recently the most red two animals, in addition to the yellow duckling, is a happy panda round Tsai Mo, you also in the weekend to the zoo to greet the round boy? If the zoo is overcrowded, watch the 100-day movie with the twin panda baby in Womany online! The beauty of the film and Beauty is from the United States Atlanta Zoo Beautiful panda sister Flowers, the original garden side was once mistaken sisters sex, they think they are boys! Come and see their super cute 100-day growth history! (same field Gayon: when the yellow duckling embark on the magical journey ... )

Day 3: Life is all from such a small beginning.

Day 11: Small US, one day growing up, slowly began to black and white.

Day 24: There are still lanugo on the baby panda, the look of sleeping with close eyes is very lovely!

Day 40: Accustomed to being around each other's company. Taiwan has round Aberdeen, the United States Atlanta has beautiful!

Day 77: Beautiful sisters and lovely flowers, beautiful round and beautiful Huan look like it (but the panda in the end how to distinguish it ...) )

Day 100: The sisters are very fond of playing together, and can grow up together in a good relationship.

"Move recommended" panda baby's 100 Tianquan record

Looking at the baby panda from the first day to 100 days, I believe you will be deeply moved by the process of their growth, the original life is such a day to grow up, the process of growth, it is very beautiful.

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Author: womany Editorial office/Audrey Ko