a big and gorgeous focus on the single product:

Earrings: You can choose a more retro or Pohimia style of the big ornaments, with dot drill is also a good choice.

Necklace: You can also choose to personalize a little style, with a bit of irregular geometric style is also the focus of the winter.

Bracelet, Ring: Can choose the more prominent style, so in the tail tooth toast, also can let others see your little mind.

But avoid a focus, a single product is good, but if you will all the earrings, necklaces, rings, hand ring all choose big wear on the body, the number is the United States on this side but not to use yo. So please remember a principle, when you pick a key embellishment, the other small items as far as possible to foil the way to match, but don't overdo it, but let the whole style go!

3. The fingertips should also be glittering:

When you're really low-key and low-key, then might as well at your fingertips buried a little thought bar, with some golden onion gold nail polish, is the safest color, whether your fingers beautiful or not, as long as there is noble golden blessing, believe me, fingertips will go to heaven. (luxury): let your fingertips shine with the light of caviar Clatécaviar Manicure

The bright gold, let your New Year also bright unceasingly.

Tail teeth may wish to have fun, but also to dress the fashion, for their own embellishment point new color, after the end of year, will have a good mood. I hope everyone can draw a happy prize.

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Author: womany Editorial office/Sunny Chen
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