Wanford's music, has always been so forthright, their notes and songs, in the most pressure-free state of natural fluency, as if their people, so true, so close, like we have friends around.

When you think of a lovely, unaffected singing group, who do you think of first? We thought of Wanford.

Wanford music, always let a person not to the corners of the mouth up, do not go hoarse cry line, not for Fu new words Rob say sorrow of the artificial; Wanford music is always like jumping and jumping into our heart, has been so straightforward. Their notes and songs, in the most pressure-free state of natural fluency, as if their people, so true, so close, like we have friends around.

Wanford and their endorsement of Jump from Paper wonderful Fuk 0 wallet

The Wanford with the Super Creative Wonderful bag , the New year we will be prosperous:)

This is Wanford, into the army more than 10 years of Wanford, flies, they are still the same, with the most irrational attitude of tenacious and the world to sing. Screen before the nonsense, private frank cute, Womany special on New Year's Eve invited to Wanford record quickly asked quick answer, let you know the private they, very direct, very cute, very playful, this is Wang Fu!

New year to come, listen to the lovely Wanford with the music to greet you!

The wonderful moment that belongs to Wanford, quick answer.

01. For Wanford, when is the most wonderful moment in life?

A: For Wanford, the most wonderful moment, of course, is the time to eat something delicious!

02. The New Year 's Wanford 2014?

A: The latest New Year's wish is to hope to do a great concert, 2/3 Hansi, Wanford will be in the annual meeting with everyone Yo! Hardship, we'll spend the same time together!

03. Do you remember the first time Wanford?

A: Speaking of Wanford's most memorable first time, I think it's probably on the stage to see the man asleep!

04. What Wanford want to say to the fans at this moment?

Wang appeared to shout: everyone go to buy the 2/3-year annual ticket, Wanford want to be together with everyone horse excited hi! (with a very min style of exciting hi ya! )

What is your favorite idol in your mind?

Wanford still thinking in the time, the belly immediately take the microphone, secretly tell their own super like Dream girls little secret! (also come to see: different Women's groups Dream girls )

06. Everyone please describe Wanford this group in one sentence!

Wang: Genius

Belly: Nonsense

Mami: A band full of love but the most humorous

Push machine: sugar-coated demon Poison

07. If Wanford is a piece of cake, what kind of cake would it be?

Wang: is to see also can not see the taste, eat to know what taste, at any time can let you have a pleasant surprise, have leisure and bittersweet life of the cake (a good deep taste ...) )

Push machine: I think Wanford is to listen to the good health of the cake, so should be very nourishing body, just come to a Chinese angelica cake!

Mami: I think we are Chinese wolfberry jujube cake, because we are a very good band (lovely answer!) )

Belly: It should be the Black Forest Cake bar! The cake looks white outside, but inside it is black (after a lecture is immediately the other reunion big vomit noisy, black forest cake from beginning to end is black ah eldest brother!) )

What kind of things would you do if you didn't make a fortune?

Wang: I'm supposed to be practicing on the MBA pitch (leaving a shiny, confident look!) )

Belly: History teacher. (Belly of the first unreasonable answer is: I should be on the road to go, again by the Wanford members vomit)

Push machine: Ballet dancer, in fact, we may not know my bones super soft Q Ah! It is also possible that I will form another group, also talk about Bass hands!

Mami: Travel writer, so that I can satisfy the desire to travel and love to write at the same time!

09. Which song do you love Wanford?

Wang: Beautiful! Because in my heart, everyone is a beauty or a young man ah! Cherish their beautiful place, brave show to others to see, this song is said that the mood. Don't be afraid to show your own strengths.

Belly: Small Sheep fairs! This song is the source of Wanford, this song to open Wanford on the road of music, although walking seems not very sound (belly really love to laugh)

Push machine: Do Re mi! I think this song is Super International, there are Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese language. This song is even more magical is that we have been very fond of an American group found that they use Pinyin method to spell the song and sing to us!

Mami: Love you a Sao Ning! This song makes me feel that the world is still a lot of good things happen again, as if we can have faith.

which place do you like best?

Wang: All! Love is dead, look in the mirror and forget to breathe, because it's great.

Belly: It seems that there is no yes .... (Wang and belly of these two people are too contrast)

Push machine: I like my soft q muscles (I immediately pulled a muscle)

Mami: My muscle, hey.

11. The most unforgettable experience of the first time?

Wang: The first time to see Paul Marcarney concert, to participate in the music season, there are performances, very moved, next to the billionyearold of the grandfather is very moved.

Belly: Buy cd! for the first time I remember that was LA BOYS's "Flash" album, was completely inspired by their music, but also in the heart of the seeds of a very like music.

Push machine: The first time to see Wanford MV appeared on TV, excited to almost slip in the bathroom!

Mami: The first performance with Wanford, I remember that is the 2006 Taiwanese rock Bar, Yi or spring? In short, the impression is very deep, remember in Taiwan rock scene there are super many people, but the performance time is relatively short, spring, we stayed there for three days, all sleep in a tatami Tong, very fun, but also I joined Wanford after the first performance, very excited for the first experience!

Wanford to the Vanvenray

Horse are coming! The thought of Wanford, I think and the atmosphere of the new Year is good for, is full of a festive group. About the new year, listen to Wanford how to say it!

12. What is Wanford most afraid to hear in the new year?

Wang: The energetic explosion of the whole body of the new Year, there is not a word will make me afraid! (very small people style of answer it)

Belly: In fact, my heart is very afraid of the occasion of gambling, ah, because I was even a small play will lose the people, so should be most afraid of others "play" It!

Mami: Ah most afraid of relatives arch I went on stage singing!

Push machine: After last year's "Love You a Sao Ning" proposal, this year is probably the most afraid of being asked when to have children!

13. Wanford's favorite auspicious word is?

Wang: Flourishing (Taiwanese)

Belly: financial resources, I wish you a rich, wish you a new year to make a lot of money

Push machine: Good health, because I think health is the most important!

Mami: What you want is the best thing you can do!

The year of the Snake Goodbye, Horse came, Wanford said music people, of course, to use the way of music to celebrate the New Years! Dear you, how does the new year come to feel? We have always felt that the Chinese New Year is a very happy festival, in such a day, we gather together, sincerely and around the people visit to congratulate. Dear You, horse happy, let us pass the happiness together!